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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Challenges to Pakistan and Appointment of Lt. General Zaheer-ul-Islam as Director General ISI..!

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Director Generals of ISI
General Zaheer and General Pasha retiring DG of ISI

According to a foreign news agency, CIA wanted to establish a secret agency parallel to ISI. This was allowed by Obama in 2009. according to the report, the head of CIA at that time Mr. Penta convinced US President that in order to secure US interests in Asia it is necessary to establish a secret agency which utilizes Pakistan as a center but should be kept secret from ISI, so that such a spy network could be established which keeps an eye over the whole region. For this it was decided that US embassy in Pakistan shall be expanded and should be converted into largest center for CIA outside USA. This was to ensure that an aye could be kept over the region. Moreover deployment of rapid reacting American commandoes was also part of Penta’s plan. These commandoes/terrorists were to be sent in the disguise of trainers, which initially had to be numbered up to one thousand but gradually this number has to be increased up to thirty thousand. After progress in the Leon Penta’s plan, Obama said in his address to Australian Parliament that USA is power of Pacific but Asia will decide the role of world in the future, so we should concentrate all of our attention towards it.

            If one remembers this was the time when without scrutiny or security clearance thousands of US spies/agents entered into Pakistan. Most of these American agents/terrorists were disguised as workers of NGO’s. In order to fulfill satanic plans this was necessary for USA (United Satanic Alliance) to uproot and weaken ISI, because ISI was not ready to allow any one to play with sovereignty of Pakistan and this is the basic duty of ISI. Including propaganda and false reports whatever USA did to remove important officers of ISI (in terrorist attacks) all this detail has been given in recently published book of a retired US Commando (Marine) named as, “The Command: Deep Inside the President’s Secret Army”. This is another shameful aspect that our gurus of media who are day and night busy in fulfilling their duty of defaming Pakistani security forces and fabricating stories (at least they get dollars for it while ISI cannot pay them even a buck) have not felt any need to discuss this book or its disclosures. This is the crime of General Shujaa Ahmad Pasha that he shattered US dream of establishing a spy (terrorist) control center/headquarter outside USA in Islamabad. As a reaction to this on the one hand Pakistan has to face series of terrorist attacks mostly targeting security agencies and especially ISI, this situation was further spoiled by our private media under control of Zionist terrorists and they (anchors) started criticizing Pakistan army, General Pasha and ISI as a institution on the road map which was provided by their masters and this process is still going on in different forms.

Including US terrorists like Raymond Davis, the network of American spies and terrorists which was exposed by General Pasha and this resulted in propaganda against him

            Most shameful role of our gurus of media and anchorpersons is that they have never felt any need to discuss the challenges which Pakistan is facing since 1947 to onwards but they always keep themselves busy in injecting the venom of hatred, insecurity and untrustworthiness against security agencies of their own motherland in the veins of nation. Their belief is just what is taught to them along with dollars and lust i.e. all of the problems of Pakistan are due to Pakistan army and ISI (because if these institutions seize to exist there will be no Pakistan and thus no problems, what a treacherous mentality). How India is busy in weakening Pakistan, how terrorists trained by Indian Raw are entering into the country via Afghanistan all this is no more a secret but these anchors and gurus or so-called defense analysts could not dare to discuss all this because they know that dollars that are paid to them and what ever facilities they are getting to fulfill their lust will be taken back. The operation of Swat is a great example of sacrifices of our security agencies; in the history of whole world there is hardly an example in which army moves civilians to safe places, then starts cleaning the area from terrorists and safely brings back the civilians to the cities in such a short period. This was such an achievement which astonished the whole world. But when these media terrorists observed that their brethren terrorists holding American and Indian weapons are on verge of collapse and this will not only boost up the respect of army in the hearts of nation but supporters of terrorists will also be unveiled, so they came forward along with the fabricated stories of target killing by Pakistan army (if terrorists were killed in target killing than what these media minds of Satan want that army had also targeted innocent people like armies of their masters?) and also brought forward fabricated discoveries of mass graves (in order to cover up mass graves discovered in Kashmir and befool international community) which they failed to support by any evidence. They did not dare to say even a word or discuss those terrorists who were killed in fight with Pakistan army and later on proved to be Hindu; most heinous aspect is that these Hindus were disguised as Muslim preachers living in Masajid/mosques befooling and misguiding illiterate people of Pakistan.
Building of US embassy in Islamabad equipped with latest spy equipment

            All these painful facts aside but the most important question still remains unanswered i.e. has ISI succeeded in saving Islamabad from falling in the hands of American terrorist agency CIA, or US has just postponed her plan so that before acting decisively Pakistan could be weakened by pushing it towards political chaos and ISI could be defamed within Pakistan. So that after ISI gets weakened and hated by nation US could bring back her expelled terrorists disguised as trainers by General Pasha. USA also might be busy in realigning plans against Pakistan, at that time US has to face the problem of approval of nine storey building of US embassy which is threatened to form a dispute in between CIA and Pakistani govt. Because this plan of building was disclosed by famous Pakistani English newspaper, “The Nation”, in spite of editorial protest of Nawa-i-Waqt on 24 March no other newspaper or channel or their gurus of defense has dared to discuss this affair in an attempt to keep Pakistani nation in dark about US terrorist and expansionist plans. This was the duty of gurus of media to discuss and ask that how did CDA (Capital Development Authority) allowed USA to construct a building of nine storey in a sensitive area where many important buildings like that of President House, Prime Minister House, Secretariats of different Ministries etc. are situated? If this satanic plan of US is fulfilled all of the important govt. buildings and important state personals will be under the observation of US terrorist spy network. Now let’s see that would Supreme Court take suo-motto action over such an important conspiracy or this will be also left to be done by ISI so that our sold media could get another point for condemning and criticizing ISI that like political interference the desk for interference in building department shall be also closed in ISI.

            Let’s now discuss General Pasha, since May our filthy media is trying to defame him and make him a disputed personality, this process is still going on even after his retirement. As a chain to this conspiracy a famous anchorperson and guru of media wrote a column with the heading “ALWIDA GENERAL PASHA/FAREWELL GENERAL PASHA” against him in a newspaper running with the fund of AMAN KI ASHA, apparently he made General Pasha target of his biased writing and thinking but under its cover he tried to divert the attention of nation from all those happenings which were not less than attack to motherland. These attacks are expected in future as well and such writings to cover up these conspiracies will also be repeated. In his column, he tried to prove that General Pasha is the only person who not only forced Pakistan to problems but due to him Pakistan is still facing these problems (of being sovereign in spite of all Indian and western conspiracies). According to the writer;
 General Pasha is the person who on one hand scolded father of Bilawal (President Zardari) while on the other hand he kept on struggling for expansion in his service period.  However he could not get further expansion in his service term thus his agenda failed as well. Here writer of the column did not mention anywhere that what was the agenda of General Pasha. So called journalist also claims that few weeks ago in his secret meetings with Chief of CIA General Petraeus in Britain and Thailand, General Pasha assured him that supply line for NATO will be restored soon but General Pasha gave an expression in Pakistan that USA terms him as enemy. In this way this filthy columnist tries to prove General Pasha as a hypocrite. However columnist did not tell us that other Chiefs of secret agencies disclose their secret activities to media or General Petraeus takes him (writer of column) or other journalists into confidence before fulfilling his duties?
Character of Pakistani media personnel, their credibility; this picture shows the links between USA and Our media gurus.

            This columnist did not stop here, further he tries to dispute the role of ISI as a whole. He writes that ISI is under the thinking of British Major General Robert Cothom who was Chief of ISI in 1947 and few years after independence, he convinced Ayub Khan for interference into politics. Writer roses the question that General Pasha has retired but whether the thinking of Robert (to defend the country) will seize to exist or not? Here while giving this argument he forgot that not only ISI, but Pakistani security forces and civil departments all were headed by English for few years after independence of Pakistan. He goes one step ahead in his propaganda and writes that a great number of persons were murdered in these last four years. Most of the mutilated corpses were recovered in these four years in Baluchistan; most of the journalists were murdered in these four years. In this way ISI which was already disputed General Pasha made it further disputed.

            Now here the question arises that all these allegations represent reality or they are just outcome of sold thinking of the writer? In 2001 before attack of USA and Allies over Afghanistan Muslim countries had asked for a time of one week so that they can convince Taliban to either expel Osama or hand him over to a neutral country. However on the day the meeting of Muslim foreign ministers, in the morning the story of this columnist was printed in an English newspaper. In this story according to this columnist and guru of gutter journalism Osama confessed that he has nuclear weapons (why could not USA and allies find these weapons or columnist took these weapons) and he (Osama) is planning to wreak such a havoc in the USA that Americans will forget 9/11. After this fabricated story USA launched aerial attacks over Afghanistan that for her, life of Americans is more important then the time given.

            Here I would like to mention the report of US National Intelligence Council published in mother of AMAN KI ASHA Indian newspaper “Times of India” in 2005. According to this report this has been predicted that Pakistan will have to face the end like that of Yugoslavia. Till 2015 Pakistan will rise as a failed state. Civil war, bloodshed, inter-provincial disputes will be converted into war. Lingual and sectarian disputes will be on their peak. Country will be pushed towards complete Talibanization (by whom, USA?) and extremists will struggle to capture nukes. Moreover in 2008 US intelligence council published a report with the title of GLOBAL TRENDS, in this report this has been threatened that Pakistan will be converted in extremely failed states like Yemen, Afghanistan, Palestine in the upcoming decade till 2025. In this lieu Indian concerns over Pakistani nukes are of great importance, India would like that international powers take the control of Pakistani nukes or India should itself capture them. In January 2009 “Geopolitical Trends of The US Military Over the Next 25 Years” discusses the sudden fall of Pakistan and how US army will react. Yet we need to know who our enemy is and ignore reality as CONSPIRACY THEORY?

All these above mentioned reports are much lengthy and also include the element of propaganda as well. But does not the situation in Pakistan, political corruption and disputes, increasing inflation, suddenly bursting riots in Karachi does not all this show that Pakistan is being pushed towards a special end through a great conspiracy? Cannot you understand that Pakistan is already in the war? A war which is not apparent but its signs are clear. This war is between secret agencies of Pakistan and international imperialistic secret agencies of the world. ISI is alone facing the RAW, MOSSAD, CIA, KHAD, and their allied agencies. Here this should be kept in mind that actual weapon of secret wars is PROPAGANDA, this weapon is in the hands of our enemies and our own media is effectively being utilized against us…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Naw-i-Waqt,
Date: 28 March, 2012.

Monday, March 26, 2012

UNO, Resolutions, Human Rights and Terrorism..!

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Sri Lankans protesting against UN Resolution backed by USA

A resolution against Sri Lanka has been passed for defeating Indian supported Tamils and eradicating terrorism, because Master of terrorism and Great Satan i.e. USA does not like that terrorism ends in this world especially Asia. This clearly shows double standards of UNO (maid of Great Satan) where UNO is totally blind and deaf to the human rights violations in India herself (greatest supporter and forwarder of this resolution), in Indian Held Kashmir, In Punjab against Sikhs, in whole India against minorities and lower caste Hindus. UN and stater terrorist USA and European cannot give any importance to findings of mass graves in Indian Held Kashmir, they cannot listen to the reports of human rights watch-dogs/agencies, because the goal and of India and these international terrorists is same, i.e. drink as much human blood as possible. How long these terrorists will be able to hide their war crimes with the support of Jewish media? How long will they and their UNO will declare freedom fighters as TERRORISTS and assassins of their armies indulged in state terrorism as SAVIORS? When will the international community respect the freedom fighters and will be able to differentiate between state terrorists and invaders? Why UN can pass resolution against Sri Lanka while UN could not dare to speak a single word against INDIA Mother of state terrorism under disguise of DEMOCRACY? Why is UNO blind to terrorism of ISRAEL or crusaders like USA and NATO? Because UNO itself is funded and controlled by these state terrorists.

Why world cannot see these Indian trained Tamil Gorillas?

A UN resolution against Sri Lanka was necessary for USA because Sri Lankan army clearly defeated the Indian sponsored Tamil terrorists and this exposed Indian terrorist agencies like RAW and Indian army. In Pakistan Indian trained terrorists are also on the verge of collapse. So in order to save the soft image of India an ally of USA in state terrorism and great market for US made products mostly weapons of mass destruction, USA fulfilled her duty to pressurize and save soft image of INDIA. Moreover this could also expose and start a new discussion over American support to Indian state terrorists, so in order to cover up the crimes of CIA and pressurize Sri Lanka so that Sri Lankan does not disclose evidences of Indian interference linking back to West.

Now Sri Lanka has announced to bring a resolution against India over state terrorism in Indian Held Kashmir and other Indian held provinces struggling for freedom which are more than 17 in number, but lets see that could USA bear this or USA will veto it? Will UNO show enough morals to speak against Indian war crimes? Will any resolution against USA murderer of more than 2 million people in Iraq and Afghanistan to expand her war industry and propagate terrorism be ever presented in UNO?

By the way USA wants to give India a permanent seat in General Assembly, because like United Satanic Alliance India also fulfills all qualifications for becoming a member i.e.
1) enemy of humanity
2) Indian army second to US army in massacres, genocide, gang rapes etc.
3) Like USA, India also sucks blood of human beings in the name of DEMOCRACY and still claim to be DEMOCRATIC and HUMAN FRIENDLY
4) Through media and propaganda both expert in twisting the facts and history
5) India second to business or prostitution and human trafficking and like USA Indian army also looks after such business
6) while like CIA, RAW also gets money through illegal businesses like human trafficking, drugs etc.

These are some of salient features of India which make India fit for membership of UN General Assembly...

Written By Muhammad Ahmad

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Murder Of Innocents By So Called Cultured Nations

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Target of American democracy or democratic international terrorism by US dictators?

USA needs blood of babies?
According to the news reports by the international media an American Sergeant entered into three houses in a village of Panjwai district in Qandahar and murdered sixteen innocent Afghans including nine women and three children, while many other were injured. Reacting over the deaths of the innocents Afghan President Hamid Qarzai issued the statement that firing was pre-planned and unprovoked. In order to explain the position of US terrorist involved in this incident US representative was called upon. According to news agencies President Obama called Qarzai to express his condolences and sorrow over the incident as soon as he got the news reports. He gave (fake) assurance that the criminal will not be spared and brought to justice. In the meanwhile BBC took the steps to cover up the crimes of US terrorist that he was under severe depression and mental disaster. However after fulfilling his duty as a state terrorist he handed over himself to US officials (higher ups of terrorists). Because on the same night Taliban attacked US military camp in Bigram with rockets killing unknown number of foreign invaders and crusaders. Although US officials did not disclose the number of casualties but the reports of attack had already been arrived into the Qandahar (and US troops decided to take revenge from unarmed Afghans as they could not dare to face freedom fighters).

            This was the summary of the news reports presented by different western terrorist media over the massacre of 16 Afghan citizens. These reports clearly show that international terrorist media tried to twist and hide the facts. Because the reports shared by the PRESSTV.COM are bit different and more detailed. According to the website alleged US terrorist belongs Naval Seal Team, under the command of ISAF. He was appointed 3 months ago into the American military camp at Panjwai district. During his service tenure of eleven years he had spent three years in Iraq. So this was not first time that he was separated from his family and got psycho to murder innocents as Western terrorists media is posing. This bastard is also father of three children.
Democracy burns people after killing them? The view of the place where corpses of 16 Afghan were burnt by US terrorists

            According to the PRESSTV.COM American terrorist left the camp at approximately 3 o’clock at night and arrived at a Ballandi village one kilometer away from his camp. He entered into the three houses, shot dead their inhabitants, gathered dead bodies, covered them with blanket, poured kerosene over them and set them on fire. After such terrorism and barbaric brutality he returned back to his camp calmly as he was fully confident that no action will be taken against him (perhaps he was ordered to do so). Website also claims that alleged American soldier/terrorist was wearing traditional Afghan dress that is why security guards could not see that he was carrying any weapons.

            According to an eye-witness Muhammad Wazir (his father was murdered in front of him) American soldier was wearing commandoes like dress, he took aim by touching one his knees with ground, then moved forward for few yards, looked right and left in order to see if anyone was about attack him. In the same way he peeped into the room for animals and went away. According to Muhammad Wazir the sounds of bullets were heard, his father woke up to check and became the target of American state terrorism. According to the news reports from Afghanistan, people were not only murdered in this village but in another village named as Olakzai 500 yards away. These were reports were also verified by the statements of Afghan freedom fighters (termed as Taliban by western media) that the murderers were more than one and number of people murdered are also more than fifty. Those who became target of American target terrorism 12 out of them belonged to the same family. Taliban has also uploaded video footage, recorded by a mobile phone before Afghan administration or US troops arrived showing three houses affected houses in a row.
Target of US terrorism?

            In this way if we look at the contradicting statements of US officials and reports of media it becomes evident that murderers were more than one. Because American commanders have failed to provide any acceptable explanation that how a Sergeant succeeded in getting out of the base camp along with weapons and night vision without their knowledge? He succeeded to get out of the base camp in Northern Qandahar; stronghold of Taliban where lives of American soldiers are at stake even in the day, then why did they allow a US soldier to go out alone risking his life? Why did not security guards stop him? If they failed to stop him why did not they inform higher officials? When he arrived back why did not security guards question him while they have heard the sounds of firing nearby? Why American commanders did not react to the noises of firing nearby while this might have been Taliban preparing for attack on US base?

            In 2009 Obama ordered a special operation in Northern Qandahar in order to defeat Taliban; a military base was established in the Panjwai district by ISAF. This is another thing that Americans badly failed to defeat Taliban in that area and were forced to be limited to their military forts at night. So there is another possibility that ISAF commanders started the operation on fake/false Intelligence reports (as they attacked Iraq) and when they realized that they have murdered only children and unarmed men they tried to fabricate a different story to cover their terrorism and war crimes. So they ordered the dead bodies to be gathered and burnt. Otherwise there is no explanation for burning dead bodies of children and women (except they have been gang raped as US terrorists are mostly involved in such grave crimes), even American psychologists could not forward any logic for this. The second question that comes to the mind is does a single US soldier had enough courage and capability to operate in a Taliban stronghold? While in order to gather corpses he should have put his weapon somewhere or behind his back, during this was not he susceptible to be attacked?
Iraqi girl's childhood photo; at the age of 14 American State terrorists burnt her alive after gang rape

            Now the situation is that afghan govt. demands the murderer of 16 people to be dealt according top Afghan law but habitually USA is not going to accept this and has moved his terrorist out of Afghanistan. Americans are repeating the same old rhetoric to befool the public that US army has internal rules and regulations to punish culprits. But alas! They do not have any evidence to support their claims. No US war criminal or terrorist indulged in gang rapes, genocide in Cambodia, Vietnam or Iraq have ever been punished by US army or American courts. Recent example of Raymond Davis who was red handed by Lahore police after murdering two persons, Americans took his arrest as challenge to their international dictatorship. When he was released by Pakistani govt. under pressure from US govt. with the assurance that his trial will be held in US court, but US govt. denied to take any legal action against him and gave responsibility for arranging terror incidents in Pakistan from Afghanistan.

            Now in order to save their newly exposed terrorist Sergeant supporter of state terrorism, Western media is posing him as psycho. Not only this, in order to befool international community other psychological tactics. For example after two days or tragic terrorist incident of murder of Afghans a drama was staged that a suicide bomber tried to hit the plane of Leon Penta with his van, but van got stuck in a mud hole and blew up. The truth is that this vehicle was not driven by Taliban suicide bomber but by a police officer, and due to some technical fault. The crew on duty succeeded in getting out the driver from the burning jeep but due to severe burns he died. This vehicle was a patrolling vehicle responsible for keeping an eye over any unusual movement near terminal. The pictures of burning jeep are available on the internet. So American media and Penta decided to spoil this incident.

            Afterwards when Penta addressed his soldiers, a news was broke by the American media that soldiers were forced to leave their weapon in their barracks as Penta was afraid that some psycho soldier might shoot him. What a lie? This is an established fact that in any of such gatherings or addresses soldiers always participate without weapons. Through such fabricated news reports American media wants to cover the state terrorism by their dictators.
Outer view of the houses which became target of  international American terrorism

            On the other hand human friendly Americans had started protest over massacre of 16 Afghans and are demanding withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan but whether these protests will have any effect over American dictators this is another discussion. They also demand that Ex-American dictators like Bush, Dick Cheney and Condoliza Riece should be brought to trial for massacre of millions in Iraq and Afghanistan. Not only they caused deaths of innocent public of these countries but they also forced US soldiers to lay down their lives while they were unaware that why were they even fighting. Some Americans term their rulers as worst then Hitler, because they have surpassed Hitler, Hilaku and Genghis Khan in their enmity towards human beings. Others ask if murderer of 16 Afghans was psycho then why was he in army? Who are responsible for posting a psycho to Iraq?

            If we think over the reasons behind NATO terrorism over Salala check post, burning of Holy Quran by US terrorists and recently the murder of 16 Afghans, the reason behind them is nothing else except the fear of defeat. From General to Soldier of Allied terrorist army who entered into Afghanistan under umbrella of their maid UNO to drink human blood are aware that they had been defeated and an insulting retreat awaits them. Such activities show their dear of being defeated. That is why American Generals commanding US state terrorists have said that such unprovoked attacks over civilian are expected in future as well. In such situation Pakistan should must be on guard. Americans think Pakistan army and ISI has been cause of their defeat in crusade over Afghanistan. They also know that two institutions responsible for the sovereignty of country are also a hurdle in the way Indian heinous plans. So that is why both of these guarantors of balance of power in South Asia are under attack by traitors receiving dollars. In such situation if an of these two institutions loses their patience or morale the results will be devastating for the whole world, perhaps the supporter of   AMAN KI ASHA want so…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 21 March 2012.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Withdrawal of NATO and US Troops from Afghanistan

And Responsibilities of Pakistani Leadership
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US-Army getting ready for retreat
We have heard of this saying that history repeats itself; this saying turned to be true on 7th of this month when Chief of Central Command of American army General Mattes accepted that USA needs ground routes from Afghanistan for safe withdrawal of American troops. When he was questioned that how such safe withdrawal of US troops is possible in current tense situation of Pakistan-America relations, he replied that serious conversations are going on this regard with Pakistan. After few days when he will visit Islamabad he is hopeful that Pakistan will agree to restore supply route. If we look at the history same situation was faced by Soviet troops approximately twenty five years. At that time after defeat from Afghan Mujahideen or freedom fighters Soviet Union wanted safe retreat or withdrawal of her troops. Although Soviet rulers has requested for withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan to Secretary General of UNO in 1985, but in 1986 when media got aware of Soviet Union, newspapers got filled with reports about defeat of Soviet Union. This made Soviet troops crazy and increased their attacks over Afghan freedom fighters, they wanted to cause as much casualties to Afghans as possible. This resulted only in violent response from Mujahideen as they were aware that Soviet Union has lost its hold and power to capture Afghanistan. Due to shear ferocity in the war Soviet Union and her supporters increased pressure over UNO for safe withdrawal of Soviet troops.

Soviet Army retreat from Afghanistan

            At least in 1987 Mikhail Gorbachev formerly announced the withdrawal of Russian forces and demanded guarantee for safety of Russian soldiers from UNO. In spite of this that Soviet Union had all the land routes available to her for withdrawal but Soviet Govt. was well aware that during retreat or withdrawal Mujahideen of Afghan will cause great loss to Soviet troops with their attacks over retreating troops and that safe withdrawal of troops is in the hands of Pakistan. General Zia-ul-Haq had only one demand that Pakistan is ready to guarantee the safe withdrawal of Russians only if Russian govt. supports and helps in establishment of transitional govt. in Kabul.
Internal images of US cantonment shows their fear clearly

            Before this that Gorbachev had accepted Pakistani demand; USA (The Great Satan) activated handful of pro-American Pakistani politicians against demand of General Zia. While Zia had tried to made this clear over the world through media that if Russian troops retreat from Afghanistan without supporting restoration of peace and govt. in the Afghanistan this will have devastating affects over the stability of the whole region. The linguistic and tribal differences along with the abundance of latest weapons will end in the bloody civil war, even Pakistan will not be saved from its effects. But neither did our politician in greed for power and black money gave any importance to this warning nor did media in anti-army monomania took this seriously; nor did supporter of socialist dared to think and analyze the situation; is their any secret agenda of USA behind pushing Afghanistan into civil war?

            On 5 and 6 March over the beck and call of USA, in the supervision of Prime Minister Junejo, including Benazir Bhutto all notable (traitors are known as notable here) and in order to show down General Zia they passed a decision against his stance in UNO. In the other words all of these politicians paved the way for civil war and US interference in Afghanistan. On 14 April 1988 this historical treaty was given final form in Geneva. The most shameful and interesting aspect of this treaty is that this treaty which was for the retreat of Soviet troops, but Soviet Union was no where mentioned in it, that how does she attacked a sovereign country to capture it. There were only two parties to this treaty; Pakistan and Afghanistan. Moreover Pakistan was made bound by this treaty that Pakistan will interfere into the internal matters of Pakistan in future. (This treaty is as in spite of Russian troops Pakistani army has entered and captured the Afghanistan, and when after successful resistance Pakistan has decided to withdraw her troops now through this treaty Pakistan has been bound by this treaty to not to interfere into Afghanistan in future. What a shame over those minds who drafted it and those who accepted and signed it.) USA and Soviet Union signed over the treaty as guarantors. This treaty no where mentions that what will be the future of hundreds of thousands of Mujahideen who have defeated the Red army of second super power of the world? What will be their role after retreat of Soviet troops from Kabul? Will they eat up weapons in order to live, indulge in dacoity or what will they do? The most shameful aspect is that our politicians having little respect and thinking power did not dare to think in their hatred against General Zia that if such a big well equipped army is forced into dark in the neighborhood of Pakistan this will be dangerous for Pakistan herself. The result was same as General Zia the most hated role in the politics of Pakistan predicted and warned. Mujahideen having different identities in Afghanistan forgot that they had fought the war against Soviet invaders together, they indulged in civil war. The guns that were used for enemies now were being used  on fellow country men. Everyone wanted to capture Kabul. Pakhtoon who are in majority were of the view that they had given the most of the sacrifices for freedom of Kabul so it was their right to rule Afghanistan.
Afghan women soldiers; they are being claimed as 40% of Afghan army who will have to Taliban

            If one looks at the painful history of Afghan civil war filled with blood, in Afghan resistance against Soviet Union not a single building was destroyed but the civil war converted Kabul into ruins. Due to this civil war 9 millions were forced to leave their houses; those who had resources they migrated to Europe and America. Some went to Iran and more than 5 millions were forced to take shelter in Pakistan. Many lost their houses and millions had to face the famous Geneva Accord and this process is still going on.

            If at that time this problem had been solved there would have been neither any  birth of Taliban now Muslims had been labeled as Extremists. Because majority of freedom fighters fighting against Soviet terrorism belonged to colleges and universities, most of them lost their families in this civil war. I think all those politicians who blessed Soviet Union with Clean Chit for withdrawal of Soviet troops are equally liable for the destruction. Alas! These small minds took their revenge from Zia for imposing Martial Law but forced the whole region towards hell of dynamite and iron (weapons). Here I would like to quote a paragraph selected from the statement after conference of Pakistani politicians in Islamabad held on 5 and 6 March so that one may feel the sensitiveness of the present situation as compared to 1988. India has stopped the water of rivers but we have granted her free access to our markets. Pakistan is facing acute shortage of energy and financial resources while on the other hand the preparations for war are going on in their full swing in India. On the other hand Pakistan has to face Indian interference through Afghanistan in the most heinous form of terrorist attacks. The propaganda of separation of Baluchistan is also on its peak with the major role being played by traitors present within our own lines.

            Just like past the propaganda against Pak-Army (The Guarantor of our Sovereignty) is also on its peak with only one difference that in past Pakistan army was criticized only by Pakistani media but now international media especially western media has joined too. Daily new books based on fabricated hypothesis and stories are being published in order to defame Pakistan. Most shameful aspect is that those American so-called scholars who have not seen Pakistan and Afghanistan except in map are presenting themselves as experts of the region and blaming Pakistan, Pakistan army and ISI for current situation of South Asia (resistance of public against American terrorism). Look at the selection from the declaration after round table conference in 1988, this was presented by Foreign Minister Ameen Norani;
“Soviet Union is allowed to retreat/withdraw from Afghanistan unconditionally, Pakistan will not interfere into it in any way. Moreover the representative govt. under the leadership of Najib-u-Allah is already present to look after the matters of withdrawal.”

Here what needs to considered is that Najib was continuation of Soviet Marxism and pro-Marxist govts. Which was termed as representative govt. of Afghanistan our politicians ignored that 1979 to 1988 Afghan were not fighting against Soviet Union but against Marxism. This is why this war was termed as Jihad or Holy War. Why all these criminal ignorance by Pakistani politicians, only for that USA wanted to act upon her satanic agenda after withdrawal of Red army? If we look from this aspect it seems that USA launched attack over Afghanistan in 2001 but on 15 May 1989 when last troops of Soviet army left Afghanistan and civil war engulfed the whole country.
Northern Alliance terrorists pulling teeth of a martyred Afghan Freedom Fighter

            While Afghan were busy in civil war; USA made deals with Central Asian states for gas and oil. When USA got assured that Afghans have lost many lives and weapons in their civil war, USA manufactured Taliban and through US weapons they captured whole Afghanistan. After this USA made Pakistan, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and UAE to accept their govt. International media was given the task to defame term Taliban and their ways of ruling. They were made a symbol of Islamic extremism and terror. So that in 2001 when after under cover of 9/11 USA invaded Afghanistan more than a dozen countries were supporting her so that world could be saved from terrorism. Not only this in order to add further thrill CIA introduced undercover wing with the name of Al-Qaeda, this organization was responsible for many fairytale like roles. At least this self created ghost organization was blamed for crashing the hijacked aero-planes with the twin towers. So this was presented as a proof that Al-Qaeda can attack anywhere; it was also said that Al-Qaeda also has access to nuclear and biological weapons. All this forced American and western tax payers to an unknown fear and they got ready to spend billions for ending this terror ghost. (How much US representatives, Generals, owners of ordinance and security firms earned from this war; this is still a secret). The foolish public of these countries was further made to believe that master mind of Al-Qaeda hiding in the narrow mountains of Afghanistan is capable of destroying the whole world. This is due to this while Americans were indulged in massacre and genocide of Afghan Muslims with the tomahawk missiles and daisy cutter bombs; world was supporting these state terrorists in spite of being with the innocent oppressed Afghan people. Neither children, women, ill, nor elderly were spared but when Afghans rejected to accept American slavery and pushed these terrorists gathered under UN resolutions towards defeat; they started blaming Pakistan and ISI to hide their defeat and war crimes. But during last ten years these Afghan freedom fighters have proved that they are not afraid of death and they will not arrest until the retreat of invaders. Moreover as time passed the experience and capability of these freedom fighters known as Taliban by media grew as well. They are now so much powerful that they attacked US Embassy in Kabul and held their position for 19 hours and no one was arrested. USA had not disclosed yet that how many dead bodies were dispatched to US in this skirmish. Now the situation is that including USA all other allied countries individually pay ransom for safe travel of their troops. In spite of all this money and weapons given to these militants US and allied troops are being attacked and killed. If we look at the recent activities including 6 Britain a total of 24 foreign invaders have been killed. The situation of allies is so much poor that in a most strong armored vehicle next to tank six British soldiers were burned alive. Neither any allied nor any British soldier dared to go near the burning vehicle and help their burning colleagues because these freedom fighters wait for such chances to hunt some extra soldiers/terrorists. This has badly destroyed the morale of foreign soldiers in Afghanistan. Due to this grave situation American President Obama was forced to confess that violence and hatred against foreign troops (crusaders in true sense) is increasing in the Afghan public so this is better to retreat from Afghanistan. After the tragic incident of burning of Holy Quran Afghan Public are also involved in targeting allied troops. So this is the need of the hour that security should be handed over to Afghan soldiers so that people of Afghanistan could be assured of their independence (in the other words this was a confession that USA has illegally and immorally invaded Afghanistan).
First women General of Afghan Army

            In such situation America needs Pakistan for safe withdrawal of allied troops and also return of their costly military equipment. Internally the situation that new Chief of ISI has not yet taken up his duties but our sold and honor-less media has started propaganda against him. As an institution ISI is being defamed by these dogs of media paid by Zionists. All the corrupt and moral less politicians want to wash up their hands and blame ISI for their crimes. They want to make this agency responsible for defense and stability of Pakistan accountable for all of their treasons against Pakistan. This also seems to be part of long term US Agenda for South Asia; that through these traitors and faithless elements ISI and Pakistan army should be made paralyzed and defamed that they become weak; and the weak Pakistan will have to bow in front of Hindu India. In 1988 at the time of retreat of Soviet troops same expression was given that Pakistani politicians are ready to give a green signal to Russian for withdrawal while Pakistani army does not agree and this was proved to be true by these honor-less politicians as well. Today we are facing same situation again; international media and our politicians are giving the expression that Pakistan army has stopped the supply of NATO however this is to be decided by our politicians now that whether they repeat the same criminal mistake of 1988 or condition retreat of Americans with the sovereignty and dignity of Pakistan…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 14 March, 2012. 

Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Purpose behind Burning of Quran in Afghanistan..!

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American Policy in the sight of an American Cartoonist

The protest against criminal burning of Holy Quran and Islamic books present in the historical library of Bigram has now changed into a movement against Americans and other foreign army personnel (state terrorists). This wave of protest and hatred against west is even engulfing those towns and regions which remained peaceful during the war of last few years. Since 22 February 26 Afghans have lost their lives in these protests and the number of deaths of foreigner invaders is also rising. The astonishing fact is that moderate and fashionable Afghan (Perhaps they have realized that West will not leave them even if they leave Islam) are on the forefront in this protest and against western brutality. These are the same people on whom USA (United Satanic Alliance) has spent trillions of dollars to convert them from Islam into moderate and liberals. If we say that those Afghans;
 who have cut themselves from Taliban after US invasion, who had not felt any need to protest on state terrorism of USA and West on 27 May 2007, where Western air force targeted the gathering of a marriage in the village of ‘Haji Nabu’ killing at least 47 persons,
who did not even protest on uncountable incidents of state terrorism by Allies like the one on 4 May 2009 when during the aerial terrorist attack of crusaders martyred 120 persons over a gathering of marriage (because many houses of the village were devastated in this attack),
even they have got enraged over the incident of burning of Holy Quran by US terrorists. Not only this many tribal elders who are part of US-puppet govt. of Afghanistan has been forced to think over alliance with Taliban and leave the American slavery.

            Is not this astonishing that what Taliban leaders could not achieve in last ten years few US terrorists posted over the Bigram air base has done this for Taliban in one day. They have caused the Afghan nation to get united and stand in front of American terrorists forces. Here few things need our attention;
·        Holy Qurans and other Islamic books that were present in the library of Bigram airbase even before the US invasion, all these books were not removed or mistreated during last ten years, than why suddenly US terrorists felt the need to burn them?
·        Moreover what was the need to throw all these burnt/half burnt Islamic books out of the wall of the Bigram Air Base?
Now this is impossible that before sending its trained terrorists in underdeveloped and Islamic countries Pentagon does not brief its terrorists about the culture and the love of the inhabitants of these countries for Islam. Moreover Americans know the Afghans since 1981 when they first time met Afghans to use them against Soviet Union.
Afghan Children throwing stones on Americans

            If we look at all these aspects with respect of US history, this is unbelievable that American soldiers have burnt these Holy Books under mistake, or those who burnt these books were unaware of the consequences that NATO and US satanic armies will have to face. If we suppose that these bastards had no idea of importance of these Holy Books; then where the hell was the intelligence network present at the Bigram airbase? Why did not they get informed that Islamic books are being abused and burnt by United Satanic Troops? If this has so happened under mistake and intelligence was also sleeping than the whole chain command should have been suspended when thousands of Afghan protestors gathered at the gate of the Bigram airbase, and set afire a check post and the gate and afterwards tried to enter into the airbase. On this by the firing of watchmen at the airbase 9 Afghans got martyred. When these news were reported this increased the enrage in the Afghans and they gathered every such building which was known for being used by foreigners. During these protests by the firing of protestors 6 Americans and 2 Britain were killed. On the other hand in the Washington when Obama apologized for this state terrorism, opposition severely criticized Obama govt. for apologizing from Muslims. This forced spokesperson for White House in a briefing to journalists that Obama has staged this apology just to befool Muslims for safety of US troops present in Afghanistan.
Those Holy Qurans which survived the fire after being burnt in the Bigram airbase are being separated

            The explanation given by White House over the apology of Obama fueled the hatred and anger in Afghans. On 25 February enraged protestors attacked NATO head quarter and US embassy. 3 Afghans got martyred while 47 were severely injured by the criminal firing of Afghan and US troops on civilians. Same situation prevailed in all other parts of Afghanistan under control of crusaders especially in Heart, Nagarhar, Ghazni, Qunduz and strong hold of Northern Alliance (of terrorists) i.e. Mazar Sharif. Uncountable protestors were severely injured by (terrorist) forces of US and puppet Afghan govt. The most serious incident happened in the building of Afghan Interior Ministry where during a discussion over burning of Holy Quran an Afghan Intelligence Officer shot down two American army officers. Both of these officers were working as advisor in Afghan Command and Control Center. However their behavior was much like a master to control internal situation of Afghanistan.

            This much Americans when they came to know that murderer of their officers is no one else but their own trained officer, Major of Afghan secret agency. No one felt any need to stop or arrest the murderer and he left peacefully. After this first time this happened that Obama establishment requested Qarzai govt. to provide security to US advisors performing their duties of ruling different Afghan ministries. While Afghan President himself is ruling Afghanistan under the umbrella of US forces. Now how he can guarantee the security to US (United Satanic) advisors? The result was logical, not only Americans but all other advisors from the crusade forces were forced to return back to their cantonments. They are more afraid of common Afghans than Taliban. On the other hand Taliban had claimed that two Americans that were killed in the building of Afghan Interior Ministry; one was Colonel while other was not Major but Major General.

            Now when UNO (maid of USA) has declared protest of Afghans as rightful over American terrorism of burning of Holy Quran and also demanded that culprits should be brought to trial; this question once again needs our attention was the abuse of Quran a mistake or there was some heinous agenda behind it? This is not acceptable even by the individual of below average intelligence that Americans did all this mistakenly. So the purpose behind this social and religious terrorism of West should must be kept under observation. If we look at the history of USA (United Satanic Alliance) a new battle front, a new target, a new enemy had been need of American rulers thirsty of human blood after every 8 to 10 years. This is the part of the state policy of international terrorist state USA. However apparently behind this religious terrorism of American there might be following hidden purposes;
  1. due to economical failure USA wants to leave Afghanistan before 2014, American Defense Minister has already declared that America will withdraw from Afghanistan one year before the given dead line i.e. 2013. But now it seems that US govt. wants to run away from Afghanistan before elections. Perhaps Obama wants to befool American community that he has fulfilled his promises which he made before getting elected.
  2. America has found some new battle front and want to get out of Afghanistan before drinking blood of these people.
  3. The burning of Quran might be a part of disguising some other conspiracy, which could help USA to prolong its stay in South East Asia to stop access of China to Gwadar. Moreover after the tragedy of burning of Holy Quran the suicide attacks over the Masajid (Mosques) in tribal areas has increased.
Moreover the incident of martyring the persons belonging to a specific identity in Gilgit, all seem to be a part of a chain of conspiracies. The main purpose of this US conspiracy is to weaken Pakistan, deprive Pakistan of her nukes, and converting Pakistan to the status of sub-state.

            Whatever purpose or agenda of USA is, American community should think that their rulers (disguised dictators belonging to Zionist multinational companies) have massacred millions of Muslims either in the name of democracy or under the cover of Islamic extremism. The amounts of their taxes are going into the coffers of these Zionists who own weapon industry for purchase of weapons by USA to kill human beings in spite of for the betterment of humanity. The same drama was staged in 2001. The destruction of twin towers was credited to Muslims and American community was befooled by the United Satanic media through propaganda campaign and license for genocide of Afghans was obtained in order to create more terrorist for CIA projects. During this American public under influence of propaganda could not think of that was their any Afghan pilot involved in the crash of the planes? In the same way under the propaganda of biological weapons US invaded Iraq to drink oil and blood of Muslims, while whole world knows afterwards all US allegations of biological weapons proved to be fake and rulers of USA confessed this as well. After befooling Americans for support of attack over Afghanistan when Pentagon and White House decided to attack Afghanistan; defense analysts tried to advise USA that Afghanistan will prove much more difficult for US troops as compared to Vietnam. Perhaps keeping in mind this risk USA decided to drag up NATO into this terrorist campaign as well and got license from UNO as well. So that America alone should not get the medal of defeat from Afghanistan. In order to befool public of allied countries CIA planned and conducted terrorist activities in these countries as well. Such activities were used to create hatred and enrage in Europeans against Taliban and these befooled public were assured that USA is attacking Afghanistan to arrest planners of 9/11 and for the freedom of democratic Afghan from Taliban. Moreover slogan of democracy has always proved fruitful to befool western public.

            After devastating bombardment over Afghanistan when US and NATO (terrorist) forces entered into the Kabul, they were dead sure that they have got victory. Taliban and Afghans have no power to resist against them. Moreover after brutal (terrorist) use of military power in Tora Bora, US Generals and Military policy makers were satisfied that even if Afghan ever dared to resist they will destroy them in no time. American rulers were in the intoxication of defeat of Soviet Union because they claim that US weapons and strategy defeated Soviet Union and not the Afghan freedom fighters. Now when America herself had the control of Afghanistan how can Afghan Mujahideen dare to clash with USA?
After Kashmir and Palestine now children of Afghanistan have been forced to take up slingshots to face US terrorists equipped with lethal weapons like biological, chemical and weapons of mass destruction

            After invasion in Afghanistan this was over confidence of US rulers that in 2003 they decided to attack Iraq as well. In the arrogance of victory American Generals that in the history of Afghanistan, Afghans have never accepted slavery of anyone and that Taliban had only camouflaged themselves. The strategy of Taliban got clear to Americans in 2004 when after melting of ice (winter) they started gorilla warfare and ambushes on allied forces in the whole Afghanistan, which not only halted movement allied forces but in many provinces allied forces had to pay ransom and even to give weapons for safety of their troops.

            In such a situation when America has announced that she will not stay anymore in Afghanistan, the heinous act of American soldiers of burning of Holy Quran could not be without any reason and purpose. Before leaving Afghanistan this will be utmost struggle of terrorist state of USA to create problems for Pakistan which is already an easy target of foreign conspiracies due to never ending competition of our politicians for power and leaving others behind in corruption…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 07 March 2012.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Dirty Role of Pakistani Media to Destabilize Pakistan-

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Electronic Media and Many Anchor Persons Have Been Turned into Toddy of RAW, MOSSAD, CIA and Other Hostile Agencies to Fulfill Their Nefarious Designs Against Pakistan.

Akbar Bugti with Bhutto

When present govt. came into power, President Zardari in order to reconcile with angry Baloch leaders and restore peace in the province apologized from Baloch nationalists and in order to understand their demands established a committee consisting of public representatives.

                This should be kept in mind that while discussing problems of Baluchistan the most favorite topic is underdevelopment of Baluchistan. Afterwards a very strange demand of few Baloch feudal lords was accepted as well, which was against the demands of defense of Pakistan and establishment of cantonments to tackle armed interference from Afghanistan by India. In those days the need of cantonments was more than ever due to the development of Gwadar port. The current upset in the area and target killing started in 2002 when after secret talks between Pakistan the news broke about the development of Gwadar port by China. China had signed a deal with Pakistan to develop Gwadar within three years to be handed over to govt. of Pakistan. This report struck three countries of the region and USA as a shock.
Khan of Qilat and Harabyar Mari controlling militants from London

                So the attacks on gas and electricity installations started, everyday there were reports of some pipe line or transmission line blown up by militants. During this time militants had shortage of weapons and man power. As soon as they got financial support, weapons and commando training from foreign power they started directly targeting FC (Frontier Constabulary). In order to stop work over development over Gwadar port Chinese workers and Engineers were abducted and killed. This thing should be kept in mind that only Chinese or Pakistanis become targets of these militants neither westerns nor Americans have ever been target of this terrorism, does not this clarify the supporter of these militants. Now this is not possible that one murders security personnel and these terrorists are welcomed with bouquets of flowers by this country. So when Pakistani security agencies started operation against these foreign funded militants, foreign funded private media of Pakistan jumped into the battle to support these terrorists by twisting the facts (in the other words media is indulged in social terrorism). If we look at the persons who were involved in these terroristic propaganda they belonged to the same anti-religious and anti-Pakistan class of the society who had paid an important role against Kala Bagh Dam. They went to such shameless arguments (word ‘shameless’ feels ashamed for being used for such people) that if some children have killed few security persons, this is good at least their anger has been released (how good it will be if families of these martyred security persons kill some of these anchor persons; at least they will get a chance to release and revenge their sorrow).
Brahamdagh along with cache of weapons; who has given him right to use funds for development of poor Baloch to purchase weapons?

                Those politicians who wanted to weaken grip of Musharaf over the govt. also played their role in deteriorating the situation of Baluchistan. They forgot that the deprivement of Baluchistan which they are using against Musharaf and in favor of these terrorists is not the actual problem; otherwise they themselves badly failed in removing poverty from Baluchistan during their reigns. They thought that after removing Musharaf, when they will be in power, they will repeat the old history of bribing Baloch feudals and suppressing on going militancy. But here the problem was in contrast to their plans. India was not ready to allow China to access Arabian sea  and establish a trade route from Kashgar to Gwadar. Few other countries of the region were also taking this trade route as a devastation for their economy. On this when not only India but NATO and USA started interference in Baluchistan from Afghanistan then military leadership acknowledged the plan of General Musa Khan belonging from Baluchistan in which he has emphasized over the construction of cantonments in Baluchistan.

New and Old Pictures of Barahmdagh Bugti

                This was increasing foreign interference which forced the decision of establishing cantonments in the province. This decision had to face severe reaction because establishment of cantonment will be not only helpful in controlling external interference but this will also help to uplift and educate the poor Baloch public, this is not acceptable by Baloch feudal lords. They think that if poor Baloch got educated than they will be no more their slaves and their lordship will come to end.

                However govt. withdrew its decision of establishing cantonments and Chief of army announced to convert buildings built for cantonments into cadet colleges, a specific quota for poor Baloch students was fixed for admissions in these colleges. This decision was targeted at removing the poverty and uplifting the situation of poor Baloch who had been living as slaves of feudal lords from centuries. This was a big decision but this decision could not be accepted by so called Baloch leaders on self exile establishing a sovereign govt. from Israeli city Jerusalem. These few traitors claiming to be representatives of Baluchistan (which they have kept as their slave for centuries) have changed their veil and are now following conspiracy of India, CIA and MOSSAD that they want freedom of Baluchistan which was captured by Pakistani army in 1947. It is the same stance which has been taken by Pakistan from last 64 years about Indian held Kashmir in UNO. If problem was of deprivment or underdevelopment than the funds and wealth which has been given to Baloch feudal lords (which they used to enact private armies and buy weapons from enemies of Pakistan) are beyond imagination in contrast to the situation of public Baluchistan who are forced either to join militant armies of these feudal lords. This has been struggle of Pakistan to destabilize writ of govt. in Baluchistan so that problem in Baluchistan could be attached with Pakistan to force Islamabad to withdraw our stand over Indian held Kashmir.

                When FC started operation against these terrorists after deaths of FC personnel, India started propaganda through her media that Pakistani army is targeting Hindus living in the Baluchistan. Two years ago India hosted a conference in new Delhi; Asma Jahangir, AItzaz Ahsan, Shery Rehman, Hasil Khan Bazanju, Madeeha Gohar, A.I. Rehman, Professor N.H. Munir, Malik Siraj Akbar, and Dr. Ayesha Siddiqa were specially invited to participate in this so called peace conference and all these persons secretly visited India. The President of this conference was I.K. Gujral ex-Indian Primeminister, other participants from India were PurKamal Chinoy, Mahesh Bhat, B. Murli, Retd. Admiral Ram Das, Kuldeep Nayar and others. Some people may think that I am against Pak-Bharat peace; this is not true, who will be against peace in the region; but if this peace is aimed at declining Pakistan to the position of toddy like Nepal and Bhutan than this is not acceptable at any cost. Peace conference held on 10-11 January of 2010 was a part of chain of conspiracies against Pakistan. The agenda of This conference called for specific purpose was “Issue of Autonomy Kashmir and Baluchistan.” Four sessions of this above mentioned conference were held but Indian media did not leak out any speeches or talks of this conference over the orders of Indian govt. However reports about purpose of this conference were published in Indian print media. After the conference this sentence of Aitzaz Ahsan was published as head lines; “We in Pakistan love India and Indians”, but Pakistani media who is always looking for reports about Indian actresses did not felt any need to give coverage or discuss this conference.
Scene of arrest of Shah Zain Bugti under allegedly for smuggling weapons

What did India get by attaching Baluchistan with her illegal capture of Indian held Kashmir?

This question needs much attention.

We also need to think over this that in USA a resolution about Greater Baluchistan was presented and here in Pakistan our private TV channels (getting paid dollars for broadcasting programs of “Voice Of America” or those private TV who have businesses outside Pakistan) at once got contact numbers of Brahamdagh Bugti and Harabyar Bugti (wanted by Pakistan) and these channels broadcasted their conversations. Is this also a coincident that our anchor persons portraying themselves as Aristotle suddenly got revelation that they have to talk about the reasons behind terrorism in Baluchistan for which these wanted persons blamed Punjabi army and Punjabi establishment (Does FC belong to Punjab)? During this no anchor person dared to ask these self exiled feudal lords that;

  1. Where all these funds of billions of rupees did go which were given to their elders/forefathers      (Baloch Feudal lords which they used to purchase weapons, establish private armies, educate these young traitors into West and for their debauchee) and other Baloch feudal lords for gas and other minerals. Does poor public of Baluchistan have no right over this money of royalty beside feudal lords?
  2. Would they like to disclose sources for their farm houses in other cities of Pakistan and abroad and also expenses for their roister; would they like to answer that if they are not involved in the poverty in Baluchistan than why there is difference in their life style and life style of a common man of Baluchistan?
  3. Would they like to disclose resources from where they get finances to meet their expenses to stay in five star hotels (whose one night’s rent is more than annual budget of a Baloch belonging to middle class) outside Pakistan and also how they fund their anti-Pakistan campaigns?
  4. Who is the hurdle in construction of hospitals, schools, and other infrastructure and facilities? Are not these feudal lords now playing in the hands of enemies of Pakistan against construction of such infrastructure that it will release poor Baloch people from their slavery? Is not this true that these feudal lords do not want that these common Baloch get all the facilities of life which these corrupt lords enjoy in other cities of Pakistan? This should be kept in mind that approximately 6.511 million Baloch are living outside Baluchistan.
  5. In Baluchistan there are 103 tribes of Baloch people, out of which the four Baloch lords from 3 tribes who are working for greater Baluchistan, their forefathers had been designated as Chief Ministers, Governors and ministers. Than why did not they do anything to uplift the standard of living of Baloch people besides establishing private armies, running farrari camps and purchasing weapons from India? Had Punjabi army or Punjabi establishment stopped them for doing anything for their poor people while same army and establishment did not do anything to stop them for corruption? If they were free in establishing private armies, corruption than this is also true that they were also free to eliminate poverty in Baluchistan for which they got votes from Baloch.
  6. The present elected leadership of Baluchistan and representatives present in provincial assembly, are not they Baloch? Had not they got funds for development work in their relative electoral areas from where they have got elected?
  7. As these separatists have said that they will accept support of Satan for freedom; would they like to disclose that what are other sources beside Satan from where they are getting weapons, funds and support?
  8. Are not they involved in killing and creating hurdles for poor Baloch in rocket attacks or sabotaging of railways, are not these the people who being poor and deprived could not travel in big imported vehicles or aero planes? Than why these so called freedom fighters are killing those poor and deprived for whom they claim to be demanding right of freedom while on the other hand they themselves are responsible for deprivement of these poor Baloch.
Map of Greater Baluchistan; Dream of Indian RAW

But irony of fate is this that these anchors could not dare to ask such questions; if they do their salaries paid in dollars and branded suits that they are gifted for treason will be taken back. Otherwise these moral-less anchors who in order to increase rating of their channels broadcast scenes of quarrels between representatives of different political parties, should have dared to invite elected member of national assembly Sardar Ahmad Bugti from Dera Bugti in their conversation with Brahamdagh Bugti. So that this newly elected MNA could have been able to present his views over unrest in Baluchistan.

                This does not mean that situation in Baluchistan is all good, but it is not so much critical as being presented by one class of media. Govt, of Pakistan should go ahead for the peace in the Baluchistan after consulting with all political parties. Moreover this should be raised in UNO that why Britain and Switzerland and other such countries are letting their land to be used for planning and control of terrorism and armed interference in Pakistan? Moreover all the evidences of foreign interference and support of these terrorists should be disclosed in front of nation and international community; this is not the time for in-camera briefings but of telling the truth to the nation…

Written By Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 29 February 2012.