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The Role of RAW, CIA and MOSSAD Cannot be Ignored in Baluchistan!!!

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On 14 June 2013 during his address to US Policy Committee, member of Congress Peter King threatened Pakistan that if US or US interests are attacked from Pakistan; Pakistan will have to pay its price. According to Peter King of US Congress Pakistan is a safe heaven for many Jihadi organizations like Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) etc and they are continuing their activities without any difficulty. Member of US Congress especially targeted LeT alleging it for working against US interests in the region including the training to attack US interests. Peter King also threatened Pakistan to check the activities of Hafiz Saeed of Jamaat-ud-Dawat (because he dares to unveil the heinous role of US state terrorists agencies like CIA and Black Water in terrorism in Pakistan) or get ready for US punishment (state terrorism).

                Now lets come towards the situation of Pakistan; on the next day of threats by the US a memorial building i.e. Residency of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah is blazed on 15 June 2013 and flag of BLA (terrorist organization; a product of US and Indian intercourse) is hoisted on the burnt building. Whole nation was still in shock on the destruction of national asset by terrorists destroying many historical things used by Founder of Pakistan that news break out on the media that Student Bus of Sardar Bahadur Khan Women University had been blown up by terrorists in which 14 female students lost their lives while 19 are injured. Reporting and media of coverage of this terrorist attack was going on that another report of attack over Bolan Medical Complex is received. This forces Pakistani nation to think that who are these brutish terrorists murdering men, women, innocent children and even patients?

                On the evening of same fateful day Mr Hamid Mir, (awarded by Bangladesh for anti-Pakistan services of his father and himself) tells us that Pakistan Forces are behind all the three incidents of terrorism; while another traitor present in the talkshow blames those elements that have ran away from Afghanistan after US attack which have the support and protection of state agencies. In the other words this talkshow blames Security Agencies for the plan of this attack (without any evidence or logic) in order to cover up the real terrorists. So in the no time whole private Pakistani media was speaking the language of their funders; such media channels and their hired anchorpersons (prostitutes of journalism) forget that since 2008 these are the elected politicians under the West’s favorite ‘Democratic System’ who have been controlling the country not the armed forces of Pakistan. However; these sold out media persons leave no stone unturned to deceive or convince masses of Pakistan so that they are not capable to identify the real terrorists and foreign hands behind them.
Students of Sardar Bahadur Khan Women University Quetta
                Pay attention towards this; is that mere coincident that since March 2009 attack over Sri-Lankan Cricket team in Lahore to 15 June 2013 terrorist attack before every terrorist attack some US think tanks along with members of Senate issue threatening statements and articles against Pakistan? Before every terrorist attack India starts propaganda against Pakistan for terrorist attacks and terrorism in India. If you do not believe us look at the newspapers since 2009 to up to date. Moreover, from terrorist attack on Sri-Lankan cricket team to all major terrorist attacks there is a similiarity; from planning to execution all of these attacks are similar to 26 November 2008 Mumbai attacks as all these terrorists and their bosses were trained in the same training camp. Before writing anything about investors, perpetrators and supporter of terrorism as well as planners I would like to lend your attention towards another aspect so that one may easily understand terrorism in Pakistan. Few days ago a famous US scholar Stefen Kohhen said during the introduction of his ceremony that US should pressurize Pakistan to accept Indian role in Afghanistan for restoration of peace after US retreat in 2014 and for this it is necessary that Pakistan accepts LoC as permanent boundary because this is the base of India-Pakistan enmity (but who will guide that US writer that Indian terrorism is not due to Kashmir dispute).

                Now on the one side there is the address of Peter King, member of US Congress and member of policy making committee of US State Department which was especially arranged to brief John Kerry for pressurizing Pakistan to dismantle Jihadi organizations and Jamaat-ud-Dawat and on the other hand we have the advise of Stefen Kohhen.

                Who has any doubt that LeT and Jamaat-ud-Dawat are limited to supporting freedom struggle of Kashmiris only and they have nothing to do with Afghanistan or US invasion in Afghanistan and US interests. However, India always LeT for the bomb blasts in India which afterwards proved that Senior Officials of Indian Army and Indian Agencies were behind these terrorist attacks. In spite of being aware of all these Indian terrorism US provided India free hand to use Afghanistan for training terrorists and waging a war against Pakistan in Baluchistan and KPK (NWFP). USA declared freedom movement of Kashmiris as terrorist movement in spite of support of UN resolutions while if we look at the past before 9/11 drama US supported Kashmir Freedom Movement.
Abdul Kareem Khan, brother of Khan of Kalat: started treachery against Pakistan with Indian Support
                International community should also keep this in mind that US wants to handover Afghanistan after her retreat in 2014 while India is also willing to continue US invasion in Afghanistan. But India is afraid that Afghan Taliban or Mujahideen who have forced NATO and Americans to remain within their fortified camps and retreat might consider murdering of Indian soldiers (involved in massacre of Kashmiris) as something good. So are not the terrorist attacks in Pakistan, blazing of historical buildings etc. and murder of innocent female students a tactic to pressurize Pakistan? Otherwise even if we go back to uncivilized era there were some rules of war; according to civilized culture hospitals, schools, places worship and public places are not to be attacked during war but what one can do in case of India, Israel and West led by USA that whenever they wage war they attack schools, hospitals, places of worship etc. In the occupied Palestine, Israeli state terrorists repeat this everyday that ambulances carrying injured after Israeli are targeted, same is being done Indian in Indian Held Kashmir, USA attacked schools, universities, hospitals through air raids from Iraq to Libya and after invasion practiced such gross violations of human rights and war crimes that one feels ashamed to be identified as HUMAN BEING. However, when similar act was carried out by Taliban before US invasion in Afghanistan in the form of demolition of historical statues of Mahatma Buddha in Bamiyan province of Afghanistan whole world criticized them; (but does anyone has the courage to raise voice against United Satanic Alliance i.e. USA)?
Nawab Nauroz Khan; Started Treachery against Pakistan  with the support of Marri Tribe in 1958
                My anti-Two Nations Theory and pro-Indian, liberal, communist colleagues will as per routine dislike my struggle to unveil the real perpetrators of the terrorism in Baluchistan i.e. India the main player behind the terrorism with the full support of West especially USA and Israel. However, those objecting my findings have no solid or logical arguments in the support of those who attacked Quaid-e-Azam Residency, Female Students Bus and Bolan Medical Complex. If they say that Baloch deprived of their basic rights are taking revenge than are the people of other provinces getting their rights? Population of Baluchistan is 8.5 million only while according to a survey held one week ago revealed that more than 65 million people are living below the poverty line. If the whole population of Baluchistan is living below the poverty line than where are the rest of the people living on Mars? In Sindh, Punjab or KPK (NWFP) people are enjoying latest modern facilities? There are countless regions in these provinces where people are deprived of basic rights. Does this mean that people start taking revenge of their deprivation by burning historical buildings of their leaders and founding fathers? Saying that relatives of missing persons have taken revenge; if this is truth than why including Ziarat whole Baluchistan is drowned in the sorrow and protesting against terrorists of BLA? Moreover, disgracing father and mutilating mother in mutual disputes is not allowed in Baloch traditions. I would like to ask those pro-Indians frowning over role of Indian terrorists in Baluchistan that in 1948 when Abdul Karim Khan brother of Khan of Kalat Mir Ahmad Yar started treachery against Pakistan and armed forces of Pakistan, was not he supported by India???

Video of Hamid Mir

To be continued…

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Written  by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Dated: 21 June 2013.

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