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The Conspiracies against Islam and Reality of Taliban! Part-III

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Kabul converted into ruins by Civil War

This is mid 1994; the organizational structure of Taliban is nearly complete. Now there introduction was the need of the time and to make them a force to reckon with in the eyes of the world. The news were reported in the newspapers that the Herat (Afghan Province) is facing severe shortage of food but the supply route for food and other necessities was insecure as different war lords have established their own states and their men  have established check posts on the roads to loot the convoys. Even the Governor of Qandhar Mulla Naqeeb had denied providing guarantee of safe passage to those who were interested in supplying the food to Herat. At least a religious figure and head of a religious political party from Pakistan was sent to Qandhar for negotiations; afterwards American ambassador to Pakistan Mr. John C. Monjo arrived Qandhar on a secret visit along with Pakistani Interior Minister Naseerullah Babar accompanied by officials of CIA.

            The opposition in Pakistan disclosed the secret visit of John C. Monjo along with Pakistani Interior Minister and severe protests were recorded. As a reaction to this protest from opposition Naseerullah Babar explained in the press conference that he has taken John C. Mongo to Chaman for visit as he liked the fruits of Chaman too much, however this trip was limited to Chaman only. In the other words the secret trip to Qandahar was denied. After this within few days a UN convey entered into Afghanistan via Chaman along with trucks carrying relief goods for inhabitants of Herat. Few representatives from international media also accompanied this relief convoy; but as soon as this convey reached Qandahar the whole convey was taken hostage and the luggage was taken into custody by Afghan Mujahideen controlling Qandahar. These included the Mujahideen from ‘Muhaz-e-Mili’, ‘Jabah Nijat-e-Mili’ and ‘Jamiat-e-Islami’. Negotiations continued for two weeks for the release of convoy.

            During this the protests against Benazir govt. and Interior Minister Naseerullah Babar in Pakistan disclosed the American policies on the international level resulting in protests against US and its policies on international level for risking the lives of dozens of UN employees that were under threat due to the convoy taken hostage enroute to Herat. But whole world was taken by shock when suddenly Taliban attacked the Qandhar, released the convoy and captured Qandahar. After this Taliban dispatched the convoy alongwith their security. During this due to the on going civil war and crimes of Northern Alliance, Afghan Public started joining Taliban rapidaly. The credibility or fear of Taliban had so influenced the people that from wherever the UN convoy under Taliban security passed, the war lords and their militia laid down weapons in front of Taliban. Taliban offered peaceful laying down of weapons to the commander of nearby militant group or to get ready for war. Taliban had to face very nominal resistance at few points for example Mujahideen of Ahmad Shah Masood resisted in Ghazni however Ghazni was easily run over by Taliban. In the way Taliban defeated the opposing forces lying around Herat, they enchanted the whole Afghanistan with their magical power.

Ahmad Shah Masood; Leader of Northern Alliance

            Till the end of 1994 from the area (of Qandahar) adjacent to Pakistan to Herat; whole area was in control of Taliban; this was the time when USA officially accepted its link with Taliban in a press release. The Washington Post issued the news;

By mid-October 1994, The Taliban takes over the town of Qandahar in Southern Afghanistan, before the end of the month John Cameron Monjo, the US ambassador to Pakistan, makes a tour of areas controlled by the Taliban with Pakistan’s Interior Minister Naseerullah Babar, who is said to have been a force behind the Taliban creation. The state department issues a press release calling the victory of “students” A “Positive Development Likely to bring stability back to the area””.

If after such clear evidence Pro-American, self-proclaimed Pakistani intellectuals like Najam Sethi and others are insisting that USA had no role (as a state policy) in creation of Taliban and injection of extremism (or in proper words terrorism) than they should either visit and analyze American official documents or at least they  should read page 261, 262 of Labeviere 1999; they will not feel any need to betray, cheat, mislead and misguide the younger generation (except for dollars for their lifestyle and branded suits).

            After Taliban secured and reinforced their capture from Qandahar to Herat; the goals of American policy makers had been achieved for which they have created Taliban. USA started negotiations with the newly born Middle Eastern states that had got independence from Soviet Union, for exploiting their natural resources (Oil and Gas) and supplying them to the outer world. But Taliban were not ready to be confined only from Qandahar to Herat; their eyes were on Kabul where the fighter aircrafts of Ahmad Shah Masood were busy in bombarding the forces of Hikmat Yar in outer skirts of Kabul. The capture of Kabul by Taliban was not part of the US plan however over the insisting demand of Taliban, USA kept silence. Moreover this also satisfied USA that advance of Taliban towards Kabul would crush the military force of Hikmat Yar in Chahar Asbab which was the largest group of Mujahideen equipped with heavy weapons as it might pose threat to American interests in Afghanistan in future.

            On 12 February 1995 an envoy from Taliban met Hikmat Yar and offered him either to join Taliban, or give them way or get ready for war. In case of war on the one hand forces of Ahmad Shah Masood while on the other hand Taliban could have easily wiped out the militia of Hikmat Yar. Hikmat Yar at once called upon his advisors and told them that Taliban are asking passage for attack over Kabul and if in spite of giving them way we resist than this would be equivalent to defending Ahmad Shah Masood while Taliban are also advancing for Islam and imposing the system prescribed by Almighty Allah. Hikmat Yar and his advisors announced to withdraw from Chahar Bagh astonishing whole world and shocking America because USA has secretly signed a pact with Ahmad Shah Masood; USA wanted to keep Kabul under the control of Ahmad Shah Masood. But due to the strategy of Hikmat Yar not only Taliban and Ahmad Shah Masood but US interests came face to face.

Engineer Gulbadeen Hikmat Yar

            Realizing the poor situation getting out of control USA sent her special representative Mehmood Mistri under cover of UNO at once to Kabul so that a deal between Taliban and Ahmad Shah Masood could be chalked out. Mehmood became shuttle cock between the two groups for two months but failed to end the gulf of mistrust and misunderstandings between the two militant groups. On the one hand if Taliban did not capture Kabul in spite of Hikmat Yar’s giving  way would have created division with in Taliban moreover the General Tani and his forces from Khalq party that were also accompanying Taliban had old enmity towards Baba Khan important ally of Ahmad Shah Masood. Taliban had went far beyond American mandate and left behind the ideological goals specified by USA. The success that Taliban had gained at every point due to being peace and Islam promoters has resulted in increased influence of Islamists in Taliban in organizational decisions.  Keeping in view the victories of the Taliban, the commander of Charkhi Bridge Molvi Sadiqullah barricading outside Kabul had also voluntarily joined Taliban. Now on the other side of Kabul Jabal Alsiraj and 6 other adjacent provinces were such where the Janbush-e-Mili of General Dostam had control.

            This was the first time when Ahmad Shah Masood felt himself powerless and surrounded; so he started propaganda against Pakistan. Ahmad Shah Masood was sure that America has cheated him; he denied further negotiations with Mehmood Mistri envoy from UNO terming him as Pakistani agent. Ahmad Shah laid further allegations over Pakistan that Pakistan is interfering into the internal affairs of Afghanistan. During this one more tragedy happened; General Rasheed Dostam also signed a deal with Taliban due to the personal efforts of General Naseerullah Babar. After this opposition parties in Pakistan protested against Naseerullah that he is fighting personal war in Afghanistan and becoming a cause of defamation for Pakistan over international level. The opposition parties in Pakistan did not have enough courage to openly claim that this is not Pakistan but USA that is supporting Taliban. At this spot the credibility of Taliban also suffered because they have joined hands with such a brutal beast and eternal enemy of Muslims General Dostam,whose hands were red with the blood of the innocents in the areas that were under control of Soviet Forces, mutilating the women and murdering the men belonging to his opposition. After the criticism over the deal between Taliban and Dostam, Taliban Leader Mullah Umar had to issue the explanation that Dostam has now left communism, he has repented and offers regular prayers.

General Rasheed Dostam

            Now Ahmad Shah had no other way left except to hand over Kabul to Taliban; he moved towards valley of Panj Sher and continued his resistance against Taliban. Taliban announced their govt. after reinforcing their control over the Afghanistan leaving aside the 5% area under control of Northern Alliance; this changed the American treatment towards Taliban. Except Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and UAE all other countries denied accepting the govt. of Taliban. However whole world was aware that all three countries accepting Taliban govt. had the American dictaction in this regard because USA wanted to be in contact with Taliban at least secretly if not directly. USA blames ISI and General Hameed Gul for this sudden change in the American created organization ‘Taliban’ which not only defeated the goal for which USA had created Taliban but Pakistan also brought them face to face to USA. This is the reason behind American attempt to get Gen. Hameed Gul declared as terrorist from UNO which met with failure due to opposition from China.

Demolished Kabul with few surviving mosques in Civil War

            Why Taliban were forced towards seclusion in Afghanistan, extremism, to take those steps that have nothing to do with Islam; in spite of restoring peace, law and order in such a country that was trapped in vicious circle of civil war and abolishing the ages old crop of opium why did not world accept the Taliban govt.? Why USA had to take the extreme step to enter into the Afghanistan along with the NATO forces? All this is a separate and long story. In spite of discussion and disputes over this story these facts could not be changed that USA created Taliban for its needs, as per her needs declared them as terrorists from American maid UNO and now USA is negotiating with these terrorists for her own interests and needs of the future. What would be the result; this would be decided by the time. But this is a bitter reality that as long as America will continue to interfere into the internal affairs of the other countries she will have to face RESISTANCE

Written By Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 23 November, 2012.

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