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The War Against “Two Nations Theory” and Awards by Bangladesh to Anti-Pakistan Elements Part-II

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Proposed routes as a result India-Bangladesh agreement signed in 2012, after which  Bangladesh would be enslaved to India

When the ceremony for distribution of awards was announced to be held on 24 March 2013, a wave of happiness was felt among the Pakistani nominees of the award for loyalty with Bangladesh and treachery with Pakistan, however, the names were reduced from 15 to 13. However, except Hamid Mir the names of others were not disclosed nor the names of those two who declined to receive the Bangladeshi award were dislosed. Astonishingly during their stay in Bangladesh and ceremony Hamid Mir, Asma Jahangir and Salima Hashmi remained the focal point of the Bangladeshi media and bestowing of Haseena Wajid. Moreover the majority of Pakistani award recipients belonged to National Awam Party (NAP) which was banned by Zulifqar Ali Bhutto forever for their anti-Pakistan activities. For example Begum Naseem Akhtar, Senator Mir Hasil Bazanju, Begum Tahira Mazhar Ali, Ahmed Salim, Dr Iqbal Ahmed, Qazi Faiz Eesa, along with these famous leaders of NAP, Poet Habib Jalib, Sindhi poet Anwar Pirzada and the lawyer who represented the leaders of NAP while they were under arrest in 1971 Mr Zafar Malik were given awards by Haseena Wajid. During the introduction of the nominees for the award their role and support for the separation of Bangladesh was appreciated and they were paid regards. Especially addressing Pakistanis their emotions for freedom were appreciated as priceless and memorable. Sheikh Haseena Wajid thanked guests during her speech and said;
“You heard our yearning for justice, honor and dignity, in sum, you helped us safeguard the spirit self-determination that was ignited by our leader Banglabandhu Sheikh Mujeebur Rehman who led us to become a sovereign nation.”
During the speech while pointing towards Pakistani guests she said;
“Their support reconfirmed that the country’s cause was right and its struggle could not be trampled.”
On the appreciation of the Pakistanis, participants of the ceremony stood up and paid their tribute by clapping; in this way they (Pakistanis) were thanked for their support to Mujeeb and afterwards support to Mujeeb’s cause. According to the Bangladeshi newspaper The Financial Express the faces of the Pakistani participants were shining due to happiness on their appreciation. Perhaps this was due to the happiness that they ignored the fact that they have been deceiving nation from decades through their writings that “Mujeeb had never wanted separation but he was struggling for the rights of the Bengalis remaining with in the Pakistan.” But Haseena Wajid had confessed in her speech that Mujeeb had wanted to make Bangladesh a subsidiary state to India by separation from Pakistan for which he had full support of India. The evidence of the Indian support was the Generals of Idnian army and RAW and political leaders of India sitting around Hamid Mir, Asma Jahangir and Salima Hashmi but the most painful aspect is that few Pakistanis also become part of the conspiracy of enemy just for few bucks. Why did Haseena Wajid felt the need to distribute awards among old Marxists, anti-religion Pakistanis and Indians, in the name of “Friends of Liberation War Honor” after 42 years of separation especially in 2013 the year of elections? Before this she had been Prime Minister of Bangladesh twice, why did not she felt the need to award the supporters of Bengal’s separation? Just because Haseena Wajid and her party has to face stiff condemnation and criticism for hanging and torturing elder leaders for supporting Pakistan in 1971 in the name War Crimes? Or due to the ban on religious parties and anti-Islamic behavior of the present Bangladeshi govt. all Bangladeshi opposition parties have united? Or she wanted to show that either it is anti-Islamic steps or acting upon the beck and call of the India and pro-Indian behavior she has support of foreign powers? She condemned those protesting against the punishments given to elder Islamic leaders;
“The defeated forces are once again ore out to mar. The trial process when Bangladesh is making remarkable advancement and the long standing process of the trial of war crimes is at the juncture of desired culmination”.

Here it is necessary to mention the internal situation of the Bangladesh and Haseena Wajid’s steps to support Indian aggressive plans, which has put not only the rapidly developing economy of the Bangladesh but pea of the Bangladesh as well;

                India is facing difficulties in the northern states where freedom movements are going from last half century. These states known as, “Seven Sister States” are Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Nagaland, Tripura, Meghalaya and Mizoram which are practically in the control of freedom fighters. In order to tackle this situation in spite of political measures New Delhi has handed these states to Indian Terrorists i.e. Indian Army just like Indian Held Kashmir. The major problem for India is the land connection/way to these states that passes through from a narrow valley/pass between Bangladesh and Nepal named as Gawahatti. Moreover, in order to crush freedom fighters India needs utilize land passage from Bangladesh so that the resources of these states could be used rapidly. Since 1958 India had been begging to Pakistan that it should be allowed at least to utilize road from Western Bengal to Agartala, built by the English while Pakistan had only one demand that it should resolve Kashmir dispute first for which India is not ready at all. This road was the biggest reason behind the Indian conspiracy against Pakistan in 1971.

                However, in spite of separation of Bangladesh it was not possible for Mujeeb to allow India to utilize the road because of the hatred among Bangladeshi people against India that had not subsided even after the separation of Bangladesh. Meaning that the statement given by Indira Gandhi, “we have drowned Two Nations Theory in the Bay of Bengal” was nothing more than day dreaming, because after murder of Mujeeb it became impossible for the succeeding govts to provide land access to India. But after American invasion in Afghanistan it became inevitable for USA to bring Haseena Wajid in power in Bangladesh at the wish of India and the end of Islamists/Muslims in Bangladesh a need for India because Two Nations Theory had become a nightmare for Indians.
Salima Hashmi who got award on the one hand in Bangladesh and on the other hand she was prized with Provincial Ministership for her loyalty to anti-Pakistan elements
                After coming into power on the one hand Haseena Wajid took steps to make Bangladesh a secular state as the Indian wish and on the other hand signed the memorandum to provide access to Indians to Northern States however this was given the form of a proper agreement in 2012 when opposition and religious parties are busy protesting against the punishments and death venalities awarded to many elder Islamic scholars and leaders of Jamaat Islami and Bangladesh National Party like Professor Ghulam Azam, Mutee ur Rehman Nizami, Salahuddin and Abdul Aleem. In the agreement signed by Haseena Wajid India has not only been allowed to utilize Bangladeshi land for Northern States but for trade with Burma (Myanmar) as well.

                Moreover, Bangladesh has a long standing dispute with India that is suppressed during the reign of Awami League but any patriot party having love for country and public could not ignore it. If we look at the map of the Bangladesh it is surrounded by India from three sides, its boundary length is 4095 Km out of which 2979 Km is land and 1116 Km is river. According to the survey of rivers there are approximately 300 rivers and streams that enter into Bangladesh from India out of which 54 are those whose water flows whole year. While Barhamputr, Jamna and Hagli are those rivers which are considered among the greatest rivers of the world. But due to the construction of dams and barrages over these water resources their flow has been reduced to more than half but no reaction/protest has been observed from Bangladeshi side while India is working on construction of more dams and change the route of the rivers towards its grand water reserves. This might be astonish one that during the reign of Khalida Zia Bangladesh and India were on the verge of war due to these disputed water projects of India, international powers intervened to stop the war.

                These are the Indian interests attached to Bangladesh which are being protected and procured fully by Haseena Wajid and now as the elections are ahead so the incidents of 1971 are being propagated, Islamists, those who hate India and support Two Nations Theory are being termed as traitors, supporter and agents of Pakistan in order to create such an environment that create favorable situation for Haseena Wajid and her political party and the distribution of awards was also a part of this propaganda which was reinforced by few traitors of Pakistan Ideology by accepting the invitation of Haseena Wajid.
The End

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Dated: 26 April 2013.

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