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You may not have like President Gen. Ayub Khan but you would agree that his foreign trips did uplift Pakistan's image abroad.   This  was  the  stature  of  our  country;

These photos originated from the archives of the Chicago Sun-Times and Chicago Daily News, Detroit News, Boston Herald,  Seattle Times, Sports Magazines and other newspapers.

President Ayub Khan in 1958

OCT 4 1959: President of Pakistan, M Ayub Khan waving at crowd

1965: Press Photo of President Ayub Khan

USA visit of 1961: JUL 11, 1961 Welcome: Today near Washington DC -- President Kennedy and Jackie Kennedy welcome President Ayub Khan of Pakistan at Andrews Air Force Base. In the back were Begum Nasim Akhtar Aurangzeb, Ayub Khan's daughter and Clement Conger of the State Department.

Hearty Embrace: President Ayub meets Ex US President Eisenhower and his wife during his 1961 USA visit.

USA visit of 1961: Picnic at Johnson City, Tex, Pakistani President Ayub Khan sampled barbecue food as his host, Vice President Johnson looked on. 

USA visit of 1961: Addressing before the US Congress

USA visit of 1961: President Ayub Khan of Pakistan with former President Eisenhower and President Kennedy talk before a group dinner in Washington DC.

1960: President Mohammed Ayub Khan rides through Tokyo in the Imperial Household horse drawn carriage.

APR 10, 1966: Red Chinese President Dined In Pakistan -- President Liu Shao Chi of Communist China, third from left, joins in applause as he is feted at a banquet in Islamabad, Pakistan, yesterday by Pakistani president Mohammed Ayub Khan, second from left. Mme. Liu Shao Chi is at left, the Pakistani first lady in white at right.

President Ayub with Premier Chou En Lai, Pres Gamal A Nasser and President Sukarno at Cairo Airport  to attend the Afro-Asian Conference on 29.6.1965

1966: Commonwealth Visit of President Ayub Khan. Prince Philips receiving President Ayub and his daughter Begum Nasim Aurangzeb at London Airport on 17.11.66  

Commonwealth Visit: President Ayub Khan waves to a crowd of Pakistanis at London airport, watched by Prince Philips.

Commonwealth Visit: President Ayub Khan welcomed by Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philips at Buckingham Palace.

President Ayub in 1968

Pakistani President Mohammad Ayub Khan addressing a rally in Dacca, only the eyes and top of his head visible for security, in front of large portraits of himself and Pakistan's founder Mohammed Ali Jinnah. Dated December 8, 1968.

President Ayub addressing the nation on 21.2.1969. 

1962: President Mohammed Ayub Khan & Children -  Press Photo

President Ayub's USA visit of 1961

NOV 17 1968: In Islamabad, President Mohammed Ayub Khan posed with his grandchildren after ten years as leader of his nation. Under Ayub's rule Pakistan has gained political stability and a steadily growing economy.

FEB 23 1964: President Mohammed Ayub Khan with traditionally dressed Pakistani girls

1965: US President Johnson and President Ayub Khan

1967: President Mohammed Ayub Khan and French President Charles de Gaulle 
1967: In Moscow with the Soviet Premier Kosygin
DEC 11 1968: Pakistani President Ayub Khan, right, seemed to be just a little apprehensive about all the empty chairs as he and the governor of East Pakistan, Abdul Monem Khan, sat at a banquet table in Dacca. President Khan is on a tour of East Pakistan, which has been struck with anti-government demonstrations recently.
FEB 21, 1969: President Mohammed Ayub Khan said today he will give up the political power he has held in Pakistan for the past decade. He did so, he said, because the country was "On the verge of Insanity," meaning civil war.
A newspaper clip of Feb 29, 1969

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