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The Name of those Prisoners Who Broke Out of Prison should be Included in the List of Missing Persons!!!

Aerial view of DI Khan Prison
                After every few days such incident occurs that results in defame of Pakistan and shame for Pakistani nation but our politicians get free from responsibility by transferring responsibility to ex-govt. by blaming it. Someone claims it as failure of Police and administrative authorities while others blame govt. for such security lapses. No matter whatever the reason is these incidents are not going to stop even the suo motto actions taken by Supreme Court have failed to stop the way of such terrorist attacks.

                Terrorists attacked Banu prison on 16 April 2012 and got away with 384 dangerous prisoners including Adnan Rasheed master mind of attack over Musharaf without any resistance. These prisoners also included those terrorists for whose arrest our soldiers have laid down their precious lives. Afterwards Taliban claimed that they had support from the local inhabitants as well as from within the prison, and had coordination on the phone. Moreover, according to terrorists they spent 20 million rupees for the release of the prisoners from prison. After this shameful incident it was expected that civil administration as well as political administration will learn a lesson and such shameful incident would not be repeated.
                In spite of investigating all the shortfalls of the incident and removing any loopholes in the security federal and provincial govt. behaved as some low level criminal has broken away from police. Why such negligence was practiced and why ruling parties did not take it seriously? This is a separate topic. However, the bitter reality is that terrorists succeeded in escape of prisoners without any resistance; was that made possible by bribery, prison administration was favoring TTP ideologically or the whole operation was planned and executed by some foreign element? Whatever the case was this was total failure of the govt. and the reality is that elected representatives sitting in the assemblies have not taken it seriously as they are not concerned with the security of Pakistan. These political representatives remained unconcerned with the shameful incident of sabotage of prison as they are unconcerned with the operation of the Pakistan army in tribal areas against terrorists. This is the reason that last month on 29th July when same story was repeated in the sabotage of Dera Ismail Khan prison, TTP terrorists did not face any resistance.
US Media appreciating TTP for successful Jail Break
                The sabotage of DI Khan Prison is not a usual incident it forecasts the upcoming typhoon of terrorism and sectarianism. Before this after every terrorist attack Intelligence agencies were the target of criticism but this time Intelligence agencies not only provided the information about the upcoming attack but also got the receipt as well for sharing of information. This information was shared with DCO, DPO, Commissioner, DIG Police and prison administration of DI Khan prison. The information included that TTP terrorists have arrived in the area, they have full details of the inmates, map of prison, that terrorists are in contact with the terrorists in the prison through mobile, and even if the route was also mentioned in the shared information that terrorists would arrive prison via Sabzi Mandi, Town Hall and Girls Degree College in the form of a convoy consisting of 14 vehicles. On this information Commissioner DI Khan visited the prison and checked the security measures. In addition to the 105 guards of the prison, 75 soldiers of Frontier Reserve Police were deployed as well armed with heavy weapons. There are reports that security of the prison had enough ammunition to fight back the terrorists for one week but despite of such security measures and guards equipped with the automatic weapons when TTP terrorists attacked the prison there was no one to stop them or even challenge them. Neither wall of the prison was broken nor any tunnel was dug up. The guard who opened the main gate of the prison has given the statement that when he saw terrorists destroy APC (empty) outside the prison he opened the gate when terrorists arrived at the gate and ordered him to open the small gate in the main gate. Terrorists entered into the prison, called their friends inside the prison through mega-phone, murdered few Shia inmates that were identified by the terrorists locked up inside the prison and went away celebrating their victory without any resistance as they were sure that no one would challenge them on their way back. The only way to find all these inmates who escaped is to add their name in the list of MISSING PERSONS.
                Western Media and USA are of the view that Al-Qaida is involved in the sabotage of the prison; yes Al-Qaida about which US govt. have been claiming that its back has been broken in Afghanistan and Pakistan and all of the leadership of Al-Qaida had fled to Yemen along with their militants and now Yemen is the Head Quarter of Al-Qaida.  But this incident of breaking up of prison is more shameful and threatening for Pakistan as compared to Abbotabad operation against Osama Bin Laden. In the posts built on the rooftop of the prison and within the prison there were Machineguns but not the hands to operate them. Were they afraid or they have been overwhelmed by pessimism, were they sold or their nerves have broken? Whatever the reason is, now who will put his life on stake to arrest these dangerous terrorists and why? What state is paying them or what state will pay them; a certificate of bravery of few hundred thousand rupees to their families? Soldiers never fight for few rupees or pieces of paper, a soldier fights for self-respect, honor of motherland, for the sake of his eemaan, for safety of his nation.
TTP terrorists who attacked Prison
                Now look on the other hand when whole nation is in the clutches of bribery, nepotism, hoarding, black-marketing, financial misappropriations, the ruling class of the country has only one goal to fill their coffers with national treasury or showdown others through misuse of power and no one is there to stop them; in such a situation why a soldier should put his life in danger? The remaining morale of soldiers has been badly attacked by propaganda of sold-out anchor persons on missing persons and statements of Supreme Court; it seems that real problem of Pakistan is not the terrorism, destruction of economy, corruption of govt. but 46 missing persons and alleged personnel of intelligence agencies, who have put the integrity of the whole country by violating the law. The ground realities are that those involved in terrorist activities or suicide bomb blasts if they die or survive in their attack it becomes difficult to file the case against them and keep the eyewitnesses keep their words given in the initial investigations. If all these exams are passed than only one step remains that is the execution of the terrorist that has never happened in last decade, prisons prove to be protective shelters for terrorists, within the prisons these terrorists coordinate and plan attacks because they know that their execution is not possible as long as corrupt leaders are in power, moreover today or tomorrow breaking up the prison is not a problem for these terrorists. One week ago Supreme Court has ordered Police to arrest Major Haider of Military Intelligence and Ministry of Defense has been ordered to give the address of the house of Major Haider to police. What will happen after this; the address of Major would easily pass from police station or court to terrorists; in such a situation and pressure how a Major or any officer of any intelligence agency would fulfill his duties?
Cells for inmates waiting for execution from where all dangerous fled away
                If we look at our intelligence agencies they are fighting back the intelligence agencies of developed countries that are thousands times far more better in manpower, equipment, finances and especially support from their govt. as well as judiciary. These foreign agencies have a joint task to weaken Pakistan internally to destroy it. On the other hand our intelligence agencies have to face stiff resistance from inadequate laws, corrupt rulers and judiciary which is favoring terrorists. All that is being done such situation when Indian Army Chief is threatening attack and imposition of war, Indian army has been deployed on Pakistani borders with heavy weapons, open armed interference is going on from Pakistan, Baluchistan is jolting with bomb blasts, laborers from other provinces are being murdered and army is bravely facing Indian naked terrorism on Eastern as well as Western borders and helping people trapped in floods created by Indian water aggression.
Elite Personnel returning to their duty after Jail Break
                In the end I would like to mention the Islamabad incident in which Sikandar armed with only two Kalashnikovs besieged the Islamabad police for 6 hours on 16 August; although this is a very common incident but left negative impression for Pakistan on the international level which has revealed our negligence and shortcoming in security. Some details of this drama had come to the surface while rest is to be disclosed which shows the part of politics and the links with the controllers. The statement given by Interior Minister has given this drama the form of an international conspiracy in which a secret agency, a religious organization and a dangerous element living in Abu Dhabi is involved. Perhaps Interior Minister has decided to take revenge from an ex-state officer for his personal disputes by linking the case of Sikandar…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 23 August 2013.

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