Friday, February 15, 2013

Another Attempt of Enemy by Creating Unrest in Gilgit-Baltistan After Failed Attempts of Spreading Sectarian Riots in Baluchistan..!

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Targeting Gilgit Baltistan after failed attempts of sectarianism in Balochistan...

Partition of subcontinent in 1947 was a tragedy for extremist Hindus of India. They accepted it with a hope that lack of development, social upheaval, weak defense system and absence of appropriate administrative set up will force Pakistan to either join India or become a client state. Bhutan, Nepal and Sikkim did just that. However, the Indian wishes for Pakistan proved fruitless over the period of time. British also left certain critical issues unsettled before leaving India in order to cultivate Hindu cooperation and friendship. These issues are igniting endless tragedies in the region.

It is a fact that backwardness prevailed throughout the areas which became Pakistan. There were no schools, hospitals and carpeted roads. Even government did not have qualified staff, funds and buildings to run the state machinery. But still there were no secessionist currents in the population of Pakistan. The only separatist ideas were those of Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan, a follower of Gandhi and some Sardars of Balochistan who considered Pakistan as a threat to their leadership.
Abdul Hameed Khan
Chairman Balawaristan National Front

Active Abroad for Indian Sponsored Balawaristan
Engineer Senge Hasnan Senge

As Pakistan was gaining on self sustenance, India started the conspiracies in the light of ancient Kotalya Chanakya teachings which has no place in modern standards of moral and ethical understandings. Unfortunately India was able to recruit individuals within Pakistan, the so called modernists who were vary of religion, tasked to destroy the Two Nation Theory; and people who encouraged sectarianism, provincialism and linguistic division. It all resulted into dismemberment of Pakistan and creation of Bangladesh.

India had superiority of geography, resources and strategic orientation in East Pakistan as it was surrounded by Gulf of Bengal on one side and India on three sides. However same conditions do not prevail in present day Pakistan. That is why India has to back down twice from war in 1989 and 2002. Using internal fissures, India can create problems in mega development projects like Kalabagh Dam but cannot wage all out war. So India has focused on internal fronts of Pakistan.

Due to the international environment and presence of NATO forces in Afghanistan after 9/11, India is using territory of Afghanistan to wage a proxy war against Pakistan. India tried to create insurgency in Balochistan through support in shape of training, weaponry and financial resources. International media also created hype in this regard. However, due to absent ground conditions these efforts failed. The effort was turned towards sectarian issue in Quetta. Numerous members of Hazara Community were slain in many target killings and bomb blast. The incident on Alamdar Road on 10 Jan 2013 is the case in point.
The reaction and efforts of Hazara Community are commendable. They faced chilling cold and sleet of Quetta in a sit in and foiled all attempts by enemies of Pakistan at ignition of sectarian conflict. Neither the Baloch Sardars in government or opposition or so called separatist leaders in or out of country rendered any help to the bereaved families. The international media has rightfully questioned the claims of pro independence leaders of Baloch who blame every ill on Pakistan Army. The Hazara Community demanded protection by Pakistan Army that negated the separatists’ propaganda and agenda. I cannot forget the face of a mother who had been sitting quietly alongside the body of her teenage son. When the imposition of Governor Raj was announced, she started crying. It was time to depart her beloved son. I must say that her son was the son of Pakistan who gave solidarity to Pakistan in his ultimate sacrifice.
India has only temporarily withdrawn from Balochistan. Now the effort has been focused on Gilgit Baltistan where members of Shia Community had been targeted for last two years. There is movement on internet and social media for separation of Gilgit Baltistan from rest of Pakistan with the name of Ballawaristan. A so called NGO named UNREPRESENTED NATIONS AND PEOPLES ORGANIZATION has been conducting seminars in the West and Middle East where separatists are invited for lectures. They spread the same old mantra of Punjabi domination and exploitation of people of Gilgit Baltistan but these so-called human rights activists and NGOs are silent over issue of Kashmir, Freedom of Khalistan, separation of Assam, rights of Naxalites and states of USA who demanded separation from USA.

 A meeting held by agents of enemy under cover of Balawaristan National Front in Brussels
Indian Institute of Defense and Strategic Analysis (IDSA) is training and briefing the separatist elements of Gilgit Baltistan above mentioned lectures. The individuals are motivated and trained and than they are asked to deliver lectures in these seminars organized by Indian spy agency RAW. Mr. Imtiaz Hussain, president Gilgit Baltistan National Front from Virgina, USA and Senge Hasnain Sering from Washington are acting as link between separatist elements and India. He is an engineer who has established The Institute of Gilgit Baltistan, working as a propaganda cell. He also publishes and distributes pamphlets and booklets for the purpose. Many websites and blogs are also being run from India. The script and style is the same as for Balochistan. The only difference is that instead of blaming Punjab, Punjabi domination and exploitation, they are also presenting Arabs as looters and plunderers who invaded India and spread Islam in the region.

A picture taken from anti-Pakistan Indian based webpages protraying the friendship of Hindu Indian and reality of AMAN KI ASHA

Ballawaristan National Front under leadership of Abdul Hameed Khan is also active in Gilgit Baltistan. He appealed to the people to generate funds for the organization working for the separation and creation of Ballawaristan. The people of Gilgit Baltistan are also being asked to learn five local languages in order to be citizens of independent Ballawaristan.

If one sees the map, it is evident that India is active in this region to curtail Sino Pakistan ground communication with Gwadar. Although the separatist elements in Gilgit Baltistan have not opted for insurgency so far and Shia community has also chose peaceful demonstrations but government need to provide security to each and every citizen regardless of sects and regional groups. India and the separatist elements are also demanding the opening of trade via Skardu Kargil. May be it is in the wake of pending decision on Most Favored Nation status for India agreement…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date : 15 January 2013.

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