Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Tribute to Pakistan Army..! Part-II

Dear all..
Every evening I open my laptop n scroll through the virtual pages,
what ever I am searching/reading/scrolling, 
It takes me minutes before I am on a photograph of a Pakistan army Shaheed...
each one of them a smiling face, full of life...
They never knew they will write history of Pakistan  with their blood one day...

They need to be praised,they need to be acknowledged..they are our heroes..

so I share few more Photographs of OUR Shaheeds who sacrificed their
TODAY for our TOMORROW..shame on people who undermine our armed forces...

They were men as good as you and me,
but destined for a place in our history...
just look at their faces n u will know what is our loss...
each one of them is MY PRIDE..
Zuha Saeed

Capt Khurram Shahzad..

Lt Salmaan shaheed...

Lt Sajjad Khan Shaheed..

Maj Abid Shaheed...

Lt Faiz Sultan Shaheed..

Capt Bilal Zafar shaheed..

Brig Aftab Minhas..died in Multan crash..

capt irfan ahmad shaheed..

capt haider shaheed..

capt pervaiz mehdi shaheed..

Capt Salman Farooq shaheed..

Capt Waqar shaheed with his son..

Maj Haroon shaheed,,

Capt Junaid shaheed..

Capt Ali Mahmood shaheed..

Capt Bajwa shaheed...

Capt Hanif Khan shaheed..

Capt Faseeh Babar shaheed..

Capt Salman Farooq Lodhi shaheed..

Major Mujeeb shaheed..

Father receiving uniform and shoulder titles of his son..

Capt Khurram Shahzad..

Major Zaheer Malik shaheed..



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