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Death Sentence for pro Pakistan leaders in Bangladesh!

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The report Published in the Economist

The conspiracies against Pakistan started soon after its inception in 1947 when Sardar Abdul Ghaffar Khan, the Frontier Gandhi, raised the slogan of Greater Pakhtoonistan and some Baloch Sardars raised the issue of Greater Baluchistan. These secessionist movements started and were encouraged by extremist India. In the same way, the people of East Pakistan were hijacked in the name of Bengal nationalism. The real target was the Ideology of Pakistan, the reason for existence of Pakistan.

The responsibility of damaging the Ideology of Pakistan was thrust upon followers of Karl Marx and Lenin in both wings of Pakistan. These elements were encouraged by Soviet Union as well. The so called enlightened elites of the nation also sympathized with such elements.
Whatever the internal conditions, India kept on working on divisions of Pakistan in the shape of provincial prejudices and sectarianism. Despite all that, the sympathizers of India in Pakistan did not reduce in numbers. Some elements particularly artists and intellectuals, were enjoying special privileges in Indian Embassy. They would even oppose the protest against illegal Indian occupation of Kashmir. They knew that there is no possibility of peace in the region if Kashmir issue is not resolved amicably. But they would not only praise Indian ideals but use their voice and pen for highlighting the internal problems of Pakistan. By this they would only confuse the public and draw their attention away from external Indian threats.

Professor Ghulam Azam who was shifted to prison hospital on being ill

Professor Ghulam Azam in his office in 2000

Why East Pakistan separated from rest of Pakistan? What was Agartalla Conspiracy? What was the reality of social and economic problems in East Pakistan? What was the role of teachers in East Pakistan to generate hatred against West Pakistan? Why local newspapers were propagating provincial prejudices in East Pakistan? What was the role of “the Foreign Minister”, the most influential minister in President Ayub’s cabinet’ in taking the conditions to the point of no return? Did India had right to push its armies across the borders into East Pakistan? Was it not an act of aggression? According to what international laws India kept 90000 Pakistanis as detainees after the cease fire? Especially when the war was not fought in Indian Territory or Pakistan army had attacked India. Why the then government in Pakistan did not protest over the violation of Geneva Convention by India? Why the government hesitated to take the issue into United Nations? Was the tearing apart Polish Resolution, declaring no confidence in United Nations Security Council, prolonging stay in England on pretext of flu and denouncing membership of Common Wealth of Nations by the foreign minister was done deliberately to subdue the issue of prisoners of war? Why the ex foreign minister now prime minister in rest of Pakistan ordered Ministry of Information to broadcast Surrender Ceremony in Dhaka alongside national anthem in Pakistani cinemas? (it continued for one and half year and was stopped on protest by General Tikka Khan). Why the offer of confederation by Mushtaq Ahmed of Bangladesh (who came into government after murder of Sheikh Mujib ur Rehman in 1975) was rejected out rightly? Its details are available in declassified US State Department Report PA/HO, E.O, 12958 as amended. If confederation was established, was it not possible to kill mutual hatred? The hatred which was propagated by Bangladesh for allegedly killing of three million civilians and raping of two hundred thousands women by Pakistan Army was declared baseless by Mushtaq Ahmed, the close ally of Sheikh Mujib ur Rehman. Now Bangladeshi Prime Minister Haseena Wajid intended to hang Mushtaq Ahmed for alleged war crimes and conspiring to kill Sheikh Mujib ur Rehman in 1996.

Maulana Mutti-u-Rehman

Dear readers, these questions had neither been considered in the past nor anyone is ready today to answer these to our new generation. None of our intellectuals and writers made an effort to address such misconception in people of Bangladesh. Even after half a century, the trends of avenge on the name of Pakistan still exist in Bangladesh. Bangalis are unable to address the downward trend in their progressing economy. Of course India would not like independent economy of Bangladesh. Political unrest is required in Bangladesh to harm the economic activity. Otherwise there was no reason for Haseena Wajid to try aged leadership of Jamaat i Islami and National Party in 1971 and pre partition. They are being put into jails and being hanged without due process of justice and proofs / witnesses.

Maulana Abdulkalam Azad, famous Islamic Scholar and Anchorperson of 'N' TV who have been sentenced to death in his absence

Mushtaq Ahmad who came to power after Mujib and offered Confederation to Pakistan

Bangladesh is facing public unrest since last few weeks. It all started when court announced death penalty for popular Muslim scholar and anchor person of a private religious channel, Moulana Abul Kalam Azad. He has been accused of resisting partition of the country and aiding Pakistan Army against Mukti Bahni. He has been also accused of committing sexual violence. The public came on roads for protest against such ridiculous and baseless charges. The government of Haseena Wajid has not only used police to suppress the general protests but has also asked the supporters of Awami League to come on the roads thus the putting the country on path of internal conflict.

Moulana Abul Kalam Azad is the first non military person to be tried for war crimes. However the member of parliament from Jamaat-i-Islami, Moulana Dillawar Hussain Syedi (1996-2008), Amir of Jamaat-i-Islami Moulana Ghulam Azam (1969-2000) and now Amir Moulana Muttee ur Rehman has been targeted by Haseena Wajid since last three year. These all have been put behind bars. Moulana Ghulam Azam is 85 year old. Haseena Wajid is adamant on putting him behind bars. Most of the western nations and Muslim countries less Pakistan have requested the courts of Bangladesh to fulfill the requirements of justice in above mentioned cases. International media is scrutinizing the proceeding of this international crime tribunal. Some renowned international media agencies have labeled such tribunal a farce. No print or electronic media and anchor person other than some columns in Nawa-i-Waqat, has been written or spoken for these old pro Pakistani leaders in Bangladesh who are being targeted for having sympathy with Pakistan in some stage of their leadership.

Justice Nizam-ul-Haq

Maulana Dilawar Hussein Saeedi

It is interesting to note that on 15 December 2012, the court had to announce the verdict against above mentioned three cases that was expected to be none other than immediate death penalty. The Economist published a report on these biased verdicts based on seventeen hours of telephone call and emails in and out of the country. It not only resulted into embarrassment of Bangladesh government but the justice system as well. The report titled “TRYING WAR CRIMES IN BANGLADESH, THE TRIAL OF BIRTH OF A NATION” resulted into resignation of head of the tribunal Justice Nizamul Haq. The court verdict of death penalty has been delayed so far. But the danger has not subsided yet. From the Indian point of view, it can not achieve supremacy in Bangladesh till the time there are independent and effective Islamic elements. It also negates the statement of Indira Gandhi that they have drowned Two Nation Theory in Gulf of Bengal. Rather the Two Nation Theory has come up more forcefully on both flanks of India.

I would request anti religion and social order elites to live whatever way they want, but they should at least raise their voices for these innocent leaders of the past who are being punished for being pro Pakistan.

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Dated: 08 February 2013.

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