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The War Against “Two Nations Theory” and Awards by Bangladesh to Anti-Pakistan Elements

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A group photo of those who were given Bangladeshi Civil Award for playing their role in war against Pakistan! Hamid Mir, Asma Jahangir and Saleema Hashmi can be easily identified in this group, total 13 Pakistanis were given this award others are not present in this group photo

Right from the attaining maturity I have been pondered by sentences like, “Pakistan is passing through a critical phase”, “Nation should get ready for sacrifices”, and every leader has been raising slogan that “he will change the fate of nation”, but neither the country has come out of this so called CRITICAL PHASE nor fate of the nation has changed, however the assets of rulers and political leaders have increased by leaps and bounds. When one observes their life style and living standards and expenditures it reminds us the stories of Emperors and Kings of the past. When either the King or his Family had to go into the city or move outside the state servants made public run away and one can see same scene in the Pakistan as well; after seeing such scenes one feels that these state officials / political leaders are some higher creature while all others are insects.

            While the fact is that these all are representatives of the public and come into power through the votes of the public and they are duty bound to treat the power conferred upon them by the nation as a sacred trust and should protect the rights of the public. But alas! All this is nothing more than a day dream and it seems impossible that it converts into reality even in far future. On the other hand if we peep into the past the average Pakistani was better off than now, simplicity was preferred, clean character was the standard of respect in the past. Although there was corruption, nepotism, black marketing, hoardings etc but one felt ashamed of being linked to such social evils. But now everything has changed; the pomposity and greed for money has not only destroyed the norms of society but pushed the country towards the verge of collapse. The standard for respect is big castle like house and costly vehicles for which our elite class is ready to sell motherland besides humanity. This is the lust for money and power that has created the crises of energy and destroyed the industry of the country and in addition to this few influential characters have brought backbone of the country i.e. agriculture to verge of destruction by giving water of the rivers under the control of India. However there are two businesses that are blooming one is EDUCATION that every Pakistani has been forced to buy for his children and second in Builders or REAL ESTATE. Through these blooming industries one can easily predict the future of Pakistan and that how quickly we are being devastated.

            Possibly one may take these concerns as theories but in spite of all this the sensitivity of the current situation cannot be ignored. For example
(1)        For the first time the article 62 and 63 of Constitution had been enforced as a standard for suitability of the candidates in the election and that implementation has been made in such a way that many politicians have been condemning that they ignored to remove the acts inserted by General Zia-ul-Haq during their rule. The result of this is that so-called liberals are not only demanding the removal of article 62 and 63 from Constitution but they are also demanding that the “Objectives Resolution” should be also removed from the Constitution of Pakistan. Perhaps this is due to the hue and cry raised by the traitor media and traitors of the nation LIBERALS that judiciary and Election Commission has allowed many such elements to take part into the elections who are not only corrupt, holders of fake degrees (educational), tax evaders but morally shallow as well and openly confess these in their writings. So the nation is now asking that if Election Commission and judiciary does not had courage to fully implement articles 62 and 63 in its true spirit than why these articles were propagated in such a way that now they have become a joke?

(2)               As soon as the date for election was announced the contacts between British consulates and US embassies and their consulates in other cities of Pakistan have increased manifolds. Although the meetings between Ambassadors of both countries and political leadership of Pakistan are mentioned sometimes into the print media but the meetings of US Political Counselor Michael Gray, Consulate General Maria Nina and their coordinator Zahir Durrani are never published. Likewise the meetings of British counselors and Pakistani political candidates are never mentioned. The contacts between foreign ambassadors and Pakistani, elite class, anchors, intellectuals are nothing new but their meetings during electoral process are raising many questions. Especially when American and British ambassadors give statements regarding elections in Pakistan it seems it seems like democracy is only flourishing due to the support of these countries which should be noticed by judiciary as well as election commission of Pakistan.
(3)               The state treasury is low to the serious limit and in order to warn nation  about the upcoming tornado of inflation State Bank has already issued the statement that state treasury is capable only to meet the expenditures of next two months. In order to tackle this situation Pakistani Treasure minister is forced to bow in front of IMF to secure some grant. Of course IMF will issue loan on more harsh and hard conditions that will be implemented on the already crushed nation in the form of increased bills of gas and electricity and higher tax ratios. While elite class and those who get their livelihood through corrupt means would benefit from it. In such a situation caretaker govt should have avoided wasting of money by following simplicity and forced elite to stop their corruption but in spite of all this caretaker is going to burden the country with more loans in order to fill its coffers. In the name of transparent elections from Secretary to local Police officer level all have been transferred without considering that transfers on such gross level would not only negatively effect the national reserves  but also decrease the efficiency of the govt. If only transfers are the means of the transparent elections than only Allah Almighty can save this nation.
(4)               International media has started propaganda against nuclear capability of Pakistan, its impacts might not be felt by public but the team participating in meetings with IMF will be pressurized and black mailed through this propaganda. Now this will be proved only by the time that on what cost IMF provided Oxygen to Pakistani economy or the nation was sold for what price to IMF and its controllers.
(5)               Those who received awards “Friends of Liberation War Honor” by the Haseens Wajid Prime Minister Bangladesh last year have now started challenging Two Nations Theory through their channels. A full campaign against Ideology of Pakistan have been launched. In this campaign or war against Pakistan the slogan “What is the meaning of Pakistan? There is no one to be worshipped except Allah” (پاکستان کا مطلب کیا لاالہ الا اللہ) have been replaced by “What is meaning of Pakistan except education” or “A, B, C” (پاکستان کا مطلب کیا، پڑھنا، لکھنا اور کیا یا ا ب پ). Provision of education is one of the basic responsibilities of every govt. and there is no need of any slogan for this. While Pakistan is name of an ideology and now even Indian intellectuals accept that the clear gulf between the Muslim and Hindu culture is the actual reason behind the partition.  If education or in other words “A, B, C” was the reason behind partition than the Central India (present India) had abundance of educational institutions where Muslims were not deprived of education. But just like the hurdles in the construction of Kala Bagh Dam a specific group of intellectuals, writers, journalists and politicians (that cannot be given a better title than TRAITORS) are busy in propaganda against Two Nations Theory and making fun of ideology of Pakistan and this war has been waged under the cover of Freedom of Speech. When one tries to show them the reality they term him in no time as supporter of Taliban which shows their mentality. When one asks them to differentiate between religious extremism and fascism; they had no reply except to turn to the fight and cheap allegations and terming the other as Extremist. Alas! These liberal extremists and agents of enemy had the courage to listen to the replies as well.
One may not have observed such a happiness before on the face of Asma Jahangir
This was the internal situation of Pakistan for which was necessary to be mentioned; however lets return towards our todays topic that is the awards that were given to those who supported Indian invasion in Bengal, covered Indian terrorism and interference by propaganda against Pakistan army and alleging it of killing thousands of Bengalis and stories like gang rapes of Bengali women were formulated, they were given the biggest civil award of the Bangladesh by the Prime Minister of Bangladesh Hasina Wajid. Before this the date for ceremony of awards was announced on 15 December 2012, all the preparations were made and when guests were to be given invitation a Tibetan (Terrorist) Commander of Tibetan separatists (terrorists) gorilla force Brig Ratik Nag protested against the names of Mukti Bahnis from Bangladesh, and Indian Generals of Indian Gorilla (terrorist) force who had not played any physical role in the 1971 war but initiated contacts with Mujeeb after his govt. was formed in Bangladesh. Tibetan Brigadier in his protest disclosed that it was Tibetan Gorilla Force that waged war against Pakistan army in East Pakistan under cover of Mukti Bahni and when Bangladesh got separated than Mukti Bahni made their place in the govt. of Mujeeb by genocide of supporters of Pakistan. Moreover violent protests agains the death sentence to those elder leaders who remained loyal to Pakistan during Indian attack and supported Pakistan army, also forced Bangladeshi govt. to postpone the ceremony of awards. In this ceremony 15 Pakistanis were also to be awarded with Bangladeshi civil award however their names were not disclosed…

To be Continued…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date 19 April 2013.

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