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The Murder of Sana-Ullah and Denial of Security to Pakistani visitors by India…

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A Pakistani Prisoner Sana-Ullah who was murdered by Under  Cover  Indian Intelligence Agent in Kot Bhalwal Prison

Pakistan was passing through the stage of elections while India was busy in filthy game ignoring all diplomatic values and norms in order to secure internal credibility. In this filthy game neither innocent Pakistani prisoner Sana-Ullah had any link and nor India-Pak diplomatic relations are at such a stage that India denies to provide security to Pakistani visitors even after issuing visas because Indian (extremists) are violent over the death of Indian terrorist Sarabjit Singh. Is Indian stance based upon reality? Do Indians consider a terrorist murderer of dozens of innocents as their Hero?

                The reality is in contrast to this. If this had been true than protest should have been observed over this confession of Former RAW Amber Sen that “Sarabjit was agent of RAW, he was sent to Pakistan on special mission. He was not alone in this mission, there were many others for terrorist activities during nineties. Just like them after fulfilling his mission Sarabjit was returning back when he was arrested”. Amber Sen gave this statement in front of media but alas! As per routine Pakistani govt. and Foreign Ministry showed the criminal negligence over this confession. Then why did India stage the drama of cancellation of visas to Pakistanis who wanted to visit Ajmer; while India has taken revenge of the death of her terrorist by killing an innocent Pakistani Sana-Ullah? His execution was completed in episodes just like as Sarabjit was given treatment through ventilator and later on declared to be dead. This act of a so-called democratic state creates too many questions.

Protest against China that converted against Pakistan after death of Sarabjit Singh
                For example declaring Sarabjt Singh as a Hero in spite of being aware of his crimes, his funeral ceremony with state honor, presence of members of Federal Cabinet and Rahul Gandhi; does not this mean that India is officially involved in terrorism in Pakistan? Sarabjit Singh is a character of past but how much Indian terrorists are responsible for current terrorism in Pakistan? The concerns being expressed that Indian secret agencies are involved behind the attack over Sarabjit Singh in Kot Lakhpat Jail; moreover the choice of a jail in Jammu Kashmir for the revenge of the death of Sarabjit which is a small but very sensitive prison where including 22 Pakistanis total 380 prisoners are  being kept, according to Indian Interior Ministry this is a very sensitive prison. In this prison civil and military intelligence agents are kept as inmates so that they can get information from Kashmiri Mujahedeen taking them into confidence.

                Here the news published by a Kashmiri website is of much importance that Sana-Ullah was brought into Bhalwal Jail two days before attack over Sarabjit Singh. This reinforces the concerns that Sarabjit Singh became target of his own country’s Kotalya Strategy. One may raise the question that why did India murder her own agent and kill Sana-Ullah in revenge, and that too in Jammu? Before coming to the current grave problem being faced by India in would like to mention a tragic incident that happened in 2000 in Indian Held Kashmir in a village Chati Singh Pura. In this incident few hours before the visit of the US President Bill Clinton, 38 Sikhs were murdered and ISI, Lashkar-e-Taiba and Pakistan army was blamed for this attack. Due to this incident the journalists along with US President protested against Pakistan but CIA was aware that India was behind the murder of the Sikhs and that is why in 2006 Bill Clinton said,
“During my visit to India in 2000, some Hindu Millitants decided to vent their outrage by murdering 38 Sikhs in cold blood. If I hadn’t made the trip, the victims would probably still alive. If I hadn’t made the trip I couldn’t have done my job as President of United States”.

However, India does not care about the stance of Bill Clinton because their minorities collectively and Muslims of Indian Held Kashmir are continous target of Indian state terrorism and just like as the Indian media, international media has also turned a deaf ear towards them.

The territory captured by Chinese Troops

                Now let’s come towards those events which made new Delhi a hot target of not only public criticism but of opposition parties as well; so such an incident became inevitable for Indian govt. that can divert the attention of the public.
                On 15 April Indian Defense Minister called a press conference and disclosed that Chinese army has invaded 15 Kms of the area violating LoC and established posts their armed with heavy weapons. This news was not less than a bomb for Indians who were silent over the corruption of their military and govt. because they were being told that India has attained such a military power that it can not only wage war against both countries but invade into the both countries in case of war. This was given the name of COLD START WAR DOCTRINE. Not only this through media Indians were made to believe that inida has built such latest airports in Indian Held Kashmir for military purposes where in the dark of night big cargo airplanes like Glob Master C-17 (US made, India has purchased 9 of them while one has been delivered to India) and Hercules C-130 can land.

                When the news broke out it was revealed that China has not invaded 15 Kms of the area in Ladakh but from Aksai Chen to the Pakistani territory including Daulat Baig Sector and reinforced her position in the area. In spite of 18 Flag Meetings the problem has not been resolved. Chinese Army has posted banners in the captured area, “YOU ARE ON THE CHINESE SIDE”, moreover China is demanding India to demolish its bunkers and other buildings in the disputed area in the control of India.

Chinese troops on Patrol in Daulat Baig Sector

                We are so much entangled in the internal affairs of Pakistan that we are unaware that what is happening around our borders; we have even ignored our Kashmiri brothers under Indian siege. However after 1962 the recapture of Chinese area previously under Indian control by China in March 2013 is a big tragedy for Indians. Over this invasion/recapture India dreaming of becoming the boss of South Asia is unable to do anything except issuing statements. In contrast to Indians stance Chinese media is showing us something else; according to Chinese media the current disputes is result of Indian aggression, as Chinese army is busy in relief activities in Tibet after earthquake so India should avoid any adventure against China otherwise this could end in a big war.

                On the other hand few defense analyst are taking tension between India and China in the light of the Japan-China conflict over the Diaoya Islands (Chinese Islands) located at Chinese Sea. According to them on the beck and call of USA, India wants to pressurize China by initiating a verbal war. However this is an international disputes, it was necessary to mention it here. But the reality is that by murdering her own certified terrorist Sarabjit Singh, India has succeeded in diverting the attention of her public from defeat in Ladakh towards Pakistan, so in this filthy game an innocent Pakistani lost his life.

                However the confession of ex-Chief of RAW regarding terrorism in Pakistan is of grave importance, now it is upto our newly elected govt. that how it looks at this confession, protests against it or keeps silent. But Pakistani nation should must protest against India and demand India to apologies…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 17 May 2013.

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