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General Bikram Singh should Consider, "Consequences of Attack over Pakistan"?

Indian Generals should study this edition of India Today published in March 1987; this would surely heal their war mania and help them understand END of India in case of attack over Pakistan
There is no doubt that Independent Electronic Pakistani Media telecasting the live show of a lunatic armed person Sikandar at Islamabad for hours does not have even 6 minutes for Captain Hafiz Sarfraz, martyred in the result of unprovoked firing by Indian army at Shakma Sector LoC (Line of Control) Kashmir only for aggressive plans. Not only that, anchorpersons over these private media channels showing off their knowledge on these channels  does not have moral courage to telecast even a single program over the martyrdom of other soldiers of Pakistan army who embraced martyrdom in the aggressive firing by Indian army at LoC. This shows that our soldiers who lay down their lives for our protection have no value for these media channels that these channels unveil hideous face of India involved in the unprovoked firing over LoC, telecast programs to make the nation aware of those causes for which from last 6 weeks India is violating cease fire at LoC. This foreign funded media does not dare to encourage own soldiers fighting for the security of motherland over glacier of Siachen and deserts of Cholistan; every drop of blood of these martyrs that falls on the earth contributes towards the respect and prestige of motherland and guarantees our safety.

Islamic tradition of eating with the soldiers being relived by General Haroon Aslam during war games of SSG

                This is also a bitter reality that in spite of being aware of the enmity of Indian rulers towards Pakistan, armed Indian aggression in Baluchistan and Khyber PakhtunKhuwa and martyrdom of own soldiers, our ruelrs are still begging for negotiations with India. A Minister keeping in view such love for India by Pakistani Prime Minister has given the suggestion that Pakistan and India in spite of fighting over the borders should try to compete in the trade where Pakistan is already facing billions of deficit. So is this the result of encouraging reaction over Indian aggression by Pakistani rulers and criminal silence of our Indian funded media that Indian General has threatened to crush Pakistan? Or India has really planned some big adventure? Without considering that Pakistan is a Nuclear power and any Indian adventure would burn the whole region to ashes.
Captain Hafiz Sarfraz; Embraced Martyrdom in unprovoked firing over LoC Kashmir!

                On 17 August 2013 when curfew was imposed in the different cities of Indian Held Kashmir in order to restrict the anti-India protests and rallies, General Bikram Singh arranged a Press Conference in which he threatened Pakistan that if Pakistan does not stop violation of cease fire over LoC, India would be forced to react. General Singh made it clear that situation is going towards war, in the past Pakistan had made the attempt to force India into war which resulted in the defeat of Pakistan and if Pakistan repeated the same consequences would not be different. He said that India army would not allow even Pakistan army to get ready as Indian govt. has already allowed them for aggression against Pakistan and Indian army is ready for that.

                While reminding Pakistan of defeat in 1971 war, Indian General forgot that it was not Hindu army who defeated Pakistan army but traitors within Pakistan who while selling motherland to India ignored the sacrifices of hundreds of thousands of Muslims of India that they gave for Pakistan; thousands of Muslim women were gang raped in this struggle of freedom; Hindus and Sikhs danced over the corpses of Muslim infants; the Muslims of the India sacrificed their everything just for Freedom in the form of Pakistan which India wants to snatch from us. In 1962 when China made an example of Hindu army in the battlefield; the defeat of Indian army forced USA to join hands with India against Pakistan. During China-India war the request of USA to provide bases to India in the Eastern Pakistan was rejected by the Pakistan govt. so separation of Pakistan became the need of USA to secure her damn plans in the region. After this the foundation of Hindu terrorist organization Mukti Bahni was laid down, Hindus present in the Eastern Pakistan took part in the propaganda against Pakistan army. From Calcutta and Lucknow Hindu prostitutes of Indian army were infiltrated into Eastern Pakistan to misguide Bengali youth and set allegations of rape on Pakistan army, providing such fake incidents to Hindu controlled media in Eastern Pakistan for propaganda against Pakistan army was responsibility of these prostitutes of Hindu Army. When the situation became suitable India infiltrated the Tibetan Gorilla force indulged in terrorism in Tibet in China, under the cover of Mukti Bahni. Islamabad was already facing the internal political problems while Pakistan army was spread in the whole Eastern Pakistan to crush the terrorists that were infiltrated by India. On the Green Signal from USA India attacked Eastern Pakistan; after this the tearing away of Poland’s resolution for restoration of peace in UNO, the suffering of Pakistani Foreign Minister (foster son of General Ayub Khan) with Flu during return from UNO, unconditional release of Mujeeb after fall of Dhaka are the links of the same chain of conspiracies. At this moment Indira Gandhi said that they have taken revenge of the 1000 year long rule of Muslims over Hindus. General Singh only remembers one victory; if he thinks India defeated Pakistan in 1965 than he should re-consult military history that what happened to Hindu army. The claim of Indian Generals of attacking Pakistan and celebration at Gymkhana Lahore proved a nightmare for Indian Generals. Why sure victory of Indians converted into open defeat; Pakistani and Indian public may not know but Indian army personnel should be aware of the reasons of their defeat. Indian army also knows the answers to these questions that in 1965 that on one grounds Pakistan’s Foreign Minister has ensured foster father General Ayub Khan that Indian army would never cross international border to attack Pakistan. In spite of heavy movement of Indian army towards Pakistani borders why Pakistani Foreign Ministry wanted that Pakistan army holds games in Lahore Garrison? Why in spite of protest from young officers Lahore Garrison Commander Major General Sarfraz ordered Pakistan army to move towards borders in civil clothes and use civil trucks for transportation? 6 US persons who came to Pakistan from India on jeeps, why they were not shifted into Pakistani jeeps on Wahga border as per policy? Why Americans wanted to travel in Indian jeeps? Was that due to tiredness during travel or they were also part of Greater Game?
Indian General Bikram Singh threatening Pakistan

                With the sunrise of 6th September 1965 when Indian army advanced towards Pakistan why they were sure that they will not face any resistance and they will capture Pakistan army within their barracks? Why Indira Gandhi and Indian Defense Ministry jointly recorded the statement that Indian army has captured Lahore, Indian General would celebrate victory in Lahore Gymkhana to be telecasted at 12 o’ clock bulleting and it was telecasted as well. Just because the 6 Indian jeeps that were used by Americans were driven by 2 Military Intelligence Officers, 3 Infantry Commandants of those units who were planned to attack Pakistan,  and 1 commandant of Armor and they have seen with their own eyes that there was no movement of Pakistan army towards the border? The drivers of these jeeps included 2 Lieutenant Colonels of Indian infantry units who were taken as Prisoners of War by Pakistan army when Indian army attacked Pakistan on 6th September but as soon as they faced resistance and defensive from Pakistani side, their soldiers ran away leaving behind their weapons that they have been cheated as Pakistan army was present on the borders with full preparation to defend the motherland. With this a full-fledged war started which continued for 17 days. How Indian army was beaten in these 17 days this could be imagined that Soviet Union came ahead to save its ally from defeat. But the burning question that still needs answer is that who were those forces and elements within Pakistan that guaranteed India that Pakistan army would not be present on the borders to defend motherland? After defeat over Western Border enemy decided to attack Eastern borders and succeeded in 1971.
Defenders of motherland offering prayer at snow in Skardu

                Whether this is plan to divide Pakistan into two parts under the cover of Brass Tack war games in 1986-87 by invasion from Cholistan or siege of Pakistan for 11 months in 2001 after staging the drama of attacks over Indian Parliament, enemy had to runaway cowardly because traitors were not available to Hindus in these times. In 186-87 when India planned to attack Pakistan under the cover of Brass Tack wargames, General Zia-ul-Haq visited India  and said these historical words to Rajiv Gandhi, “If your forces cross our borders by even an inch, we are going to annihilate your all cities”. After this Rajiv Gandhi and General Sundar Jee lost courage to attack Pakistan. In the 2001 Indian intelligence had made it clear to Indian govt. that Pakistanis would destroy India before their destruction acting upon the rule, “Do or Die”.

                In this way Indian Generals should expect same from Pakistan; if India ever dared to attack Pakistan, those Pakistanis who are now against the war would also join the war to delete India from the map of the world because Pakistani’s have already become habitual of dying and picking up corpses in the terrorism sponsored by India. Moreover, 4 decades have passed to 1971 war; now Pakistan army is burning with the desire to take revenge.
                In the end a question to Indian General Bikram Singh, “why defense experts call it a DEFEAT, if aggressor has to runaway cowardly”?

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date : 30 August, 2013.

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