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External Forces Waiting for the Involvement of Pakistan Army in the Karachi Operation!!! Part-II

Latest Weapons (Indian) Confiscated during Operation in Karachi
                The operation against criminals and terrorists is progressing with the speed of a tortoise. The strategy of operation and policy (based upon political interests) of provincial govt. shows that at least few criminals would be arrested however, this will operation will not be fruitful. The protest, violence and unrest by MQM over arrest of their ex-MNA under the allegations of the murder of a Policeman, predicts the fateful end of the Operation in Karachi. On 6 September 2013, 3 abductors were injured by the firing of Naval Commander Amir Zahoor at Kashmir Road Karachi who have reached there to receive the ransom money after kidnapping relatives of Naval Commander. After the arrest of culprits it was revealed that they were personal servants of Taimur Talpur, MNA and Yousaf Talpur MNA and had full support of these elected representatives for abduction crime. Principally these two  Members of National Assembly should have been arrested along with their servants and investigated but here the whole report was suppressed. On the same lines notorious Boss of Layari Gang, Aziz Baloch was allowed to flee out of country and afterwards his home was raided in which media was provided full cooperation to cover this stage show. But no one ever dared to answer that what steps Sindh govt. has taken to arrest and bring the gangster back so that he can be punished according to law. This was just few snapshots through which you can imagine the result of the Karachi Operation and seriousness of the provincial govt. for this operation.

The only Supporter of Family who became target of Extortion Mafia

                Lets now analyze the situation at Karachi thoroughly. If we look at the collectively activities of Gangs, war gangs, armed political wings or criminals groups operating in Karachi it is not hard to predict that the continuity of these gangs and their activities is a threat to integrity of Pakistan. One cannot turn a blind eye over criminal activities of these criminals/terrorists that crimes may happen in a city, having population of 30 million people.
1.       Armed wings of Political Parties
2.       Armed Wings of Religious Parties having different Sectarian Believes
3.       Extortionists receiving extortion money in the name of Taliban and Taliban themselves, abduction for ransom, target killers etc.
4.       Land Mafia using armed persons for grabbing govt. as well as private lands.
5.       Criminals involved small to big crimes under the cover of Elected Representatives of Public, Feudals and Politicians etc.
6.       Independent Criminals working without any protection of politicians or feudals
7.       Terrorist trained and infiltrated by MI6, RAW, MOSSAD, CIA and other International agencies
8.       Common Criminals
If we write about all of these factions involved in the unrest of the Karachi this post might by insufficient to cover it. However, summarizing the whole situation we can say that three wars have been waged in Karachi by internal as well as external forces:
1.       Economic War
2.       War Economy
3.       War Against Pakistan

Poor law and order situation and corrupt judiciary has lost the trust of public that people decided to burn alive the Robbers themselves

However, the waging of these wars in a single city of Karachi has converted the life of inhabitants of Karachi but also a serious threat for existence of Pakistan. Reports tell us that approximately 83 million rupees are snatched daily from the public in the lieu of robberies, ransom, extortion money over parking and land mafia, water tanks, extortion money from shopkeepers and street hawkers. The extreme of supervision of crimes and providing protection of criminals is that for deputation of Police, from Incharge of Police Station to Senior Superintendent of Police are tendered and bid. This can easily make one understand the situation of law and order in Karachi. It is evident that lion’s share of corruption and looted money is received by the superior most official or leader of the province that is why neither life, assets, nor honor of anyone is safe in Karachi. In such a situation why those groups indulged in war against Pakistan and Pakistan army would stay away from the lucrative business of crimes in Karachi to fulfill their financial needs while they are getting  full financial support from their foreign launchers but who would deny to get some part from 100 million rupees looted daily from the public of Karachi?

The scene of murder of Mufti Abdul Majeed and his two colleagues in the bright day light in Karachi

                Few days ago Lord Nazir, Member British House of Lords blamed claimed that India is responsible for unrest and terrorism in Pakistan while he was talking to media. The same stance was repeated by him when he arrived Pakistan  that from unrest in Baluchistan, target killing in KPK and terrorism in Karachi the only name that is responsible for all these terrorist activities is India for which she has full support of MOSSAD and CIA. The stance of Lord Nazir is further strengthened by the reports of different News-reporting sites that India has established training camps for terrorists in Indian Held Kashmir, Eastern Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Assam and Karnataka that are afterwards launched into Pakistan. The young members from local separation organizations are brain washed within Pakistan in the first step, in the 2nd step they are sent to Dubai where Indian Embassy issues them temporary Indian passports, in the third step they are brought into these training camps and trained for terrorism. According to the reports Indian RAW uses her embassies in Afghanistan, Iran, UAE, South Africa and London as launching pad of these terrorists. Indian consulates in Afghanistan are the main centers for anti-Pakistan terrorist activities; especially Indian consulates at Qandahar and Jalalabad have played most active role in last 8 years with the full support of Northern Alliance on the local level.

                After completing training in India these terrorists are launched into Karachi for anti-state activities from Dubai and infiltration of Indian trained terrorists from Afghan Border is not a problem for Indian RAW. In the report this has been also said that India is not only training the members of these local Pakistani organizations for warfare but also trains them to fuel sectarian, linguistic and parochial disputes as well. For this purpose such youngsters are selected who are excellent at expressing their views through verbal as well as written sources. Indian RAW has fixed billions in order to sabotage religious and moral values under the garb of secularism. The only purpose behind such a heavy investment is to destroy the ideological foundation of Pakistan i.e. TWO NATIONS THEORY that gets its energy from Religion; so that upcoming generations could be made to comprehend that Pakistan’s existence is conditioned with acceptance of Indian superiority in the region and becoming a mere market of India. Reports clearly show that the driving force behind all these terrorist activities of suicide bomb blasts, target killing and targeting of defense installations is RAW with full support of MOSSAD and CIA.

                Leaving aside these reports if we look at the dispute between India and Pakistan we see that India has formulated a policy against Pakistan and she is acting upon it properly. According to this policy India has taken up a clear stance and started a propaganda campaign against Pakistan all over the world and after invasion of USA in Afghanistan, it has been easier for India to prove her propaganda to be based upon reality. As a strategy under this policy, India conducted bomb blasts within her territory, Samjhauta Express was burnt to ashes and Mumbai drama was staged through a character named as Ajmal Qasab by Indian directors. Whatever India told international community it was accepted to be true because either Pakistan has no mechanism to counter such propaganda or we are not willing to do so. The reason is evident; when Pakistani beneficiaries of AMAN KI ASHA are busy in proving support to Indian lies than who would go ahead to dig out the truth.
The Pivot of Someone's dreams; targeted by Indian Trained Terrorists

                In contrast to this the astonishing fact is that despite of 4 wars with India and loss of Eastern Pakistan, Pakistan has been unable to chalk-out a clear cut policy for India. No one is ready to tell the truth to Pakistani nation that whether India is a friend or enemy. There is no shortage of such Indian paid elements that are busy in propaganda that Pakistan army is the only hurdle in the India-Pakistan friendship. They also blame Pakistan army for all the problems of the nation. Even the crimes or corruption committed by democratic governments during democratic reigns is also blamed over army that politicians were not free to decide but were being dictated by army. Perhaps this is the reason that Pakistani politicians requested help from Indian Officer of RAW “Joshi” deputed at London, sometimes they take support of “Kerry Logger Bill”, or try to exploit Memo Gate. The mentality of politicians towards army is that army is in busy in war against terrorism for last  decade but not a single politician or political have felt any need to visit army busy in war in Swat, Malakand, Dir or on the front posts. Seems the war against terrorists is only of the army and politicians have nothing to do with it; lo! Now there is a demand to use Pakistan army in the operation in Karachi so that after being already engaged on Afghan border army could be entrapped in the streets of Karachi. Where unplanned housing projects, corrupt govt. machinery, judiciary enslaved of political interests, unemployed youth playing in the hands of the enemies of motherland, has brought the city having 300 million population on the cache of dynamite for which only a little spark would be enough to burn out the whole city. In such a situation if army is used than those terrorists that have been trained by India and are busy in gang wars to secure superiority of their political parties would unite against army to target installations for which they have not only capability but they are well trained and well equipped with latest weapons provided by India. This is not possible for army to shift the whole population of Karachi to safe place before launching operation as they did in Swat. During this operation army would have to be extra cautious while conducting operation or retaliating any attack by these Indian trained terrorists because even a single incident of “collateral damage” would pave the way for the interference of enemies of Pakistan who have plotted this trap. So in order to restore peace in Karachi, political parties should step ahead and dismantle all their criminal armed wings. Politicians should encourage their workers and trust their capabilities for politics; they should target those who do not share their views through criticism not through bullet. Politicians should keep in mind that they can play politics and enjoy being in power as long as Pakistan is there; if they have some other intentions than MAY ALLAH ALMIGHTY PROTECT OUT MOTHERLAND… Ameen!

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 20 September 2013.

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