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India Our Most Favorite Nation In Spite of Open Confession of Terrorism..!

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Burning of Sanjhauta Express in the Hands of Hindu Terrorists from Indian Army

Was Indian govt. ensured that in spite of such clear confessions of Indian State Terrorism, Pakistan will not protest? There should be someone who had assured Indian Ruling Party Congress, “you might leak out all the heinous crimes of opposition against humanity as per your need in election, Pakistan will keep silent”. Otherwise in spite of its seriousness this is the unique incident of the history that in uncountable tragic incidents of terrorism in which many innocents lost their lives and on the basis of these terrorist activities, India demanded international community to declare Pakistan as  a terrorist state and a successful propaganda campaign was run against Pakistan, Indian media recorded the tragic scenes of human bodies laying over the ground, documentaries were recorded and shown on international media to bias international community against Pakistan. Perhaps due to such lies and fabricated evidence most of the Western defense analysts and writers claimed freedom movement of Kashmir as terrorism and active movements in Indian Held Kashmir like Lashkar-e-Taiba and Jamaat-ud-Dawat were banned by USA (although the kickbacks in defense deals between US and India also played an important role). This was the propaganda which forced Pakistan to ignore and keep silent over Indian aggression on Pakistani rivers to steal their water (although the funding by India to some Pakistanis also played a vital role) in spite of being aware that  if rivers are dried the future of Pakistan will be insolvency. Indians kept on blaming ISI, Pakistan Army, LeT and Jamaat-ud-Dawat for all these terrorist activities in India while Pakistan was just confined to giving clarifications that Pakistan is not behind these activities.

            But few days ago in the meeting of Indian ruling Party Congress Indian Interior Minister Sushil Kumar jolted the whole world by confessing in his address to the annual meeting of Congress that the master minds behind the terrorism in India are Hindu terrorists/extremists. Sushil Kumar said that Bharti Janta Party (BJP) and Rashtriya Sevik Singh (RSS) are the real culprits behind the terrorism and responsible for murder of hundreds of innocents just to defame and blame Pakistan. He further said, “Indian govt. has all the evidence that how innocent people were murdered in Samjhauta Express, Malegaon bomb blasts, Shrine of Ajmer Sharif, and in Makkah Masjid of Hyderabad by BJP and RSS. Both of these terrorist/extremist Hindu parties have established regular training camps in which extremist Hindus are trained for terrorist activities against lower caste and minorities”.
Scene of Bomb Blast at Shrine at Ajmer Sharif

Shrine of Ajmer Sharif

            The denial of these allegations and protest by Extremist/terrorist Hindus against Indian Interior was still going on that after two days R.K. Singh Indian Interior Secretary and Foreign Minister Salman Khurshid also verified the claims of Sushil Kumar and added that they have all the proofs against those who are responsible from planning of terrorist activity to planting of bomb. The number of these people has been told as ten who are in any way linked to BJP or RSS.

            Here this is of great importance that the names of these ten people/terrorists does not include name of any Indian army officer or higher official of Hindu terrorist parties like RSS or BJP that were actually found to be involved in terrorism and were presented before Indian court in Mumbai by Chief of ATS Hemant Karkare in 2008. Will discuss this later but what should have been the reaction of Pakistan, Pakistani govt., public and especially the self-proclaimed representative of public FREE PAKISTANI MEDIA? Is not this a bitter reality that due to the propaganda of India over its own state terrorism with in its country has damaged Pakistan credibility internationally as well as internally? Had not pro-Indian or in more accurate words traitors, devoid of any moral or religious values, anti-Pakistan and anti two nations theorist factors of our society suffering with mania of superiority of terrorist India tried to inject secularism and illicitness in the society at the beck and call of India to secure their payments from India? Than is this is not something shameful and disrespectful for us as Pakistanis that basis of all the propaganda (by India and Indian agents in Pakistan), i.e. allegations of terrorist activities by Pakistan in India have been proved fake by India herself but we are still silent to the extreme of disrespect. No one has protested on the confession of Indian Minister except Hafiz Saeed who has appealed world to take notice of jolting confessions of Indian minister and not only declare India as a terrorist state but also ban and dismantle terrorist parties like BJP and RSS. Because in the past terrorist activities were conducted under the supervision of BJP which was in power at that time and BJP established a network for training of Hindu terrorists all over the India that is still active and Congress does not have any moral courage to destroy this network.

            Although Hafiz Saeed had demanded sanctioning and ban over RSS, BJP and other Hindu terrorist organizations/parties but where are our elected politicians, who are ignoring this serious confession of Indian minister by saying that this is internal affair of India, are they representatives of Pakistan or terrorist India? Does such criminal ignorance and favor of India will get us anything positive from India? Not at all! Whoever thinks like that is either a bloody fool or just deceiving nation because few days ago in the annual session of Congress Prime Minister of Terrorist Hindu India said that Pakistan has violated and murdered two Hindu soldiers/state terrorists and mutilated their dead bodies, India is suffering with severe anger and Islamabad will have to take steps to decrease this tension; India will take any decision after considering all this.

            Not orally India has also sent practical messages, Pakistani Hockey players have been expelled from India, Women Cricket Team of Pakistan is facing threats from Hindu terrorists that is why match is being rescheduled. The programs of many Pakistani singers have been cancelled, many scheduled meetings between Pakistani and Indian representatives have been cancelled as well. Of course India is hopeful that Pakistan will beg to India for restoration of ties and India will once again start the drama of TALKS with addition of some new conditions that will possibly include the silence over design of Woller Barrage Dam to steal Pakistani waters and other such demands that Pakistani govt. could not accept due to opposition from the public normally.
Makkah Masjid that was target by Hindu India Terrorists during Friday prayer

            This is not the first time that so-called elected representatives of Pakistan have sold out self respect and prestige of Pakistani nation in the hands of Hindu India just for fulfilling their illicit wants. During the visit of Rajiv Gandhi to Pakistan the sign boards of Kashmir House and Kashmir were removed from the roads of Islamabad, the lists of Sikh Freedom Fighters of Khalistan Movement were handed over to India (perhaps our rulers had individually received their price from India otherwise Pakistani nation and humanity suffered loss because even if Khalistan had not got freedom Kashmir would have been freed from Hindu State Terrorists). In the same way our elected govt. saved the Indian credibility by declaring the aircraft of PIA that had wandered into Indian Held Kashmir on 25 August 1985 and was shot by Indian Army as missing. As soon as Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi got aware of the seriousness of the violation of international laws and possible results if Pakistan had raised issue on international level, he called female Prime Minister of Pakistan of that time and she at the beck and call of Indian Prime Minister declared the PIA aircraft as missing to save the soft image of terrorist India (and perhaps to secure payments from India). Otherwise if at that time facts had been brought forward and international tribunal had been contacted than the culprits would had been tried into international court and would have been forced to pay 1 million dollars per head as an example had been already set by USA whose passenger aircraft was shot by missile from Libya.
Bomb blast inside a mosque in Malegaon by Indian Army sponsored terrorists in the World's Greatest Democracy

            But alas why we have grown so much senseless that whatever India does to harm us, attack our credibility, soft image, respect & prestige, defame us through propaganda and even through physical armed interference by infiltrating terrorists into Pakistan but we are just criminally silent just to obey India as she might be angry. This might be known as compromise for pro-Indians and traitors but this is known as something else on National Level.

Written By Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Dated 1 February 2013.

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