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Unjust Murder of Ishrat Jehan Unveiled the Dirty Face of India…

Dead bodies of four innocents lying on the ground after fake encounter staged by Indian Police

                There is a famous saying of Hindus that murder of an innocent human being never goes wasted but haunts the murderer just like as a wandering soul and illegal murder of the innocent person at last appears on the forehead of murderer just like as a “Tilak” no matter how much clever and powerful murderer is. Such like situation is being faced by Indian govt. that the case under trial was regarding innocence of Ishrat Jehan when ex Deputy Director of Indian govt. disclosed that 2001 and 2008 terrorist attacks were planned and executed by India herself. During a statement in front of Indian court ex Deputy Secretary, SV Mani disclosed that member of investigation team of SIT and CBI Satesh Varma told him that attacks on Indian parliament and Mumbai attacks were staged by Indian govt. in order to provide  support for passing of harsh and anti-human bills against terrorism and POTA like bills in order to provide protection to Indian army against all of their inhuman war crimes and extra-judicial killings.

Ex Indian Deputy Director RVS Saan: who disclosed that India herself is involved in the Mumbai Attacks

                Such like inhuman bloodshed and drama within their own country could be expected only from the followers of Kotalya Chanakiya among Hindus. But the silence of our leaders, politicians, elected representatives, media, journalists and intellectuals is more shocking as compared to disclosures of Satesh Varma. The silence of supporters of ‘Aman Ki Asha’ and those whose understandable that the claimants of ‘Aman Ki Asha’ and those whose livelihood is conditioned with Indian interests, as they are working to protect SOFTER IMAGE of India. But the message of Pakistani Prime Minister to Pakistani to work for bridging the gulf of differences and disputes between Indian and Pakistani public is beyond rationalism. Not only this during the briefing Mian Nawaz Sharif asked Ministry of Foreign Affairs to develop a new policy to enhance friendship with India. What else this New Policy could except that Pakistan accepts Indian occupation over Siachen and India Held Kashmir, steps back from Sir Creek dispute and opens up its markets for India in the name of TRADE. Provides route to India for trade with Central Asian States. Accepts Indian slavery and dirty role in Afghanistan after US withdrawal, denying any moral support to those Afghan Freedom Fighters who are neither afraid of US Daisy Cutter Bombs, B-52 Bombers and brutish war crimes committed by US Army; they have forced US to bow in front of them whom she used to call TERRORISTS and negotiate with them for safe withdrawal of Western Troops entrapped in Afghanistan. If Pakistani govt. accepts Indian role in Afghanistan after USA will these Afghan freedom fighters accept Hindu army to rule over them, rape their women (just like in Indian Held Kashmir and other Indian occupied states) and welcome Hindu army with flowers?

Mother of Ishrat Jehan along with her children; inset shows the picture of Ishrat Jehan

Some of our scholars are giving the impression those confessions of Indian Deputy Secretary (ex or retired) R V S Mani are worthless till the time Indian government confirms these. These scholars are not realizing that signed statement of Satish Varma came to limelight after emotional development in Ishrat Jehan Case, when the court ordered arrest of eight police officials including three DIG level police officers who were involved in murder of four innocent Muslims including Ishrat Jehan. The Gujrat police officials staged the same drama as played in attack on Indian parliament.
Readers may remember that Gujrat police under leadership of DIG Dhanajay G Vanzara, Additional DIG P P Panday and Assistant DIG G L Singhaal alongiwth  killed Ishrat Jehan (a BA Student belonging to Mumbai), her class mates Parnesh Pillai (he has converted to Islam and was known as Sheikh Javaid), Amjad Ali Rana and Zeeshan in a fake Police encounter. They were blamed to be terrorists of Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) who were preparing to attack Nareendra Modi and L.K. Advani in order to take revenge of notorious anti-Muslim rights in Gujrat of 2002. However, when in the light of eyewitnesses, evidence and situation of corpses made it difficult for Gujrat Police to prove Ishrat Jehan a terrorist when those who opposed anti-Muslim rights raised objections over the genuineness of police encounter.  On the one hand there was no evidence of police encounter on the spot as the picture shows that only of those murdered by Indian Police had an AK-47 lying over his dead body while no bullet was fired from it. The crime scene of the police encounter had fired rounds lying there but they were of some other weapon not of that AK-47. In addition to this other four murdered by Indian forces had nothing not even a single house hold knife. Moreover, neither police personnel nor police vehicles had any sign of being hit or fired by those alleged terrorists. However, those four innocent murdered by state terrorists of India (Police) had 87 signs of being hit by bullets which means that all four were shot dead aligned in a line by spraying bullets over these poor souls and afterwards their corpses were dragged and an AK-47 was placed over one of the dead. Not only Gujrat govt. but print and electronic media was informed and called upon the spot respectively as well.
Master Mind of Fake Police Encounter; DIG Dhana Jay 

The second staged by drama was that in front of media during the search of dead bodies suddenly a cry was raised that two of the murdered persons were Pakistani, one of them was named as Amjad Ali and other one as Zeeshan Johar. Afterwards the investigations proved that there name were real and they were Indian nationals but fake Pakistani documents were slipped into their pockets by Indian Police after their murder. Third murdered person was identified as Sheikh Javeid by Indian police as Master Mind of LeT belonging to Indian Held Kashmir but when his Hindu parents showed up on the scene the lies of Indian police were disclosed that his real name Parnesh Palai and he had converted two years in order to marry a Muslim girl and changed his name as well to Sheikh Javeid.

After encounter when dead body of Ishrat Jehaan was brought to Mumbai, Gujrat Police was steadfast to its stance that all murdered were terrorists of LeT but the stories published in Indian media were much more different. There was a big crowd of Muslims during the burial of Ishrat Jehan, most of them had come from Maharashtar and other Indian states to attend her funeral and express solidarity with her mother. Her mother used to work in the night shift of a medicine packing firm and used to sew clothes in order to earn livelihood for her family so that Ishrat Jehan and her siblings could continue their studies.

GL Singhaal
When investigations progressed Gujrat police changed its stance that Mumbai Police had informed that a group of terrorists had left for Gujrat to murder LK Advani and Narindra Modi. When this statement of Gujrat police was confirmed from Mumbai police they denied provision of any such information and told the media that they had read the name of Ishrat Jehan and her colleagues only in the media news after encounter. 
PP Panday

On 7 September 2009 Head of Judicial Inquiry SP Taming submitted the final report in the court which disclose that higher officials of police planned the fake encounter to murder Ishrat Jehan and her colleagues, these officials threatened Chief Minister Gujrat that a terrorist groups were going to murder him and after fake encounter informed CM Gujrat to secure promotions and other facilities as loyal Police Officers of Chief Minister. However, during this drama supporters of fake Gujrat encounter and planners of all terrorist attacks in the India gave a new turn to the drama; it was said that a terrorist alleged for Mumbai attacks David Headley (Dawood Gillani) during investigations gave the statement, “Ishrat Jehan was the first suicide female bomber of LeT in India”.  The statement of David Headley regarding the case of Ishrat Jehan became a headache for Indian govt. because now this was not a local case but earned international fame and anymore due to which Central Defense Ministry of India also became the party to the investigation. When this was proved that the lie of statement of David Headley was just to save the culprits of fake Gujrat encounter; all those higher officials responsible for the murder of innocents in fake Gujrat Police encounter were ordered to be arrested. These investigation became the reason for the disclosure of the bitter reality that India herself had planned Mumbai and Parliament attacks. Now we Pakistanis are unable to decide that how should we react…
The truth is that

غیرت نام تھا جِس کا گئی تیمور کے گھر سے
(The thing known as HONOR had vanished from house of Taimur)

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,

Dated: 26 July 2013

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