Friday, May 31, 2013

In Spite of the Aggressive Interference of India from Afghan Side Our Dream Friendship... Part-II

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FC Soldiers being martyred in tribal area by foreign funded terrorists
 In order to express their willingness for friendship with India our newly elected rulers have said that they as soon as they take over the govt. they will establish a Commission to investigate Kargil Operation and Mumbai attacks 2008 without demand from India. Perhaps our newly elected rulers think that in this way India would have mercy and accept Pakistan's unanimous offer for friendly environment, accept respect Pakistan’s stance over Indian Held Kashmir, halt her projects to stop and steal waters from Pakistani rivers, withdraw forces from Siachen and willing to resolve disputes over Sir Creek.

                Our rulers should be congratulated for their shortsightedness otherwise what would be extent of Indian obdurateness that she wants friendship with Pakistan but on her own conditions. She is not ready to resolve any dispute with Pakistan on just and fare basis. Moreover, she has now pushed Pakistani public against wall by turning our rivers and stopping waters of our rivers. Even US Congress members have warned their government that “If India does not halt her project of stealing and stopping the waters of Pakistani rivers this dispute would erupt in a big nuclear war. In the past the reason / threat of war was either Kashmir dispute or Indian aggression against Pakistan under allegations of terrorism but now it will be water disputed over which India is showing over aggressiveness”.
The barbed wire wall (with secret openings to infiltrate terrorists) built by the sponsor of AMAN KI ASHA i.e. India
                We welcome the Kargil Commission but the investigations should not be limited to Kargil operation only rather it should also find facts that lead Pakistan to enter its forces into Kargil. On the commission over Mumbai 2008 attacks our rulers should gather courage to ask India that will she allow our investigation team to meet those journalists of Mumbai who are not ready to accept Indian claims that terrorists were Pakistanis but they are of the view that India itself was the perpetrator of these attacks. Yes! These attacks were planned as well as conducted by India herself (RAW+Indian Army) in order to remove Hemant Karkare and his team of Maharashtar Anti Terrorism Squad (ATS) because they have not only reached to a Hindu Terrorist group but also arrested them along with evidence and confessed them all of their crimes (Bombs blasts and burning of Passenger train Samjhauta Express) in front of court, as this terrorist group included three on duty Indian Army Officers.

                However, when investigations into Mumbai Attacks is started this should be kept in mind that after the three hours of attacks over Mumbai hotels on the night of 26 November 2008, whole team of Maharashtar ATS along with Hemant Kurkure was murdered. While telecasting this tragic news local Mumbai channels were blaming RAW, Indian Army and Military Intelligence for this murder. In such a situation suddenly President of Pakistan gives the statement that “Non State Actors” from Pakistan are involved in this terrorist attack. Following the statement of Pakistani President US Foreign Minister requested India to remain patient and clarified that these are Non State Actors and Pakistan is not behind these attacks, moreover, Pakistan was ordered to crush these non state actors. While the drama of Mumbai attacks continued for 57 hours and from the start of this staged drama to until now local journalists and TV Channels of Mumbai are stead fast to their initial stance however, Indian govt. and national TV Channels launched  propaganda attack against Pakistan. The local community of Mumbai is not ready to accept that Pakistan or Pakistani agencies were behind this attack however, Indian Ministers and TV Channels targeted Pakistan to hide the terrorist act of their own agencies and army. The drama of attacks ended and there came a time when USA pressurized and persuaded President of Pakistan to allow India to have Surgical Strikes at Azaad Kashmir and Muridke. Astonishingly Pakistani President accepted US demand but our Army and Air Force rejected any such demand, not only this two Indian Air Force jets violated Pakistani aerospace at Lahore and were forced to run away by Pakistan Air Force with a strict a message that next time Indian jets would be shot down.
Chuck Hegel address at Okalhoma University
                If our newly elected rulers want to investigate Kargil and Mumbai incidents afresh; this is good. However, who will investigate armed Indian interference via Afghanistan into Pakistan and terrorism planned by Indian agencies? This is not an allegation but a bitter reality that is known to the whole world but this was openly admitted by US Senator Chuck Hegel before who was appointed as Foreign Minister during his address at Oklahoma University in 2011. In this address he said that India is utilizing Afghan warfront in a very organized way for terrorism against Pakistan. He further said that India is not only financially sponsoring the terrorists but also training them due to which Pakistan’s integrity is at stake. During his speech he declared as the cause and root of all problems faced by Pakistan. This is a fact that attacks on GHQ, centers of Intelligence agencies, airbases like Kamra and destruction of PrC Orion and SAAB AWACS does not have any benefit for religious extremists of Pakistan but India, moreover they were not capable to plan and put this plan into action.

                Indian aggressive plans against Pakistan are secret no more; at least what is the reason that in spite of the purchase of nuclear submarines, and dumping up of latest weapons for air force, army and naval forces of India China does not consider India as a threat for her? Chinese think tank Academy for Social Sciences have claimed that Indian weapons and preparations are for Pakistan and Pakistan is the only target and pivotal point of Indian war mania. This concept is further reinforced by Indian war games all concentrated for war with Pakistan and construction of cantonments and other infrastructure over Pakistani borders. However, from last few years India has included China as a secondary target for Indian war preparations but Pakistan is still the primary target.
Hamid Qarzai-Manmohan Singh Nexus
                Now this is upto our rulers that whether they ignore Indian aggressive plans against Pakistan and play drama of friendship with India or condition the friendship with historical disputes requiring to be resolved. Otherwise we do not have shortage of such traitor elements that want that Pakistan ignores prime disputes like that of Indian Held Kashmir and withdrawal of forces from Siachen and bows in front of India (to accept slavery of Hindu Extremists). Our Western dictators want that we ignore all our disputes with eternal enemy and provide India ground access to Afghanistan so that India can replace NATO and allied forces after their withdrawal from Pakistan. In this regard a deal has been already finalized between Hamid Qarzai and New Delhi that is expected to be signed in 2014. Although a limited number of US army would be present in Afghanistan but India army cannot stay in Afghanistan until it has ground access and secondly Pakistan is kept away from Afghanistan.

                As long as second aspect is concerned newly elected member of National Assembly Khurram Dastageer have already clarified the outline of Foreign Policy of Nawaz Govt. in a talkshow on 24 May in which he revealed that Foreign Policy of Pakistan Army would be replaced by new Foreign Policy in which Pakistan would stay away from Afghanistan and whatever happens in Afghanistan. In the other words India would be given free hand to utilize Afghan soil against Pakistan. India that wants to purchase weapons of worth of 120 billion US Dollars till 2015, are these weapons for Bhutan, Nepal, Sri Lanka or Bangladesh? At least there would be some reason that member of Indian Held Kashmir Mustafa Kamal had to say that India has planned to capture Azaad Kashmir? Lo! We dream of friendship with Hindu India…

Written By Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 31 May 2013.

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