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Martyrs of My Motherland..!

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Lt General Abid Parvaiz  Commander 2 Corps and Major General Umar Farooq Durrani

The love for life is natural and in the same way the fear of death is also a natural phenomenon. Neither it is easy to kill someone without any cause nor it is easy to sacrifice one’s life without any proper cause, however, the defense of motherland is such a rationale that has been accepted from thousands of years. That is why Allama Muhammad Iqbal says, “one of the gods is the country”. At some places it is known as motherland and those who sacrifice their lives are considered to be better than the best of the creations.
Lt General Abid Parvaiz addressing the guests

                Accordingly to the history in the early times only those who joined Church or joined priesthood were termed as martyr although those who sacrificed their lives for the protection of motherland were given highest category of respect and prestige in the society. Afterwards those who got hanged following the way / path of Christ were also termed as martyrs; in the same way in other religions the status of martyr have always been respectful and prestige. However, Islam specified this term only for those who lay down their lives for the protection of country and religion (Islam) and not only gave it highest degree of respect for those who embrace martyrdom but also uplifted the status of their families to manifolds as well. So the will for martyrdom or Shahadat (شہادت) became the identity of a Muslim soldier / mujahid and this was the wish for getting martyred that proved all weapons of enemies useless in front of these great Muslim warriors as well as enemy has not been able to discover / invent any weapon in spite of creation of weapons of mass destruction to face this wish of Muslims except that by misleading Muslim world sexually and making it apart from Islamic teachings. Now a days world is at its best in the field of latest weapons of destruction but in front of passion of a Muslim soldier especially Pakistani soldier they are nothing more than a heap of sand. Perhaps this is why enemies are targeting islam, Islamic nroms in the society as they are aware that the soldier of Pakistan is not only a practicing Muslim but also flag bearer and defender of the ideological boundaries of Pakistan as well whouse passion of Jihad could not be defeated in a conventional war.
GOC  Armored Division Major General Umer Farooq Durrani with his Staff Officers

                But there is a strange situation in our country on the one hand army is fighting against disguised enemy on western borders of the country, tribal areas & within the country, the aggressive acts of Afghan govt that Pakistan army is tolerating patiently while on the other hand there is a specific group of the so called journalists, intellectuals who have also waged a war against the defenders of the nation. Yes these are those who people who struggled against Kala Bagh Dam, the guarantor of development of the nation through their fake nationalist and linguistic parties just in order to please India keeping in view the needs of India. And Lo! They blame Pakistan army for the problems that have been created due to shortage of water as India has constructed dams over Pakistani rivers by alleging that General Ayub Khan sold out two rivers to India but they never dare to disclose the details of the Indus Water Treaty. They also don’t have courage to acknowledge that if Ayub Khan had not constructed Tarbela and Mangla water dams to produce electricity and not established the network of the canals than what would had been the economical situation of the nation? Why these sold out pens hesitate to disclose the truth that it was the Chief of the Army who brought the industrial revolution while his plans for the economical development of the country that were implemented by Far East States and these states got developed while in Pakistan these plans were hijacked by Pride of Asia Mr. Z.A. Bhutto after coming into power under the foreign agenda nationalized all the industries making all the progress of the country null and void. So the Pakistan has not been able to come out of its effects till to date.
Children paying tribute to Shuhada
                Principally our media should have disclosed the shameful Indian attack over Pakistan in 1971 war with support of two big powers in spite blaming Pakistan army for fall of Dhaka. But alas! Pro-Indian journalists are spreading Indian propaganda to misguide the nation in spite of the confession by many Bangladeshi as well as Indian intellectuals that the stories of violation of human rights during operation in East Pakistan are nothing more than fabricated stories for propaganda. But  one of our renowned anchorpersons who earned cheap fame through for investment Mr. Hamid Mir during his visit to receive Bangladeshi award for supporting separatists said in a talkshow at Bangladeshi TV that those Pakistani soldiers who took part in the operation in 1971 at Eastern Pakistan should be brought before the war tribunal established in Bangladesh to punish elderly Bangladeshi Muslim scholars and leaders for political needs of the present party as well as to implement the Indian agenda in Bangladesh to its full extent.

                He is the same person who hosted dozens of programs to pressurize Musharaf govt. for operation against Laal Masjid militants, termed militants of Laal Masjid as B-team of General Musharaf and army, and even made Asma Jahangir and Atizaz Ahsan to claim that they will support operation over Laal Masjid in any form. In one program this Mr. propaganda of India even claimed that Taliban have arrived at the Margalla Hills of Islamabad and the militants of Laal Masjid are their lead contingent so the Islamabad is about to fall in the hands of the Taliban. However, after the successful military operation at Laal Masjid it was taken as a new frontline against Pakistan army for the war of these foreign agents and this is still going on, it is evident that it is not the Musharaf who is the target but army as an institution.
Lt Colonel Haroon Islam Shaheed martyred at Laal Masjid
                The same situation was experienced in the Baluchistan where after China started construction of Gwadar port a war was waged against Pakistan in the form of terrorist attacks / bomb blasts on govt. installations, transmission of gas and power lines and security forces in the name of under development of Baluchistan. If today an unbiased commission is established it will be clear which international forces  were against the construction of Gwadar port. So the Chinese engineers were abducted and murdered afterwards to stop the construction, in the same way the drama of rape with Dr Shazia Murree was staged, all these incidents link back to this attempt by foreign powers to halt the construction of Gwadar port and defame Pakistan army. But as soon as the investigations were started  by the Pakistan army Shazia Murree along with her husband were made to run to London. If there had been any truth in her allegations she should have come back to country and take her case to FREE JUDICIARY where she had been welcomed and given more priority even from cases of disappearances, rape with an innocent woman would have been condemned in more harsh words by out judiciary as compared to the comments given by the judiciary in case of disappearances and our anchors would have got enough material for their propaganda against the defenders of motherland for months.

Lt Colonel Amir Hameed Awan who embraced Shahadat with  three others Major Aziz Khalid, Major Parvaiz Siddique and Captain Zameer when they went to negotiate with Akbar Bugti
                However these anchorpersons have left no stone unturned to blame army for all the terrorist activities in Baluchistan and compare its situation with that of East Pakistan. They will never tell you that how much money has become target of corruption in last 5 years of democracy in Baluchistan but they will always keep on repeating their anti-state and anti-army propaganda while this is the basic duty of Pakistan army to be ready to crush anti-state elements and army is duly fulfilling its duty. But the black sheep (pro-Indians) of our media will only say whatever India likes. They remember Nawab Akbar Bugti for propaganda against national security agencies especially army while talking about martyrdom of four officers of Pakistan army Lieutinent Colonel Amir Hameed Awan, Major Aziz Khalid, Major Parvaiz Siddique and Captain Zameer who went for negotiations with Akbar Bugti they stutter. All of these four officers entered into cave unarmed in order to hold talks in peaceful and friendly environment. Why cave fell down? This needs to investigated; but alleging that all of this was part of a plan to kill Akbar Bugti is abuse against families of these martyrs who believe that their relative got martyred while serving the nation and motherland, actually they are martyrs. Just like those thousands of martyrs who embraced martyrdom in war against terrorism while they had no personal enmity with terrorists. They just sacrificed their live to protect their motherland and nation.  How that mother would have felt who prays for the safety of her son when he first time goes out in the uniform until he does not return, while she is aware that one day he may return in coffin. How she miss her son, how she dies internally one can never imagine that. Allah knows better Who has ordered that do not call a Shaheed (Martyr) dead, do not cry at his body because he (Shaheed) is ALIVE.

Proud father of a brave son who died for NATION

Mother of a Shaheed laying down the flowers over the Shuhada Monument

                Yes Allah Almighty has said the truth! A Shaheed never dies because his Shahadat (martyrdom) is the life of the nation and motherland. The  war begin in our country is unique one because it is being fought within the country. Enemy does not care that whether innocent infants, women, or elderly are killed in their bomb blasts but the Pakistan army has to differentiate between enemy and own citizens while retaliating against these terrorists. This is the reason that number of shahadats / causalities of Pakistan is much higher in the policy adopted against terrorism than any conventional war and most of these are officers. We are proud of those soldiers and Mujahideen of Pakistan army who preferred motherland over their families, children, parent and wives; they gave their lives for our safety and luxury. In order to pay tribute to these lions of motherland who embraced martyrdom on 30 April 2010, first YOUM-E-SHUHADA (Martyrs Memorial Day) was celebrated which has now become a proper festival. Like the last years and other cantonments in Multan Cantt on 30 April 2013 a impressive ceremony was organized to pay tribute to all those Shuhada / martyrs  who fulfilled their promise while wearing the uniform of Pakistan army that they will lay down their lives for Pakistan and left a brilliant example for the upcoming generations that DIE WITH DIGNITY, decorate the country bestowed by Almighty Allah with your blood because we did not had this country than we would had nothing neither that status nor that identity.
Lt General Abid Parvaiz praying for Shuhada
                The mentors of the ceremony were the heirs of the Shuhada whose talks brought tears in the eyes of the participants. Commander 2 Core General Abid Parvaiz laid the wreath of  flowers over the memorial of Shuhada and assured parents, brothers, children and widows of Shuhada in his address that they are the most respectful citizens of Pakistan and it is our duty to look after them and we will fulfill our duty towards them. He reinforced this motto of Pakistan Army that WE WILL LAY DOWN OUR LIVES BUT WILL NEVER LET ANYONE HARM OUR MOTHERLAND. He has said truth the integrity of nations is the fruit of sacrifices of their soldiers and martyrs. Only alive nations have courage to lay down their lives for their motherland and no one can defeat that nation whose sons are sacrificing their lives for independence and bright future of their motherland and upcoming generations.

Captain Hamza and Captain Fehmeeda hosting the event

Col (R) Tanveer Zia came from Karachi to attend the Ceremony

                Of course this great ceremony of 30 April points towards our bright future but in the end I would like to request our rulers to give this day the status of national festival and govt. should also celebrate this day because due to the sacrifices of these soldiers our rulers have that status and palaces to enjoy…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Dated: 10 May 2013

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