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What Our Intellectuals want to Prove by Exempting Sheikh Mujeeb for 1971 Genocide?

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The Family of Mujeeb that was murdered by his own Bangladeshi army

As soon as the month of December starts our AMAN KI ASHA brand intellectuals try to mutilate the history in such a way that Indian interference and state terrorism of India in the form of Mukti Bahni (and all their war crimes and brutal acts) against Eastern Pakistanis could be covered. So that the younger generation of Pakistan could be misguided that India had no role in division of Pakistan but it was the result of policies of civil bureaucracy, Pakistan army (overwhelmed by Punjabis)  and few influential feudal politicians who treated Bengalis as 3rd degree citizens. However our (self-proclaimed) intellectuals while trying to mutilate the history in favor of India (to secure their financial resources from India) they ignore the fact that from 1947 to 1971 the majority of Pakistan army was non-Punjabi and from other regions of Pakistan. Even during the reign of English they were known as ‘Marshal Race’ and the youth of these areas was given special importance for commission in “British Indian Army” as officers; the same was the case with the bureaucracy having majority of non-Punjabi and from those areas where Mughal had established madaris and educational institutions, so the English also chose those cities for providing facilities of modern education including Ali Garh University.

            Why Pakistan army came into power impeaching the govt. of that time that is a separate discussion but the facts are different from what our AMAN KI ASHA brand Pro-Indians are propagating to spread chaos that Pak-Army and Punjabi establishment is responsible for the fall of Dhaka. The truth is that from 1947 to 1971 not a single Chief of Army belonged to Punjab; General Frank Walter, General Douglas Gracey, General Ayub Khan, General Musa, and General Yahya all were non-Punjabi. But India through Hindu traders, teachers, owners of press and Hindu industrialists exploited the hurricane in bay of Bengal hitting Eastern every couple of years; through a proper planning the Western Pakistan especially ‘Punjabis’ were blamed for the underdevelopment of Eastern Pakistan. In order to support this conspiracy and propaganda Indian agents like Ghafar Khan in NWFP, Nationalist Feudal Lords of Sindh and few Sardars of Baluchistan were already at the beck and call of India, first of all feeling of being ignored and deprived was cultivated into the public of Eastern Pakistan that was further developed into hatred or being hated.  Now the same is being repeated in Pakistan once again by our pro-Indian (sold out) journalists and intellectuals in the name of opposition of TWO NATIONS THEORY.
Few Pakistani intellectuals and Lawyers apologizing on the roads of Dhaka for 1971

            Few journalists and liberals (anti-Islamic in proper words) try to reinforce ‘soft image’ of India (to achieve secret goals of AMAN KI ASHA) by utilizing their abilities while irony of fate is that others just propagate their statements (lies) avoiding the work needed for researching themselves. Although propagating whatever one hears is nature of the human beings but think again if in this way false statements and facts mutilating history presented for propaganda purposes are transmitted and accepted as history than what would be its effects on the NATION? Here I would like to include an excerpt from the book (Shahab Nama) of famous Bureaucrat Qudrat-Ullah Shahab in which he complains about the journalists. He writes; “when ‘Writers Guild’ was established everyone was of the view that I have done that as a trick so that all upcoming journalists and intellectuals could be controlled by President Ayub. Everyone was saying that exploiting the trust of Ayub this institute was being used as shelter for pro-communists journalists. When ‘Pakistan Times’, ‘Imrose’ and ‘Lail-o-Nihar’ were forcefully taken over by govt. I was blamed for that as well. The notorious Press and Publications Ordinance of 1963 was blamed on me as well. I hoped that journalists who dig out many secrets; someone would dare to investigate and research over the blames that were laid upon me. This hope proved to be false and everyone followed the others steps and repeated the same allegations. Due to this situation I decided to write that book; I don’t want to use it to prove that I was innocent to earn fame but I just want that facts are recorded in their actual form.”

            The same like situation is being faced by the nation about the facts over fall of Dhaka. One bitter reality is that enemy succeeded in cutting down our Eastern wing, the second irony of fate is that our army has to face insult of defeat by laying down weapons in front of enemy; but no one has ever dared to bring forward the reasons behind this defeat, the internal and external conspiracies, no one has dared to point out the real culprits of this tragedy; however Pakistan army is blamed for genocide of thousands of innocent Bengalis, murders and gang rapes, Pakistan army and especially Punjabis are blamed for fall of Dhaka and this series of propaganda is still going on (because enemy is aware on the day this nation will identify the real conspiracies and its agents that would be the day of revenge).
January 1972; Bangladeshi Soldiers murdering non-Bengalis with the knives over their rifles

            A new chapter in this propaganda has been added by Mr. Hamir Mir by writing a column in an English newspaper, in which he negates the allegation of treason and breaking of country over Mujeeb-u-Rehman trying to prove him innocent. For this Mr. Hamid Mir has taken the support of book written by Mujeeb himself; Mr. Hamid says in his article that
            ‘This book is a great source of history for the young generation of Pakistan’.
That is another topic that why our self-proclaimed intellectual had to portray Mujeeb as a hero on the arrival of December; moreover including Pakistani diplomat residing on self exile in USA how many others are ready to hit Pakistan army through their pen under cover of 16 December 1971 but I am sure that they will never mention  the column published in Bangladesh in October 2007 “WHY DID India HELP IN 1971?” by ‘Shah Muhammad Saifuddin’. They will not also dare to discuss the book “Dead Reckoning” by Sarmila Bose that denies all allegations over Pak-Army that Pakistan army its own citizens/fellow-men and gang raped women.

            Hamid Mir claims that according to the communication between Central Command and General Niazi, General Niazi had threatened that he would change the entire race by raping Bengali women through his soldiers. In the same at one place Mr. Mir writes that Ayub khan had hatred against Bengalis for Supporting Miss Fatima Jinnah in Presidential elections while Sheikh Mujeeb was Chief Polling Agent for Miss Fatima Jinnah. If this was also a reason behind the separation of Bangladesh than Mr. Hamid Mir has forgotten (or just ignored for dollars) that few months after the elections during the war of 1965 Bengali brothers were also standing at the back of army along with Western Pakistanis to support army against Indian aggression. In the end of his propaganda column Hamid Mir advises Pakistanis;
“It is time now to apologize officially to the people of Bangladesh, only brave people accept their mistakes”.

The reason behind this new demand for apology (after 41 years) from Pakistani side to Bangladesh clearly indicates the links between the AMAN KI ASHA (opposing the two nations theory) and denial of Bangladeshi Premier in D-8 conference till the apology. Of course there will be hidden goals behind this new move that might also be extended even to the international court of war crimes. Our self-proclaimed (pro-Indian) representatives of civil society already stage dramas of apologies for the atrocities committed by army from Bangladesh by hoisting banners during their regular visits to Bangladesh. However this time on 15th December 2012 Bangladesh govt. has announced to hold a ceremony in which 150 non-Bangladeshis  will be given special awards who helped Bangladesh in separation from Pakistan. However according to a Bangladeshi the list of award receivers includes the name of 15 Pakistani intellectuals and persons from civil society as well that not only left no stone unturned to defame Pakistan army, support separation of East Pakistan but their pens are on the front line while attacking the base of Pakistan i.e. TWO NATIONS THEORY. Although the names of the Pakistani participants are not given but all other award winners belong to India that provides the undeniable evidence that India is not only the enemy but the role that injected terrorism into East Pakistan and later on portrayed it as freedom movement. Due to this ceremony a voice has been raised into India for the first time; the genocide in the form of Mukti Bahni, murders in Eastern Pakistan and Gorilla war against Pakistan but in spite of such a great and successful role he has been neither awarded any award nor Indian govt. has bestowed him with anything.
Tibetan Brigadier Ratuk Ngawang who has confessed for the first time for Indian interference and fighting against Pakistan Army in Eastern Pakistan Disguised as MUKTI BAHNI

            This is the voice of DAPON RATUK NGAWANG (DAPON is used in Tibetan language for Brigadier) 84 year old Tibetan; he was Commander of secret gorilla force (terrorists) in Tibet against China. He claims that on the orders of elder brother of Dalai Lama, Mr. Gyalo Thondap if they had not fought into Eastern Pakistan as Mukti Bahni in 1971 than it was not possible for India to win the war. Until now world was being told through Indian propaganda that locals from Eastern Pakistan fought against their own army but the confession of Tibetan Brigadier provides the evidence of armed Indian interference in Eastern Pakistan or in proper words state terrorism of India in Eastern Pakistan. Tibetan Brigadier has made many other important disclosures. However if we accept this hypothesis that Mujeeb was hero of Bangladesh than why he became target of hatred of his own troops? Why Haseena Wajid believes that until Bangladeshis are not deprived of Islam they cannot get rid of ill philosophy of Pakistanism and Two Nations Theory? Will discuss all these in the next episode…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 07 December, 2012.

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