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Conspiracies to Damage Ideological Basis of Pakistan in the Name of LIBERALISM

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Those who claim that Quaid was torchbearer of secularism should know that he was not leader of just 1% Liberals (who played no positive role in fight for freedom) but of the 99% Muslims

It now seems that unending series of internal political chaos and lawlesseness is the part of some special agenda. Whoever has written this script is well aware that without dividing Pakistanis into different small divisions it is not possible to attack the base of Pakistan i.e. “Two Nations Theory”; he is well aware that this is the frontline of defense for Pakistan and if this defense line is devastated than it would be impossible for Pakistan to keep up its integrity and identity. Perhaps this is the reason that enemy in spite taking the support of weapons has preferred the plan of spreading internal disputes in Pakistan to conquer Pakistan. The painful aspect is that this plan is being fulfilled successfully.

One may observe that how sexuality and vulgarity is being propagated stubbornly in the name of liberalism and modernity. On the one hand there is no writ of govt, the murder of innocents in the name of sect and linguistics has become a routine; corruption, dacoities, black-marketing, hoarding, unemployment have become burning issues and on the other hand the segment of society earning illegal money is busy in vulgarity and prostitution. If tries to criticize them they allege the society based upon social and religious norms as Extremism and start arguing in favor of Secular system in the country. This encourages those self-proclaimed intellectuals who are earning their livelihood from enemies of the nation; and now they have become so much bold and loose that they are even challenging the ideology that resulted in freedom of Pakistan. This has become to fashion to condemn Muslim Heroes while arguing in favor of secularism. 

By demanding removal of chapters about Muslim genocide from curriculum one cannot deny the bitter reality of genocide of Muslims in 1947

A few days ago a (yellow) journalist was appreciated by the students in  a talk show when he blamed Muhammad Bin Qasim as an oppressor and tyrant. In the other words he wanted to prove that the people were forced to change their religion through the sword. Logically he should have gone step further and asked all youngsters to return back to their original religion and the leave the religion which they have been forced to follow through torture. In this program the above mentioned journalist also alleged Muhammad Bin Qasim for raping two daughters of Raja Dahir. This is not the first attempt by the sold-out elements of the society that they have tried to propagate LIBERAL FASCISM under the cover of FREEDOM OF SPEECH. The issuance of licenses to private TV Channels in the country devoid of any code of conduct has proven a lottery for such anti-state, vulgar, liers, liberalists and especially pro-Indian elements. There attack is not only against Eastern Social norms but Two Nations Theory as well. These traitors and paid agents of enemy include not only so-called intellectuals and journalists but few personalities linked with industry and trade, NGOs earning their livelihood from abroad, a big telecasting channel and many politicians as well. Some of them feel proud in being known as Moderate while other like to be identified as Progressive; they have mutual disputes as well but they are all united against basis of Pakistan i.e. Two Nations Theory. 

They are leaving no stone unturned to mutilate all those facts that became the basis of the separation of Pakistan and due to which Muslims of India succeeded to secure a separate motherland under the leadership of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. These pro-Indians living on the funds paid to them by India are well aware that their nonsense and jargon is not going to harm Pakistan in any way however in this way they are worsening the lives of Muslims living in India already a miserable life even worst than those of lower caste Hindus; the hatred and extremism of Hinduism is nothing hidden. 

The presence of these traitors in our society is the greatest hurdle in the way of Pakistanis uniting as a single nation. From the last six decades they have been cultivating hatred, sectarian and linguistic disputes in order to negate the Two Nations Theory. The campaign against Kalabagh Dam is the biggest example of their success stories that in spite of its great importance for nation it has been halted in the name of nationalist and local disputes and India has been provided opportunity to build up dams against the treaties between both countries and steal waters of Pakistan. And now they have even started objecting parts of the Pakistani history included in curriculum.

The Great Migration

            On the one hand they claim that Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah wanted a secular Pakistan and they forward the western dress of Jinnah as an argument in favor of their claims. In contrast to their claims many writers have proved through research over Quaid’s speeches and interviews that only purpose behind the leadership of Jinnah for Muslims and securing a free country was to provide an opportunity to Muslims to live their lives according to the Islamic rules and regulations. He had succeeded in convincing English that Muslim and Hindus are two opposites having their culture, civilisation, social norms etc. totally opposite to each other so they cannot live together and this was success of his qualities of leadership.

            Another objection that is raised by these pro-Indians is that if it was necessary to separate from Hindus on the basis of Two Nations Theory then why Hindus and Muslims lived together during the Islamic rule? They ignore the fact that their question and objection itself contains the reply to it that Islam guarantees protection of life, property and prestige to everyone irrespective of their caste, color or religion. That is why during the Islamic rule in sub continent non-Muslims enjoyed full protection. The disputes were created later on in the English rule when due to slaughtering of cow riots broke out and through other lame excuses the lives of Muslims were made miserable and in all these riots or wars Hindus were fully supported by English (as they are now).
Another Muslim State on the Ideology of Two Nations Theory!!!

            Moreover, our pro-Indian elements are getting irritated on the chapters included in the curriculum that present the greatest genocide and migration of the world after the division of subcontinent. From the last three to four years India has been demanding from Pakistan that in order to have an eternal friendly relations Pakistan should remove the chapters of the History included in the curriculum that are about the world's greatest migration and genocide of Muslims after partition. However in spite of agreeing by Pakistani govt it has not dared to change or delete these chapters while it has full support of pro-Indians because they are not only against the presence of Pakistan’s history in Pakistan but the victories of Islam as well and on TV Channels these traitors of nation mutilate the historical events with grave shamelessness. It is obvious that when a youngster would come to know about the rape of Raja Dahir’s daughters in the hands of Muhammad Bin Qasim by a well known media projected fake intellectual he will accept it to be true. There is no other professional dishonesty that an intellectual tells a lie and mutilates historical truths just for few bucks to fulfill his needs. There is no book history that lays such allegation over Muhammad Bin Qasim while including Hindu historians all are agreed on that a Muslim ship was looted and Muslim women were kidnapped by soldiers of Raja Dahir and for the release of women Hijaj Bin Yousaf had to send army. Due to the fear of this army Raja Dahir got besieged in the fort of Multan and at least after 6 month long besiege Muslims succeeded in  conquering Multan and when they entered into the city, history witnessed that neither any property was looted or destroyed nor anyone was taken as slave. Even the Hindu temples of Multan were not harmed. Yes! Muhammad Bin Qasim ended the  cruel tradition of burning women alive at the death of their husbands along with his body or the Hindu tradition of murdering the girls at their birth (which even still continues in India) was abolished by him. However, this is a separate discussion. Alas! Our so called intellectual who laid fake allegation of rape on Muhammad Bin Qasim did not dare to explain that why Raja Dahir felt the need to marry with his own SISTER? At least these lawyers of Hindu India should have dared to say few words in favor Kashmiri women raped in the hands of Indian soldiers in Indian Held Kashmir. If anyone attempts the unveil the ugly face of their Hindu India employer they term it as interruption in the internal affairs of India, however these pro-Indians are always burning with the desire and waiting for Diwali or other such like Hindu celebrations so that they can go to Wahga border with burning lamps in their hands and term it as gesture of friendship towards their funder. But you will never see them expressing solidarity with the protestors of Baluchistan protesting in the blood freezing cold along with the dead bodies of their loved ones for four days. However whether it is armed Indian interference or Indian sponsored terrorism one will not find them late to blame Pakistan army for that.

            In the end I would like to request black sheep in Pakistan govt and pro-Indian elements of the society that before condemning Two Nations Theory and sacrifices for securing a separate they should look at the internal situation of India with open eyes where according to Hindu journalists another Muslim state is about to erupt on the same basis of Two Nations Theory, after 6 decades of partition. Yes! Hindu journalists are blaming Congress that due to its hypocrisy and anti-Muslim behavior Jinnah was forced to demand a separate country and Allama Iqbal once praising India to be the best country in the world was forced to give Muslims the concept of a separate Motherland in the form PAKISTAN

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawai-e-Waqt,
Date: 22 March 2013.

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