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What Our Intellectuals want to Prove by Exempting Sheikh Mujeeb for 1971 Genocide? Part-III

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Lt. Col. Farook telling the media about reasons that led to murder  of Mujeeb

As soon as Pak Army surrendered a new state known as ‘Bangladesh’ appeared over the map of the world and the streets and roads of Bangladesh got red with the blood of non-Bengalis. Bengali Muslims killed non-Bengali Muslims with the support of Hindu army. The crime of these non-Bengali Muslims was only that they had migrated from Hindu India to Pakistan during partition of 1947 and had struggled for the state of Pakistan that got independence on the ideology of Islam and TWO NATIONS THEORY. But in December 1971, Eastern Pakistan fell target to conspiracies against two nations theory and Indira Gandhi proudly stated that they (Hindus) have drowned away Two Nations Theory in the bay of Bengal.

            In Bangladesh Sheikh Mujeeb came into power while in Western Pakistan Zulifqar Ali Bhutto took oath as ‘Martial Law Administrator’. According to the principles Mr. Bhutto had no right to be the leader of the country because on the basis of the election system on which his party had majority and he was the leader of the party securing majority of the votes had already lost significance due to fall of Dhaka. But due to the sorrow and anger for defeat and loss the public and the political parties could not resist while a brother Islamic country and (secret dictator of Pakistan) USA wanted to see Zulifqar Ali Bhutto as Prime Minister of the remaining Pakistan so that Two Nations Theory could be completely destroyed forever. In order to roll back the industrial development of Western Pakistan or remaining Pakistan all the industrial units were nationalized, and in order to push Pakistani nation towards the darkness of illiteracy the educational institutions were nationalized as well. What are the unending negative impacts of all these steps taken by Bhutto regime on the stability and integrity of Pakistan this is a separate story beyond the scope of this column?
Mujeeb along with his daughter Haseena Wajid

            Let’s return back to the separation of Bangladesh and the establishment of Mujeeb backed by India. Mujeeb was aware that non-Bengalis are being killed, raped, he was also aware that many non-Bengali girls were kidnapped and gang raped by Indian state terrorists what world knows as Indian Army but he kept silent. Bangladeshi media sold out to India (just like present media of Pakistan) that blamed Pakistan army for fake incidents of gang rapes of Bengali women and murders of Bengalis was now silent over these war crimes of Indian state terrorists. However on the hue and cry raised by Western media Mujeeb ordered Bangladeshi army to protect non-Bengalis and they were removed out of their houses to concentration centers; while their property was taken over by Mukti Bahni and extremists of Awami League.

            The power of the Bangladesh was in the hands of Mujeeb without any partnership and he was obliged to India for this but the dust of being obliged to India started leaving minds of Bangladeshi public; they also realized with the passage of time that in spite being independent they have been chained into slavery of Hindu India. Due to non enforcement of visa procedure Indian army, terrorists and criminals from India entered into the adjacent Bangladeshi areas; committed dacoity robberies and kidnapped women and returned back to their safe heaven i.e. Mother of Democracy India. No one was there to stop them, so they got so brave that they started demanding protection money from Bangladeshi investors and rich.

The Second book of consisting of Memories of Mujeeb Published in Pakistan

            These incidents were also being reported into Bangladeshi army and police a situation that was not acceptable for them but they were powerless in front of Mujeeb, his sons and corrupt leaders of Awami League; because Mujeeb was not ready to hear anything against India; he was totally controlled and governed by India. This detachment of Mujeeb with his own public was badly felt by some officers in Bangladeshi army who were of the view that they have not clamored against their own Pakistan army for slavery of Hindus. The hatred against Mujeeb blasted away in the form of lava on the night of 15th August 1975 the independence day of India when after the few hours Mujeeb was to be announced as the President of the Bangladesh for life and Indira had to participate in this ceremony especially. But before the sun of 15th August rose Mujeeb and whole of his family had been taken care off; they were murdered in the hands of their own Bangladeshi army. The murderers were higher officials of Bangladeshi army and soldiers under the command of Lt. Colonel Syed Farooq Rehman. However for such a big step Lt. Colonel Farooq had support of other higher officers of the only Armored Regiment of Bangladesh and its officers Lt. Colonel Sultan Shehr Yar Khan, Lt. Colonel Noor Chauhdary, Lt. Colonel Rasheed Chauhdary, Lt. Colonel Muhayuddin, Lt. Colonel Sharifulhaq, Major Muhayuddin, Captain Abdul Samad and many non commissioned officers and soldiers who believed that removal of Mujeeb and his family was inevitable for the independence of Bangladesh from Indian slavery. In his memoirs Colonel Farooq writes that he got commission in Pakistan army as Bengali Officer in 1966, after passing out from PMA his first appointment was in 13-Lancers however he was posted to 31-Cavalry afterwards. In 1971 when Indo-Pak war begun he was in Abu Dhabi along with Pakistani contingent. On the independence of Bangladesh he returned back to Dhaka via London; on his arrival he was promoted to the rank of Lt. Colonel as Director Armored. This was the only unit of Armored in Bangladesh. It included many officers who had fought against Pakistan army along with Indian army. Now the security of founder of Bangladesh, Mujeeb and presenting Guard of Honor to him was the duty of Armored Regiment.

The Book written by Sarmila Bose (On Right)


    Colonel Farooq confesses that like other Bangladeshis he considered Mujeeb as his leader and saviour, the reports of injustices and human rights violations in the hands of Mukti Bahni, Awami League and Indian Guests often were reported into Armored Regiment but no one ever paid any attention to them. He says, “their views changed when we observed suspicious activities at President’s residency while fulfilling our duty of security but we remained silent”. However in 1974, the limits of patience of Bangladeshi public got filled and they took to the roads against Mujeeb establishment. Colonel Farooq says, “Our Regiment was ordered to crush those staging protest against Mujeeb” he further says, “I was close enough to Mujeeb to dare to ask my beloved hero to listen to the protestors and negotiate with their leaders. On my request Mujeeb got angry and ordered to identify and kill his opponents. We were facing a very difficult situation, we were being ordered for which previously Pakistan army was blamed. In order to control the situation when we tried to know the truth on our level, we were shocked; the whole problem was of looting, murders and rapes by Mukti Bahni criminals, Awami League and Indian terrorists/gangs. When we informed Army Chief he gave us verbal orders not to torture protestors but arrest the culprits and hand them over to police so that justice could be provided to public. So we arrested many criminals and handed them over to police but within few hours they were released. This was shameful situation for us. We contacted Army Chief General Khalid Musharaf again on our powerlessness but he apologized to discuss this matter saying that Mujeeb has Indian support so Mujeeb is not ready to hear anything against Indians involved in criminal activities in Bangladesh.
This was May 1974, the criminal activities of Indian terrorists and Awami league activists were on the rise. I dared and went to meet Mujeeb ignoring protocol. In spite my sudden appearance I was allowed to meet him while he was busy with his friends in private party; when I entered there I got shocked, the majority of the guests was of Indians involved in criminal and terrorist activities in Bangladesh. It was useless to say anything to him there, I apologized from President Mujeeb for interfering in his private meeting and returned back. Other officers and I realized that in order to free Bangladeshi people from Indian terrorists and local criminals the removal of Mujeeb was inevitable because we were observing that it was not possible to remove Mujeeb politically due to Indian support. I had a force of 100 men and all were agreed to remove Mujeeb”…

To Be Continued...

Written By Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 28 December 2012. 

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