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Our Internal Strife and Indian Aggression..!

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The war mania of Extremist India; Two Pakistani soldiers martyred by Indian Army and Indian extremists protesting against Pakistan as well

Pakistan ignored Kashmir dispute in spite of having forum of Security Council and many other undue concessions were given to India in order to restore friendly relations. Not only this Pakistani markets were opened for substandard Indian products in spite of being aware that govt. policies have already demolished Pakistan’s economy to lowest level. All this was done against the will of nation and it was hoped that now the relations between both the countries will improve by leaps and bounds. In this situation Nawa-i-Waqt was continuously telling the nation that without solving Kashmir dispute, withdrawal of Indian forces from Siachen and disputes like Sir Creek all this would be not only fruitless but dangerous. However, public remained silent that perthaps trade with India and ignoring the disputes as per India's will improve the situation and all the resources that are being used for purchase of defense equipment would be saved and utilized for public welfare… but this bitter reality could not be denied that snake does not adhere from biting even if it is grown up on milk.

            Where are all those self-proclaimed Aristotle and intellectuals of media that were giving the lecture to nation that army is the only hurdle between Indo-Pak friendship, army does not want to live as good neighbors? Where are those sold out minds from intellectuals, journalist and lawyer community who claimed that friendship with Brahman India is inevitable for survival and were busy in brain washing nation that India is friend of Pakistan? Why do not they answer this that India from whom they received funds to deceive nation and its rulers have suddenly uncovered their actual face and are now threatening Pakistan? Congress party says, “Pakistan should learn lesson from 1971 war, India should not be considered as easy state”. Where are all those paid up puppets of India and Jews who mutilated the history that Hindu India was not behind the fall of Dhaka and Indian trained terrorists were not infiltrated into East Pakistan disguised as Mukti Bahni? The Extremist Hindu Party responsible for murder of thousands of innocents from minorities says, “govt. should adopt harsh stance against Pakistan, opposition will support it”. Indian Defense Minister says, “in 1971 Pakistan lost the half country and now the rest would be taken over”. India has now become so much confident through its terrorism in Pakistan especially Baluchistan and tribal areas and the propaganda war launched by it through traitors present within the nation that Indians consider the situation equivalent to 1971 when due to state terrorism of Hindus, East Pakistan was separated from Pakistan. Indian Air Chief has also threatened Pakistan that if  violation of LoC is not stopped than India has other options meaning an open war.
Night Scene of Indian Posts at Pakistani Border; Same is the situation on LoC

The Fence laid by Indians over Borders

            Why India has suddenly switched off the drama of Aman Ki Asha and turned back to reality of Hinduism? Just for this on the night of 6 January as the result of unprovoked Indian firing over LoC a Pakistani soldier was martyred and Pakistan protested against India? This was just a so called protest because Pakistani pledged to Hindus did not dare to tell the nation about the aggression of Hindus, while politicians ignored the death of their soldier and kept busy in corruption. Perhaps it was more important to secure bribe from India as compared to protest against death of their soldier. This senselessness and criminal silence of Pakistani responsibles encouraged India to accuse Pakistan in a fabricate story after that Pakistani forces crossed LoC in the dark of night and killed two Hindus and took the head of one state terrorist of India along with them as well.

            As soon as this fabricated was reported into the Indian media from Indian Prime Minister to sweeper of Extremist Hindu state India started protesting against Pakistan. The difference between state controlled Dur Darshan and private TV channels of India disappeared. Whole Hindu India was pouring out poisonous propaganda and statements against Pakistan. Indian Information ministry a special plane for Indian journalists and a team of Indian journalists visited the place where according to India propaganda and fabricated story two Hindu soldiers were murdered. Indian journalists portrayed and presented the story of Pakistani forces crossing the LoC and cutting the throats of Indian soldiers in such a way as their along with Pakistani soldiers during the whole activity and eye witness. This story uncovered the heinous face of so called mother of democracy India as the public was seen protesting against Pakistan and excreting the reality of mentality that majority of extremist and terrorist Indians have.

Indian TV representative at the point where as per fabricated  Indian story Indian soldiers were killed

            However Pakistani rejected Indian fabricated story and propaganda and invited India to get the whole incident investigated by UNO or any third party. In the way India has accused Pakistan and started a propaganda war she should have accepted the invitation and had authorized a third party to investigate the whole incident but bitter reality is that India is aware that if any third party even a partial country is allowed to investigate the matter the lie of India would be uncovered. As a response to the Pakistani invitation Indian terrorist forces once again started unprovoked fire on Pakistani areas around LoC on 11 January and another Pakistani soldier was martyred. In order to provide cover to Indian terrorist activities Indian media is continuously waging propaganda war against Pakistan.  The second painful reality is that no reaction from Pakistani media pledged to Hindus and Jews have been observed. Just for that these sold out minds and tongues are busy in portraying internal crisis of Pakistan? These bastards of media could not see the hand behind terrorist activities and suicide bomb blasts and war preparations of the only enemy of Pakistan and aggression of Hindu India from eastern borders, just because their eyes are closed by the dollars they receive from India? The extreme of propaganda and lies is that after Pakistan demanded the investigation from a third party the Spokes Person of Northen Command of Indian Army rejected all the analysis and reports of Indian media  and issued the statement, “neither Pakistan army cut the heads of the Indian soldiers nor their throats but there were shot dead from near range and due to the fog Pakistani soldiers succeeded in returning back”. There is no doubt that within few days India would again change her claims because in the way India has secured LoC with high walls of barbed wire, electric fence and fog lights it is impossible for anyone to cross LoC except by the will of terrorist Indian army. Anyone may raise this question from India that if in spite of thousands of electric lamps and electric fences it is possible for one to cross the LoC and flew back safely than the electricity that is being wasted by state terrorists of India over 750 km long border should be provided to those areas of India where people take electric lights as something miracle that is only for Brahmans of India. Yes there are such undeveloped areas of Mother of Democracy India where people are unaware of electricity and its benefits.

            The astonishing factor is that when flag meeting between Pakistani and Indian commanders was going on in which Pakistani commander presented the evidence of martyrdom of Pakistani soldiers as the result of unprovoked Indian firing; during this Indian state terrorists were busy in firing in different sectors. The question is WHY? For what India is creating the whole mess and war mania? What doctrine is behind all this propaganda of India to create war mania in the public? These are the questions that have been raised by American media as well. According to American newspaper Wall Street Journal when a senior Indian army officers was asked about the murder of two Indian soldiers which India is portraying as an excuse for war; the officer confessed that no one has seen Pakistani soldiers murdering these Indian soldiers and the condition of the dead bodies shows that they died many days ago. In the same way New York Times have wrote in its report that sudden firing on the LoC that has been peaceful from last decade is un-understandable. According to the newspaper Indian Exterior Minister says that the reason behind murder of these soldiers might be to de rail Indo-Pak friendly relations.

PAK BARBARISM Where the Hell is the Aman Ki Asha?

            Than India should tell that who is doing this conspiracy from within India especially Indian army? Because the point which India has shown and claims to be the point where the Indian soldiers were murdered is 500 meters inside of the fence that India has laid over the LoC. The Patrol of strength of two soldiers is also something that makes this story fake, there are three categories for such patrol; number 1 is Recce Patrol it consists of 4 to 8 persons however as per the situation the number may be increased. Second is Fighting Patrol that consists of 10 to 30 soldiers. Third is Listening Patrol which consists of 2 to 3 persons who update their commanders  about the situation over border through wireless. Another important fact is that Indian soldiers are equipped with latest night vision and these are the reasons that India has rejected Pakistan’s demand for investigations from a third party because India has fabricated a story and propaganda that will be unveiled if a third party is employed for investigation.

            I will again repeat my questions, why India wants a war mania, why Indian General are threatening Pakistan, has Indian plan for any adventurism in light of the internal situation of Pakistan? Or India wants to engage Pakistani Army over eastern borders? But WHY???

Written By Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 18 January 2013.

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