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What Our Intellectuals want to Prove by Exempting Sheikh Mujeeb for 1971 Genocide? Part-IV

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Three Important Characters of Fall of Dhaka

“Army officers or soldiers wherever they visited the public places; the only question they were asked was whether Bangladeshi army is sworn to protect Country’s Constitution, Public or the RULERS? No, one had the answer to this burning question. Including me, many other officers had agreed upon removal/murder of Mujeeb, the most important factor was to decide the time to put the whole plan into action. However after a long discussion it was decided that on 15 August before the sunrise Mujeeb shall be murdered, the reason behind the decision of this date and time was that at this time Indian army and Govt. would had been busy in their celebrations.

            At the fixed time when I got out, I was shocked that their was no one except me. I got afraid that the plan might have been leaked because the plan included not one or two persons but dozens of men and involvement of such a great number in such a plan is always full of dangers. Still I was thinking about this that I heard the Adhan from mosques and with this my friends appeared as well. This was help from Allah. Tears rolled over my face; we all were burning in the fire of revenge of massacre of our brethren, rape of our sisters and corruption/looting of our national assets and today we were going to fulfill our national duty by the help of Allah.

We surrounded the residency of Mujeeb, our guards present there informed us that Kamal, elder son of Mujeeb has just returned back along with his Indian friends. In the mean while Kamal looked down through his window and noticed unusual movement around the house; in no time he started firing at us with his gun. We were ready for every kind of resistance but were not expecting firing so much earlier. One of my colleagues went ahead in front of the window and shot down Kamal with single shot. Me and my colleagues entered into the building, other sons of Mujeeb Sheikh Jamal and Sheikh Rasal were also murdered on resistance. During this two Indians also fired upon us; as soon as we saw Indians we got out of control and sprayed bullets on everyone who came in front of us; women present in the room along with Indians were killed as well.
Mujeeb's dead body 

On the upper storey Sheikh Mujeeb was busy to contact New Delhi through telephone, when we reached at his head he kept busy in trying to call, one of us went ahead and tried to snatch the receiver but he (Mujeeb) was stuck to the receiver as Indians would get out of receiver and save his life. Afterwards we came to know, as operators heard the sound of firing and cries of Mujeeb to get support from India they not only avoided connecting the direct line to India but disconnected all lines as well.  Reason was the hatred in the hearts of Bengalis for Mujeeb. The murder of family of Mujeeb was not in our plan but resistance of Mujeeb’s sons and firing of Indians made the men out of control and as a result two wives of Mujeeb were murdered along with his daughter in laws as well. Mujeeb has recruited 5000 trained gangsters of Mukti Bahni for his and airport’s protection. Majority of this force of criminals was unconscious due to the intoxication of wine and remaining were taken over by my colleagues from 309 Tank Regiment. As soon as these gangsters heard the news of murder of Mujeeb they laid down the weapons”.

Autobiography of Col Farooq is too long but excerpt should be enough for one to imagine that how a person thinking himself to be the saviour of Bangladeshi people became cause of division of Pakistan as agent of India and afterwards was murdered in the hands of his own army for selling the independence of the Bangladeshi nation to India for his rule.  Col Farooq and all of his friends denied to accept any appointment after murder of Mujeeb and in spite of such a big step/action no govt. before Haseena Wajid’s govt. of 2008, ever dared to take any legal steps against Col Farooq or others involved (While during this Haseena Wajid came in power twice). The reason behind this was that majority of Bangladeshi people respect Col Farooq as savior and Islamists of Bangladesh take Col Farooq as Hero in spite of murderer of Mujeeb.  However India and Indian brand intellectuals blame Islam as cancer for the region and claim that the presence of Islam in Bangladeshi people is actually the Pakistanism. The only demand that India had from USA and other foreign powers was that aid to Bangladesh should be conditioned with deislamization of Bangladesh and separation of govt., state and politics from Islam.

Here I would like to quote excerpts from an article published in ‘Times of India’ on 3 April 2007 with the title
This not only shows the reasons behind murder of Mujeeb but also discloses the mentality of Hindu India that considers the Islamic values of Bangladeshi people the greatest enemy and hurdle in their plans. Ram Upadhya writes;
Sheikh Mujeeb, first PM of newly born Bangladesh imposed a ban on Islamic political parties which had collaborated with Pakistan army. He chose the parliamentary system of democracy based on secularism and socialism in order to replace theocracy by democracy. This was a bold step of de-Pakistanization of his country”.

After the article mentioned above got published, the ex-Chief of Indian terrorist agency RAW wrote a column in which he blames Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah for seeding Islamisation in the region, he writes;
Jinnah used the Anti-Hindu Card for creation of Pakistan. The Islamists of Bangladesh carried the same card forward this legacy. It looks that democracy was never the objective of the rulers of Bangladesh. Over 35 years of successive civilian military, civilianized military and parliamentary rulers proved that none of these regimes cared to preserve the democratic essence of this hemorrhaging country’s 1972, the growing trend of Islamisation in Bangladesh is the fall out of its Pakistanisation, Bangladesh seceded from Pakistan but its secession from political Islam, which is the only answer for a modern democracy requires another movement in country. Perhaps De-Pakistanisation is the only alternative if it is serious about restoring democracy”.

5 Bangladeshi army officers hanged on 28 January 2010 for murdering Mujeeb

India does not care the presence and ever growing religious extremism and terrorism of Hindu organizations in its own territories however those who just use name of Islam as their identity hurts the Brahman India. However this was the time when India black mailed USA to put Haseena Wajid in power as PM of Bangladesh at the price of Indian support in Afghanistan. USA not only needed the presence of Hindu terrorist army in Afghanistan but also wanted to increase Indian role in Afghanistan (especially for terrorist activities in Pakistan) while India wanted restoring Mujeeb like slave govt. in Bangladesh when Indian terrorists were at large to loot and rape Bangladeshi public. As a result in the elections of 2008 Haseena Wajid came into power; so the first action that was taken by Haseena Wajid’s administration after coming into power was attack over the Head Quarter of Bangladesh Rifles; in this attack a Major General, 5 Brigadiers and including other officers 53 soldiers were murdered while the women were gang raped by the terrorists. Although tribal millitants were blamed for this attack but involvement of Indian state terrorists (army/RAW) and terrorists of Mukti Bahni still echoes in the Bangladesh. This was actually expression of hatred towards Bangladeshi army that is still holding fast to Islamic values while India takes it as Pakistanism. The second step of Haseena Wajid govt. was establishment of a War Crime Tribunal and giving it unlimited powers to hang those who supported Pakistan army during 1971 war. With the support of USA few Army officers of Bangladesh who had murdered Mujeeb and were now living in USA were handed over to this tribunal. On 28 January 2010, five military officers including Col Farooq were hanged as they were denied any right of appeal.

            Haseena Wajid exploited Supreme Court for banning Islamic-Political parties, Jamaat Islami and National Party in Bangladesh. Three famous scholars Professor Alam Azam (ex-leader of Jamaat Islami), Religious Scholar Allama Dilawar Hussain and Chauhdary Salahuddin son of ex-Speaker Fazal Qadir Chaudhary were arrested along with more than 200 people and handed over to this tribunal which is expected to penalize them with death as well. Because according to India and American imposed Haseena Wajid they are war criminals; the painful factor is that whole world is silent over this injustice but Pakistan has been also entangled into its internal problems and total silence is being observed. Why are we silent over this judicial terrorism or murder, just for that Bangladesh should agree to send its cricket team to Pakistan. Keep in mind that Pakistani soldiers that were taken into custody by Hindus during 1971 war are still in Indian jails and Bangladesh is trying to get them handed over to it so that trial of war crimes could be initiated against them. This has been disclosed by Retired Brigadier Usman of Bangladeshi army during an interview with Message TV. He further said that it is not known that whether India finalizes a deal to hand over this Prisoners of War. The bitter reality is that like Bangladesh now Pakistan is the target of Indian attack over Islam and Two Nations Theory to separate public from Islam in other words and alas! Our mindless sold out self-proclaimed and so called liberals have also joined hands with Hindu India for worldly facilities…

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Written By Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 11 January 2013.

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