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The Conspiracies against Islam and Reality of Taliban! Part-II

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The Chief of Haqqani Network Sarajjuddin Haqani now declared as Terrorist Group addressing media in White House

The migration of Osama Bin Laden to Sudan was considered due to American anger over his presence in Afghanistan. But in the last part you have seen the quoted article of Robert Fisk in the INDEPENDECE. It is clearly written there that Osama was busy in construction work in Sudan along with his Mujahideen who participated in the war against Soviet Union. But according to famous journalist Micha Chossudovsky from Canada Osama was working along with an NGO in Sudan “Third World Relief Agency (TWRA)” to recruit Mujahideen for independence movements of Bosnia and Kosovo against Yugoslavia. While TWRA had much influence in Yugoslavia as sub-agency of CIA due to which it had abundant manpower available for genocide of Muslims in Bosnia and Kosovo. The suspicious silence of USA and NATO over this massacre represents secret hands behind this state terrorism. Whole world was protesting against this massacre but USA was limited only to oral condemning statements. Afterwards the leader of Yugoslavia Slobodan Milošević in his last speech claimed himself to be free of all charges of war crimes and blamed American CIA for massacre of Muslims; as a reaction of this speech NATO airplanes destroyed Yugoslavian TV/Radio buildings through aerial bombardment. Because Milosevic has laid serious allegations against USA and the remaining part of the speech had yet to be telecasted. However in 1997 the Republicans in USA issued a report about Clinton establishment for transferring Islamic Extremists from the whole world in Bosnia and raising the “Militant Islamic Network” that is available over internet with the reference of ‘1997-Congressional Report of the Republican Party (RPC)’. This information is also available over the US News Websites that Militant Islamic Network in Bosnia was afterwards converted into ‘Al-Qaeda’. What were the reasons behind massacre of Muslims in Bosnia or why Osama developed disputes with giant construction companies of Saudi Arabia during construction contracts in Sudan that were converted into war between USA and Osama; all this is a separate topic. Here the main goal behind the whole above discussion was to make it clear that how much close Osama and US were. Lets come towards Taliban that according to Mr. Najam Sethi were created by Pakistan.

            This is January 1994; the civil war in Afghanistan is on its peak due to absence of representative govt. at the will of USA. Kabul was under control of different linguistic groups that fought against USSR all equipped with latest lethal weapons. Burhan-u-Din is President while Prime Ministership is with Gulbadeen Hikmat Yar. In spite of the freezing frost the artillery and armored units are busy in fire. Famous areas of Kabul Bala Hisar and Jabal Al-Siraj etc. were in the control of militia of General Dostam. The outskirts were in the control of Zarb-e-Islami of Hikmat Yar. The old buddy of Soviet Army, supporter of Communism and Chief of Ex-Special Republican Guards of Ex-Afghan Army General Baba Khan and General Aziz were supporting Ahmad Shah Masood on the linguistic basis. The supporters of the Babrak Kamil of the Parcham Party were joining Ahmad Shah Masood as well. The pilots of Dr. Najeebullah’s regime were all communists so they had joined Ahmad Shah Masood and were bombarding opposing groups. In the other words the Kabul city that was saved in resistance war against USSR was converted into ruins. On the pressure of UNO a temporary seize fire for one week was accepted by all active groups for safe evacuation of international diplomats.

Bazooka Vespa; Equipped with MMRR 106 Gun used by Mujahideen against Soviet Forces 

            From the morning of 9 January till the evening of 10 January approximately 200 foreign diplomats had evacuated from Kabul; utilizing this seize fire hundreds of thousands of Afghans left Kabul along with few suits and handy luggage. The Afghan who had not felt any need to evacuate from Kabul during Soviet war were forced to leave it in the war between Mujahideen. Although as soon as the mutual war between different groups had started after withdrawal of Russian forces Pakistan, Iran and Saudi Arabia had started struggle for consensus but the lack of trust between different Mujahid groups was so severe that apparently united groups started shelling each other on little disputes. In spite of all this several contracts were signed between different active groups for establishing govt. which flopped due to stubbornness or violation by one group. Asides from this the process for raising a 3rd power for control over Afghanistan was also going on by CIA.

Afghan Mujahideen equipped with US weapons active against Soviet Forces 

            First of all General Dostam was used by CIA but he joined Mujahideen. After this the tribes of Zahir Shah of Qandhar and his supporters, few Clerics, Communist of Muslim Militia General Asmatullah, and other small Mujahid groups were united and an attempt was made to capture special areas but faced failure due to internal mistrust of the groups of militants. The third attempt was formation of Mazlomeen consisting of communists from ex-military and govt. servants of Afghanistan; there goal was to liberate Afghan public from mutual wars of Mujahideen. However this attempt also brought no fruit. The most astonishing fact is that all these attempts to restore were targeted only to the southern part of Afghanistan, the area between the Pakistani province Baluchistan to Herat. This is evident that USA wanted access to the resources of Middle Eastern  states through the same trade route for which Soviet Union had built a road in Afghanistan but before she could reach the sea through Gwadar Soviet Union was disintegrated.

            The establishment of an organization named as Taliban was the 4th attempt for controlling area from Qandhar to Heart; for this purpose these slogans were specially propagated
  1. The establishment of Peace
  2. Freedom from Oppression
  3. Imposition of Islamic System
The leader of Taliban; Mullah Umar

In the initial formation of Taliban three types of people were included; first group consisted of professional soldiers from Khlaq party having Communist ideology, trained for using heavy artillery and latest weapons and also well aware of military discipline. Shahnawaz Tani Ex-Defense Minister of Najeeb establishment was given responsibilities as their leader; he was hiding in Pakistan after defeat in treason against Najeeb on the orders of CIA. The second group consisted of common Mujahideen who were included in lower category during Jihad and were busy in attacks in the formation of 100-500 personnel during civil war; when their chiefs contracted with Taliban they all became Taliban. The third and important group consisted of the students of thousands of Afghans that had been educated or were being educated in the different religious schools/Madaris in Pakistan; it was necessary to include them for the identity of the militia as Taliban (Students are known as Talib in Urdu so Taliban meant the group of students). Services of two important Pakistani Political Religious features were secured who themselves had many religious schools for providing manpower to Taliban.

            During this an office was established in Peshawar under the supervision of Bahawal Khan, an Afghan for UN Mission for restoration of Peace in November 1994; this office was used to recruit Mujahideen in the name of restoration of peace in Afghanistan. Commanders were offered $500 while Mujahideen were offered $200 per month as salary. Within 3 months uncountable numbers of youth got recruited as Taliban from this office and were transferred to Afghanistan via Qandhar. These men included locals as well as those who migrated from Afghanistan to Pakistan. But due to protests by opposers of Afghan Jihad this office was closed. There came a time when vacations were announced in Madaris for joining Taliban force. For raising Taliban USA spent huge amounts; these amounts were apparently given for abolishing the cultivation of poppy in Afghanistan.

To Be Continued…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Translated By Naveed Ahmad,
Date: 17 November, 2012.

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