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“27 October 1947” The Day When Indian Forces Entered in Kashmir with the Blessings of UK!

Indian Army attacking Kashmir on the orders of Mountbatten
  The month of October is very important for Pakistan especially for political activities; however nation might not remember that after independence in 1947 this was the month when at the time of withdrawal from sub-continent British started such a dispute (fire) which has now become a hell on the face of the world and this violation of formula of partition by Hindu-English Nexus has brought the whole region over the brink of Nuclear war. According to the religious, cultural, geography, national and mutually agreed principles for partition of sub continent state of Jammu and Kashmir should have been part of Pakistan. Because 90% population of the state was Muslim but after the two months of the independence from British rule when Kashmiris were contented that their accession to Pakistan is certain; suddenly on 27 October Lord Mountbatten ordered Indian army to attack and capture Kashmir.

All this did not happen suddenly; in contrast to wishes of Kashmiri public Raja Hari Singh of Kashmir used delaying tactics to announce accession to Pakistan which resulted in protests from Kashmiri Public.  During these protests when Kashmiris got reports of presence of Indian Beauraucrate VP Menon in the house of Raja and the deal between VP Menon and Raja Hari Singh for accession to India; Kashmiris gathered around the house of Raja as a protest. Dogra army of Raja attacked protesters in which many Kashmiris got injured. This news broke out like a wildfire in the city, people came out on roads to protest. When VP Menon saw that situation is getting out of control he ordered transfer of Raja to Jammu at once. As a result of this order from an Indian servant this report broke out that practically Raja is in the custody of India and Dogra army is acting upon the orders of India.
Maharaja Hari Singh

Shifting of Raja at the orders of VP Menon ignited Kashmiris because they had realized that India was trying to strengthen her hold at Kashmir. Protest spread in the whole valley against Indian plans; no one was aware of whereabouts of Raja and his activities even the Commanders of the Dogra army were also unaware, they were acting just upon the orders of Indian Bureaucracy  but protests by Kashmiri people increased despite of their torture. Areas of Sialkot, Jhelum and Rawalpindi where Kashmiris had relationships the unrest as a result of the reports of torture and violation of human rights by Dogra army was natural. Many emotional youngsters entered into Kashmir where they had to face well armed Dogra army; despite of lack of training and weapons they succeeded in overpowering Dogra army and limiting it to the areas where Hindu Pandits lived.

This was the situation when Hindu-English nexus played its dirty role. Raja wrote a letter to Lord Mountbatten on 26 October 1947, in which he requested help from India as well as accession to India. This letter was handed over to Mountbatten by VP Menon; according to historians this letter was neither written nor signed by Raja Hari Singh but VP Menon himself, the seal of Raja was the only thing that was real. (Here for the interest of readers I would like to share that Shiv Shankar Menon Beauraucrate son of VP Menon earned fame for biased and hatred against Muslims; he remained Foreign Secretary, Indian Ambassador to Pakistan and now a days superviser of Indian Propaganda against Pakistan and supervising talks with Pakistan as well).
Shiv Shankar son of VP Menon

VP Menon who wrote letter as Maharaja Hari Singh

The interesting aspect of Raja’s letter written to Mountbatten is that attacks and rapes by of Kashmiri women by Pakistani invaders violated the honour of the Raja; he has become restless which has forced him to surrender Kashmir to India and to appeal India to safeguard honour of Kashmiri women (by gang rapes of Indian State Rapists (army)); otherwise he had no intention for accession to Pakistan or India either. After propaganda in Pakistan alleged letter written by Raja discloses that the situation in valley is very critical by which VP Menon is well aware and he will verbally inform Mountbatten about it. In the way Mountbatten of India accepted letter of Raja one can hardly find an example from history after reading it becomes clear that delay from Raja for declaration of accession to Pakistan and even before handing over of some important Muslim majority areas on working boundary was fully supported by Mountbatten. If English had not committed that blunder Indian ground access to Kashmir was impossible. The most important aspect of the reply written by Mountbatten to Raja is its emphasis on democratic principles by India and UK; after reading this one would appreciate democratic principles followed and preached by British rulers and servants. British capture over half of the world and transfer of its resources to British; creation of an artificial Jew state within the centre of Arab world and massacre of millions of Muslims, attack over Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and puppet governments imposed in Africa to loot their resources are the practical implementation of these democratic rules. This is the impact of democracy and English’s love for democracy that in spite of opposition from the whole world and million march of protesters just for interests of its ruling class British supported fake reports of presence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and destroyed Iraq in democratic way.

Here is the historical reply written by Mountbatten to Raja Hari Singh:

My dear Maharaj Sahib,
Your Highness letter dated 26 October 1947, has been delivered to me by Mr. VP Menon. In the circumstances mentioned by your highness, my government has decided to accept the accession of Kashmir State to the dominion of India. In consistence with their policy that in the case of any state where the issue of accession has been subject to dispute, the question of accession should be decided in accordance with the wishes of the people of the state, it is my government’s wish that, as soon as law and order have been restored in Kashmir and it soil is cleared of the invaders, the question of the state’s accession should be settled by a reference to people. Meanwhile, in response to your highness appeal for military aid, action has been taken today to send troops of the Indian army to Kashmir, to help your own forces to defend your territory and protect, lives, property and honour of your people. My government and I note with the satisfaction that highness has decided to Sheikh Abdullah to form an interim govt. to work with your Prime Minister.
Mountbatten of Burma...
October 27, 1947.

The Term Line of Control (LoC) in itself means that Kashmir is not part of India but a dispute awaiting solution

Is not this interesting that on 27 October 1947, Mountbatten wrote letter to Raja and on 27 October 1947 Indian army attacked Kashmir to expel Pakistani invaders to restore peace after which under the supervision of Indian army a British ruler of India had to know the wish of people of Kashmir that whether they want accession with India or Pakistan. Why the right of Kashmiri people to decide their fate was ignored and Indian army’s presence in the valley was fortified? Was Mountbatten or British rulers afraid that if a referendum is held for Kashmiri people’s wish to join India or Pakistan than collective decision of public would be accession to Pakistan? In the light of above discussion was not orders of Mountbatten to Indian army to attack Kashmir part of conspiracy by British and Indian rulers to secure their (British) importance and interference in the region  by creating a dispute between two independent states?
Extramarital affair between wife of Mountbatten and Nehru highlighted by Indian and British media to cover British role in creation of Kashmir Dispute

Although afterwards Indian and British media attempted to hide the dirty role of British in creation of Kashmir dispute and their biasedness towards India, by alleging extramarital affair between wife of Mountbatten and Nehru for orders of attack to Indian army by Mountbatten. But the bitter reality is that the dispute created due to the Hindu-English nexus have not been resolved even after passage of 66 dark years of Kashmir history mutilated with the stains of blood of Kashmiri people and dishonour of Kashmiri women. Yes! Indian Occupied Kashmir! where more than 100 thousand innocent Kashmiris have been martyred by Indian soldiers (state terrorists), where gang rapes of women are part of state’s strategy to crush freedom movements, where more than 2070 mass graves have been discovered in which thousand of innocent Kashmiri were buried after their murder; in spite of all these war crimes against humanity Kashmiri are not ready to withdraw from their right of freedom and world is not ready to lend support to these innocent targets of British-India extramarital sex affair. What a pity and what a shame for developed democratic nations!!!

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 25 October 2013.

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