Thursday, September 26, 2013

Well Done! “Sikhs’ for Justice” in USA!!!


                It is very strange but fact that US Federal Court, New York, issued summons to Sonia Gandhi, for allegedly protecting Congress Leaders and workers of her party (than in power) who were involved in killings, gang rapes and stabbing innocent children of Sikhs to death during 1984 Anti-Sikh Riots. Although Sonia Gandhi, President of Ruling Party of India, is on a Medical Visit to New York, at her visit “Sikhs for Justice” along with Jasbir Singh and Mohinder Singh (US National) whose relatives were killed in cold blood in 1984 Riots, filed a collective plaintiff against Sonia Gandhi, as their suit against her, she played a major role in protecting Congress Party Members including Kamal Nath, Sajjan Kumar and Jagdesh Tytlor involved in the riots.
              Sajjan Kumar, Jagdish Tytler and Kamal Nath alleged facilitators of 1984 Sikh Holocaust
            If we recall our memories that was the worst episode of genocide of Sikh Community (1984) of India, in which Sikhs were killed, looted, raped, mutilated and their properties destroyed and usurped by hooligans with full support of Indian govt. with a single aim to wash out entire Sikh community. The consequences after this Hindu mania came to an end were much more dreadful; uncountable widows with their young children without any shelter or food, parentless children, bereaved parents and young/under age Sikh sisters brutally gang raped. The humiliation of Sikh community was at its peak as males were forced to witness the gang rape of their mothers, daughters, wives and sisters in the hands of extremist Hindus during the govt. supported riots. Many Sikhs were forced to silently leave India mainly through stealth/illegal means as they were not capable to bear the insult and humiliation to which they were subject by the govt. as well as public of MOTHER OF DEMOCRACY leaving behind flourishing businesses, homes, farms, relatives and friends. The entire community was disgracefully shattered, Sikh brethren were forced to live disgraceful and miserable life while govt. agencies in spite of protecting them from Hindu extremists subjected their movements to continuous surveillance. It was impossible for Sikhs who witnessed all this humiliation or in proper words Crimes against Humanity committed by the extremist Hindu Workers of Congress Party during 1984 Holocaust of Sikhs.  Now when Sikhs have filed a case in US Court it may be hoped that US Justice will not bow in front of US interests linked with India and will keep up its repute to deliver justice to the bereaved Sikh Community still mourning their wounds.

       Pics showing the brutality of crimes against Humanity by Hindu Extremists during 1984 Sikh Holocaust

At this stage this is also the duty of the Civilized Society and International community to support Sikhs seeking justice against crimes committed against Sikhs of India during 1984, whose memories can never be forgotten. I know Pakistani as well as international media would never speak up of all those state terrorism acts against Sikhs during Sikh holocaust because simply they are not paid to help the oppressed or one seeking justice against world lobbies. So it is our duty to raise the voice against this injustice against Sikh Community, which had to face genocide for the fake allegations of terrorism as now Muslims are being chopped. Is the allegation of being a TERRORIST a certificate that a certain community has no right to live? If we keep silent now and ignore Sikhs thinking that this was their problem, we are Christians, we are Hindus, we are Muslims, we are Jews, we are Atheists or whatever we believe so we have no linkage with these brothers and sisters of Sikh community that fall prey to power politics to Indian govt. than wait for the time when WE WILL BE NEXT..!

A message by Khalid Baig,
Date: 26 September 2013

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