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Afresh Start of Baluchistan Insurgency and Traditional Marxists!!! Part-II

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A pose of anti-Pakistan Brahamdagh Bugti

Is not this strange that followers of communism that fought against the Western imperialism during decades of 60 and 70 through their writings and propagated the dreams of separation of Baluchistan from Pakistan as a communist state; are now ideological supporters of Western Imperialism; same is the case of the armed Baloch insurgents. The only difference is that in the past these Baloch militants were getting funds, weapons etc from India and USSR and now they are working on the beck and call of USA and India; (May Allah Almighty protect Pakistan and Pakistanis) so the terrorism and conspiracies against the Pakistan are continuously going on from last half century. Those traitors who are responsible for uprooting the ideological basis of our motherland are not only become more significant and open in their treachery but also gained administrative control as well.

            We were discussing ‘London group’ whose some Pakistani characters who joined foreign funded terrorists to break apart Baluchistan from Pakistan are now known as intellectuals and authors but they are not ready to accept Two Nations Theory even now because of the funds they secure from anti-Islam and anti-Pakistan powers. One of them is Mr. Najam Sethi who is one of the members of London group according to the research of Nadeem F. Paracha; he (Najam Sethi) along with other members started publishing a pamphlet / magazine from London in seventies under the title of “Pakistan Zindabad” (Long Live Pakistan). This magazine that was published from London was smuggled to Pakistan as it was not allowed in Pakistan due to its anti-Pakistan and Pakistan army writings. Due to this magazine terrorists in Baluchistan fighting for so-called freedom of Pakistan got in contact with London group which was afterward converted into coalition due to mutual interests.

            He (Najam Sethi) got arrested in 1976; after his release he started his career as a journalist in 1978 and earned much fame in the anti-religious group due to his support for liberalism. However, he got famous on the international level when he was arrested on 9 May 1999, due to his anti-Pakistan speech in a conference in New Delhi on 4 May 1999. later on he was released on the intervention of US Defense and Foreign Ministry and possible cancellation of Bill Clinton’s visit to Pakistan. Although now a days few columnists claim that he was arrested for unveiling corruption of Sharif family but the headlines of the leading national newspapers on his arrest show that he was arrested due to his anti-Pakistan speech  at a seminar at India International Centre in New Delhi and his abusing of Pakistani High Commissioner to India Mr Ashraf Qazi. According to the report of Nawa-i-Waqt at the time of his arrest, he portrayed a negative and dark image of Pakistan by claiming that ‘at the end of the 20th century Pakistan has emerged as a failed state. Due to the corrupt and unserviceable political system, poor situation of law and order, violence and terrorism the civilized society has been evaded. He further said that Pakistan has been left alone on the diplomatic level because the national policy is not according to the national interests. Country has failed economically and Pakistan is an unstable nuclear state’.

Najam Sethi

            However these are the achievements of the London group and its members; the criteria on which Professor Waris Mir has been given award of Bangladesh; our another renowned author and (gutter) writer Dr Ayesha Sidiqa also fulfills standard of this Bangladeshi award. It is abuse of her services that in spite of her writings against Pakistan army, moreover her achievement in journalism that in a column written in a English newspaper she portrayed South Punjab as a region where people have only two favorites (1) preparation of Jihadis, (2) illicit relations of men and women (seems this is the environment of her family in which she was  grown up)  and there is nothing known as honor in the men of South Punjab. Here I would like to question my liberal and anti-religion journalist friend that why does having grip over English or the concerns in their minds against religion only mean that they should wage a war to convert whole society into illicit and free sex society. Why only those (yellow) journalists are considered to qualify for awards whose pens are for writing against army and Two Nations Theory but they never dare to raise a voice against Civil Dictatorship? Where does their journalistic values and free speech go during the Civil Dictatorship?

            The educational qualification and services for journalism of Professor Waris Mir at its place; in 1971 and afterwards the struggle against dictatorships at its place but in between these two army dictatorships there was another dictatorship as well. During this rule of dictatorship Waris Mir and journalists like him remained silent; why did they remain silent in civil dictatorships (weak and anti-Pakistan govts) and why are they (journalists like him) even silent now? The official ads given to Nawa-i-Waqt were suspeneded, Mujeeb-ur-Rehman, ALtaf Hussein Qureshi, Allauddin, Hassan Naghmi and hundreds other journalists were sent behind the bars. In order to keep own member of national assembly under control “Dalali Camp” was established where during arrest these politicians were badly tortured. Many journalists were imprisoned without any cases. On 28 June 1977 member provincial assembly Dr Nazeer Ahmed was murdered. On 20 December 1972 Khawaja Rafiq was murdered. On 2 December 1973 Abdul Samad became the target of political revenge in Quetta. On 13 March 1974 Speaker Baluchistan Assembly was silenced forever. On 10 November 1974 Nawab Muhammad Ahmad Qasuri became the target of dictatorial democracy. In this period in the way politicians were tortured and abused in police stations, the pen of journalists given award for their courage and freedom of speech kept silent or perhaps was on rest. It is worthless to mention that how politicians from opposition parties were treated even the supporting politicians also became the target of the abuse. Here I would like to quote what happened to an elderly member of national assembly from the ruling party;
On 2 July 1974 important leaders from the ruling party were invited for the dinner in the Prime Minister house including 70 years old J.A. Raheem. The time for dinner was fixed at 8 pm for which guests were advised to arrive at the time. But in spite of being present in the Prime Minister house, Mr Prime Minister did not come to the guest room till 1 am. So as a protest Mr. J.A. Rahim left the Prime Minister house. This made Prime Minister angry so J.A. Rahim got his punishment early in the morning when the Chief Security Officer of Prime Minister arrived his house along with uniformed men and tortured him badly. When his son came to save father he was tortured badly as well with broken bones.  
Dr Ayesha Siddiqa

            Those authors or journalists who earned much more fame by writing against military operations during dictatorship but they not kept silent but appreciated military operation in 1973 after removal of Baluchistan assembly. This operation continued till 1977 until the democratic civil dictatorship was not removed by military dictator. Most of the analysts agree that if in spite imposing ban on Awami National Party and dissolution of their govt all the matters had been resolved through peace talks with the help of Akbar Bugti than the situation in Baluchistan would not have been so much unstable. Because during the long military operation many Baloch youngsters fell into the hands of anti-Pakistan elements. At that time not only Pakistan, but Iran was considered as more loyal friend of USA. Most of the Baloch youngsters went to Russia for higher education where they were treated as special guests. Not only Baloch students were provided admissions but with other facilities as well for specific interests. The basic reason behind this was shortage of medical and engineering colleges in the country and higher merit for admissions which was not achievable by most of the Baloch students. The facilities that were provided to these students made not only Baloch but other students from Pakistan to appreciate communism and Marxist system of USSR. Communism and living style provide by Linen became their ideal; so KGB gave them a dream of a free Communist Greater Baluchistan among Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan. This dream was converted into an armed separation movement during the military operation that was started in 1973  by a civil dictator. In 1971 after fall of Dhaka, India also joined hands with USSR to fulfill its dream of Greater India (اکھنڈ بھارت) and astonishingly those who were worshipping communism also changed their beliefs. After dismemberment and defeat Soviet Union, Baloch insurgents (communists) were adopted by America. So USA utilized them in Pakistan as BLA and as Jindullah in Iran. However Iran adopted a harsh policy to crush Baloch militants / terrorists and made them a lesson for others by hanging them on public places and crushed this foreign sponsored freedom movement. In the Pakistan a soft policy was adopted against these terrorists moreover, they had abundance of supporters in Pakistan in the form of communists and after death of communism when they were adopted by USA their sympathies for Baloch insurgents grew manifolds. After US invasion in Afghanistan, India got the free hand to infiltrate its terrorists in Pakistan especially Baluchistan and this is still going on. But now the situation has changed; elections are about to be held, all political parties are going to take part in these elections. In such situation Baloch separatists on self exile have no justification to continue their activities. Moreover they should have learnt from the negative response to their anti-Pakistan protest drama on 23 March; so they should come into Pakistan, take part into elections and try to improve the situation of common Baloch people…

Harabyar Murree protesting in front of British Parliament against Pakistan army while Baluchistan had been in the control elected Baloch Sardars for last 5 years?

Written By Khalid Baig,
Published in daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date : 05 April 2013

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