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Media trying to create confrontation between the Chiefs of two important national institutions

There was a time when it was considered fashion to support Communism to prove one as educated and enlightened. Some persons used to decorate their drawing rooms with books containing socialist ideology. The most astonishing fact is that these persons trying to prove themselves from left wing belonged to Elite of Pakistan, whose children are born with silver spoon. However their discussions were confined to criticism of army. They blamed Pak-Army as guarantor of US interests and hurdle in the development of Pakistan; they tried to pose as they are against USA however the common element was boredom from religion. 
            Persons claiming themselves as flag-bearers of progressiveness were present in all school of thoughts but journalism and intellectual community has abundance of them and they represented all others. Than world witnessed the defeat of Soviet Union; Central Asian states returned back towards Islam after getting freedom of Russian atheism. Russia also abandoned communism and returned back to capitalism to much extent giving up atheism to some extent as well. At this turn of history our liberals who became orphan after fall of Soviet Union were adopted by USA.

            So our liberals stopped condemning America and American aggressive policies however their enmity against army grew manifolds. This propaganda against army is still going on but columns and articles have been replaced by talk-shows on different TV channels. Now including anchorpersons many analysts are busy in earning ratings for their TV Channels and appreciation for their propaganda against national security agencies. Meaning in this era it is necessary to criticize and defame Pak-Army for earning dollars from foreign agencies as well as for proving oneself as well informed and enlightened.

            Before democratic govt. the propaganda against army might be justified to some extent but since 2008 army has proved by limiting its role that army is not going to topple the democracy and is ready to abide by the constitution. No matter that the democratic govt. has brought the public to its knees by corruption; the dollar that was of 60 Rupees before democracy is now touching 100 Rupees; unemployment and inflation has become fate of the voters while abduction for ransom and dacoity is booming as most successful business of public representatives. In spite of all this army has kept itself away from political affairs; in such situation the propaganda of anchorpersons against army is part of some BIG conspiracy against motherland.

            Whatever happened in the past lets ignore it but on the 6 November the press release of Chief of Army Staff General Kiyani and the Speech of Chief Justice of Pakistan was portrayed in such a manner as both Chiefs of these national institutions have come face to face. The propaganda of TV channels was also aimed at posing as both of these important institutions are about to clash. If we look at the constitution these are the both institutions that are not allowed to be criticized; due to this article of the constitution some corrupt politicians and some journalists are untiringly singing in the chorus that these institutions are not sacred cows not to be criticized. From last few years some anchorpersons or columnist have earned an identity for criticizing and defaming army and judiciary. On the one hand they are criticizing and insulting Judicial decisions while on the other hand from notification of giving ISI under control of Ministry of Defense to the decision of Asghar Khan case only army and its secret agencies responsible for national security have been target of their propaganda.

Article-6 of Constitution 

            Moreover if some Generals of Army has been called by the court the target of enmity of media was only army as well. When someone objects over this treacherous role of media; example of forced retirement of few Generals of USA by Obama is quoted. While quoting examples of US, these propagandists or pawns of foreign propaganda machines never thought either this is US President Obama & Defense Minister or their predecessors, they have regularly visited and spent sometime with their soldiers fighting in the most dangerous war zone of Afghanistan. The British Prince is on duty in Afghanistan threatening his life, aside them many other notables of NATO and US regularly visit and spend time with their soldiers to encourage and appreciate them.

            But has anyone any example of Pakistan leaders (govt. or Opposition) spending few hours with Pakistani soldiers from Sawat to Malakand Operation against terrorists; for appreciating and encouraging the soldiers sacrificing their lives for motherland? Had these so called Public representatives ever dared to visit wounded soldiers under treatment in military hospitals (and why would they do so to encourage these soldiers to defend Pakistan while they are ready to sale it)? The expected reply from our media would be these soldiers are not doing anything for us but they are fulfilling their duty for which they get paid (will the supporters of this argument would allow some one to kill them for few thousands); one should ask them that what are the duties of these critics, to loot the national resources and treasury and smuggle it out to West?

The Reality of Pakistani media serving foreign interests

            Perhaps the critics of Army are unaware that why military is necessary for defense and what is the importance of morale for a soldier to fight in the war otherwise no one would be ready to go ahead to face the bullets for few bucks. This is the morale which forces a soldier or his commander to fight over the scorching desert or freezing glaciers. This morale is not only for the defense of motherland but also the second name of the feeling that if the soldier embraces death than his family will have the protection of the whole nation, his family would be proud of his great sacrifice. But if army is regularly being criticized, the leadership of army is being defamed for no grounds and the news reports are circulating that huge amounts from national treasury has been looted and transferred to foreign banks than why and for what will a soldier sacrifice his life for?

Lt. General (Retd.) Afzal Muzafar

            The judicial decision against few Generals (due to which media has created a storm in the tea cup to secure dollars) such like as NLC scam in which General Afzal Muzafar or other two Generals or the decision of Supreme Court against General Aslam Baig and General Durrani; all these cases are still under investigation. New disclosures regarding NLC scam have now become reality involving the Secretary planning as well; this might change the nature of the case at all. Moreover this has not been decided that why IJI was formed by Aslam Baig and General Durrani and what was the purpose behind it. Still the truth of statement of Dr. A.Q. Khan needs to be tested that Benazir has ordered to decrease the enrichment of Uranium before her visit to USA; than for what and why this was ordered? The scandal of handing over the lists of Sikh leaders of Khalistan would be discussed afresh, in this way many other problems need to be resolved that have been buried with the passage of time. But if all these buried scandals have to be reopened than why only army why not all other institutions should be also brought to trial so that nation could see the real face and decide for the future…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Translated by Naveed Ahmad,
Date: 10 November 2012.

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