Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Drone Attacks! A Conspiracy to Cultivate Terrorism in Pakistan!

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The Parents of these innocents are sure to join Extremists; A fuel needed by CIA 

USA wants to withdraw from Afghanistan till 2014. After withdrawal of US for a long time this discussion would continue that what America earned by attacking Afghanistan? After sometime this discussion would also become fruitless just like American attack over Afghanistan or the country which became target of US thirst for blood would be topic on media because this is going on since last half century. However, wherever US attacked, peace could not be restored for a long time. Same like situation is being experienced by our region since 2001, there is no hope for improvement even after withdrawal of US forces as they are leaving behind a legacy of US controlled terrorists i.e. TTP.

                In 2001 US attacked Afghanistan under lame excuse of 9/11, despite of being aware that no one of the pilots crashing aeroplanes with buildings in New York belonged to Afghan, Iraq or Libya. The experts of destroying buildings through dynamite claim that destruction of twin towers was an inside job. After this the Muslims were on the receiving end of Western terrorism, illegal capture of Israel over Palestinian areas and Palestine issue in UN was ignored. If 9/11 was inside job than its goals have been achieved.
A tool of CIA to create more TERRORISTS
                After NATO and US forces invasion in Afghanistan in the way they massacred Afghans one cannot find an example in the whole history of mankind. In spite of fastest media of the modern era American and European people were brain-washed about the 9/11 in such a way that they ignored humanity, human rights and human values because according to Western media the massacre and genocide of innocent Afghans was inevitable in order to secure that future of their upcoming generations. However, Afghans have not learnt to accept and bow in front of foreign rule and slavery. When they started resistance and freedom war; latest European weapons and weapons of mass destruction seemed to be ineffective making invading forces to retreat in the form of coffins. Western commanders were not ready for such type of shear resistance, so in order to secure their credibility and the budget they have been wasting on their forces they started blaming Pakistan for supporting Afghan Freedom Fighters. They started blaming US sponsored Mujahideen against Soviet Union who have now settled in tribal areas of Pakistan and got married there living a happy life.
Wali Ur Rehman; killed by a US Drone, A Clear message to US Sponsored TTP that if they don't  attack Pakistani forces they will be removed as well
                If we look at the news and analysis published in media during 2003 about Afghanistan there is only one repeated idea that Afghan attackers come from Pakistan and after attacking Western invaders return to Pakistani tribal areas. In order to tackle such allegations Pakistan moved its forces from Eastern borders to Afghan border and also offered to construct a barricade over Afghan border but this was rejected by Afghan govt. because in this way India would not have been able to infiltrate her terrorists via Afghanistan recruited by more than a dozen Indian consulates.

                However, in order to prolong her illegal capture of Afghanistan US started proxy war against Pakistan through drone attacks in tribal areas of Pakistan. America always told the lie following US history of foreign affairs that only terrorists are being targeted in these drone attacks but in fact most of the people killed in drone attacks were innocent. This seems that US drone attacks were a planned conspiracy to ignite hatred against Pakistan and Pakistani forces under umbrella of US sponsored war of terror. In this way US drone attacks ensured continuous supply of militants for terrorism as those whose innocent relatives were martyred in US drone attacks joined hands with US/foreign funded terrorists to take revenge; so a series of attacks over Pakistani forces started. The drone attack of 2004 over a religious school (madrissa) is a living example of US conspiracy in which innocent young students were killed by US aerial state terrorism; in spite of confessing the attack US claimed that at the time the missile was fired over the Madrissa terrorism were being trained which was proved to be based upon lies when international media visited the effected school. On such attacks the hatred among tribal people against US and Pakistani forces was natural response, thus they joined different terrorist groups sponsored by foreign agencies; according to some international analysts CIA was also sponsoring these attacks in order to fuel manpower for terrorism in Pakistan. In this way American state terrorist agency wanted to pressurize Pakistan army so that Pakistan remains away from Afghanistan where Afghan Mujahideen had once again started freedom movement against Western terrorist forces.

                However, there came a time when US had to accept to retreat from Afghanistan; in order to retreat honorably US had to negotiate with Afghan Taliban for ensuring safety of retreating troops. As these negotiations progressed the main points of US withdrawal also became prominent,  the drone attacks in Pakistan continued in spite of protest from Pakistani side (they are still going on). As US started negotiations with freedom fighter the demand for negotiation with militants also came from Pakistani as well, because in the war on terror which was started by US had taken lives of more than forty thousand innocent Pakistanis. Another feature of the drone attacks is that US never attacked on the terrorists that were identified by Pakistani forces.
Destruction created by US Aerial Terrorism
                Few months ago Tehreek Taliban Pakistan (TTP) offered negotiations with Pakistani govt. on some conditions; this offer gave a hope to the nation that this might help in eradication of terrorism as after success of PML-N in elections a significant progress was observed in negotiations but suddenly Vice Ameer of TTP Wali-ur-Rehman was murdered in the drone attack on 28 May. As a reaction TTP withdrew its offer for negotiations which will evidently result in increased terrorism in Pakistani as a gift of US aerial terrorism i.e. Drone Attacks. According to the reports Wali-ur-Rehman was against terrorist attacks in Pakistan due to this he had disputes with Hakeemullah Mehsood moreover the offer for negotiations was also from Wali-ur-Rehman. After his death newly elected govt will have to face extreme difficulties in restoration of peace. From the current situation it is evident that US and India (who will take over in Afghanistan after withdrawal of US forces) do not want that peace is restored in Pakistan which is too much dangerous. In other words before negotiations with TTP Pakistan will have to negotiate with USA that she should not sabotage peace negotiations.

                Although this is US stance that Wali-ur-Rehman was master-mind of Marriot Hotel Attacks in 2008 and attack over US Base in 2009 in which including one Jordanian agent total 7 CIA officials were killed. After this US declared money of 5 million dollars for Wali-ur-Rehman.

                US media has broke reports according to INP that in order to get these 5 million rupees Mehsood group of TTP had provided information regarding presence of Wali-ur-Rehman. Although US govt is not ready to disclose the name of the person who provided information of Wali-ur-Rehman but according to INP 5 million dollars have been paid. This shows severe disputes among TTP which might be a good news that terrorist groups in Pakistan are being disintegrated but this should be decided by Pakistani forces that when and which anti-Pakistan militant should be targeted not by USA to sabotage peace process in Pakistan. Pakistani forces are engaged over long strip of border with Afghanistan in which we have not only lost many lives but irreparable damage has been caused to our economy. This is the time to stand against US aerial terrorism i.e. drone attacks to convince US that drone attacks are not only against Pakistan’s independence but also against human rights and a war crime. These drone attacks are providing fuel of manpower to terrorists…

Written by Khalid Baig
Dated: 11 June 2013.

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