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General Patraeus Sex Scandal! A Simple Recipe for Pakistani Intellectuals to Gain Fame..!

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Gen. Patraeus with Paula Broadwell

Earning fame and credibility in Pakistan is neither something very difficult nor it requires hard work; just start blaming Pakistan army and condemning higher command, blame army as hurdle in the friendship (reunion in other words) with India and for spreading extremism. Lo! You will be a famous and VIP within hours. Than the beauty of all this short cut to fame and wealth is that you will never need to prove your allegations against Pak-army or other national security agencies; the skills you only need is the skill to discredit and lay allegations no matter how fake they are. Due to these skills whether it is Dr. Ayesha Sidiqa or Ahmad Rasheed; the fame of both these personalities sky-rocketed even before their books against national defense agencies were published. Both were brought into the list of international level intellectuals because both have attempted to prove that Pakistan army and its secret agencies are the only reason behind the problems of the world; that it is Pakistan army;
  • Due to which the whole region of South Asia has become powder keg,
  • Pakistan army is the only reason behind the problems of the motherland,
  • From Afghanistan to Chechnya Pakistan army is the only supporter of freedom movements and wars,
  • This is the Pakistan army and its policies of supporting Kashmiri freedom movement that has forced a human friendly country like India to deploy 0.7 million soldiers (state terrorists) in Indian Held Kashmir.
  • In the same way if Pakistan army does not become hurdle in the way of deployment of Indian army to replace NATO and US forces in Afghanistan; India would convert Kabul into an international level developed and modern city within few months like Srinagar (Where Kashmiri blood is cheaper than water).

Not only intellectuals, few journalists are also involved in this race for earning cheap popularity and significance in media by creating chaos for the interests of their foreign financial supporters through their columns or Talk-Shows on TV; there are abundant examples in which wealth and cheap fame has been earned by criticizing Pakistani security forces. Take the example of famous personality Hamid Mir; his interview with Osama Bin Laden on 10 November 2001 that was published in daily ‘Dawn’ made him Aristotle of present era (only in Pakistan). That is another bitter reality that from Afghanistan to Pakistan and whole region has not been able to get out of the devastative effects of this interview writing a new chapter in the history of conspiracies. This interview (God Knows staged or true) conveyed the claim of the Osama that he has nuclear weapons and he threatened to use them against USA. The timing of publishing of this interview was itself very ambigous; because after 9/11 the Foreign Ministers of Muslim countries were meeting in Rabat in order to stop US invasion/attack over Afghanistan and forcing Osama to move out of Afghanistan and go to any impartial country to find out a peaceful solution to direct American attack (which was not acceptable by US Bush administration). US have given time limit of one week for this attempt on the request of Muslim countries because Muslim countries wanted a peaceful solution in spite direct American attack over Afghanistan. Alas! This entire struggle was wasted when the interview of Osama conducted by Mr. Hamid Mir came to the surface; taking this interview as a reason USA declared attack over Afghanistan at once because she claimed that she cannot risk the lives of Americans for the promise of the time limit given to Muslim countries. The proof of all these happenings is preserved in the US newspapers of that time.

      The shameful aspect is that no one dared to question Hamid Mir or USA declaring war on Afghanistan (after the story by Hamid Mir was published in Dawn) that how or from where Osama got hands on these nukes and if this hypothesis or propaganda (in better words) is accepted to be true that Osama has few dirty nukes than does he had any delivery system to utilize these complex weapons? But the simple answer of all this was “NO American ATTACK OVER AFGHANISTAN”. (And this was not what America wanted; so a paid pawn was used!).

Gen. David Petraeus' biographer and paramour Paula Broadwell, left, and Florida socialite Jill Kelley.

      However from that day to today USA has devastated already war trodden Afghanistan and Osama has been also killed by his own financers; but just like the ‘weapons of mass destruction’ of Saddam Hussein of Iraq no clue have been found of nukes of Osama. However Hamid Mir earned the status and prestige in the intellectualism where no argument against his nonsense is considerable.  He presents a veiled Youngman on TV regarding attack over PNS Mehran and claiming that attack was done by no one else but on duty officers of Pakistan army ranking from Colonel to Major; after two days this is disclosed that all this nonsense was nothing more than a script written by Hamid Mir for securing his dollars from abroad but people will still accept whatever he lies to them as true and unchallengeable fact?

      Few days ago (Master story teller) Respected Mr. Hamid Mir wrote a column in Daily ‘Jang’ with the title of “بات نِکلی ہے تو دور تک جائےگی” ( Bāt nikalī hai tō dūra tak jā'ēgī). In this column as expected he criticized and laid allegations over the Pakistan army and its leadership on the basis of resignation of General Patraeus that Generals of Pakistan army do whatever they want to do no one is there to question them whether they are involved in sex scandals or failure in their professional matters. As an example the attacks over GHQ, Abottabad Operation, Mehran and Kamra Base Attacks etc. were quoted with the question that why did not any Chief of Secret agency resigned. While General Patraeus resigned from CIA as soon as the scandal of his illicit relations was disclosed; the column includes the name of Gen. Mc Chrystal as well.

      American journalists reporting about the illicit relations of General Patraeus were expecting that he would be questioned about his illicit relations with a strange woman in spite of being designated on such an important post as the Chief of CIA the most powerful secret agency of Super Power of the World,  but on 15 November when General David Patraeus appeared in front of the ‘House Intelligence Committee’ as Ex-Chief of CIA; all the hopes of the journalists died away because all the investigations were about the death of US diplomat in US Embassy in Libya during a protest against Blasphemous Movie against Holy Prophet manufactured and propagated by USA.

      The questions that were raised by the committee proved that matter under investigation for which Patraeus was called in was not of illicit relations but of the safety of the American diplomat in Libya and of Generals having difference over Obama’s policy of withdrawal of army from Afghanistan. This policy met with failure by the mutual plan of neocons, CIA, war industry of USA & its investors and few Generals of Pentagon. General Patraeus was one of the most active participants. Moreover in America this rumor is also in the air that US ambassador to Libya has reported to Gen. Patraeus CIA Chief of that time that his life is threatened and requested emergency measures to be taken to safeguard him but Patraeus ignored this request or neglectfully did not take any action; afterwards CIA also failed in pointing out the killers as well. Due to the upcoming elections the action against Gen. Patraeus was delayed because if he has been removed before elections Republicans would have spoiled this as failure of Obama administration.

Paula Broadwell along with her book

      ‘The end for wars outside USA is inevitable to save American economy’ this has been expressed by Obama in his first speech after he got elected in first Presidential elections (the expansion of Drone technology and attacks were aimed at this point that in future the wars outside USA would be fought through Drones in spite of Ground forces). Due to this ideology of Obama Israeli govt. and Jewish lobby in USA disliked Obama; however this has happened first time in the USA that in spite of opposition from Israel and Jews unexpectedly Obama has been re-elected; after which not only Hilary but the removal of Patraeus was doomed as well. Otherwise this claim is not less than a joke that FBI was intercepting the emails of the Chief of world’s most powerful secret agency CIA or was following the illicit relations between Patraeus and Paula Broadwell. Because he was in contact with Broadwell since 2006 when she was in Harvard’s Kennedy School for education and Gen. Patraeus was posted in ‘US Central Command Headquarters TAMPA’. Afterwards when in June 2010 after forced retirement of Gen. Mc Chrystal from Afghanistan, Gen. Patraeus was posted there he was guest of Paula and not only FBI but Obama himself was aware of this. Due to the close relations with Gen. Patraeus, Paula was given special respect and protocol in higher circles of Washington. But Obama was waiting for the results of the recent elections. The name of successor of Gen. Patraeus, Gen. John Allen has been attached in the sex scandal as a warning that if he also follows his predecessor and continues to prolong the stay of US forces in Afghanistan than he should be aware that US public does not forgive the illicit love affairs of their leaders. However there may be another aspect behind the removal and sex scandal of the Gen. Patraeus; perhaps the powerful lobby of neocons wants to bring Gen. Patraeus as candidate for next Presidential elections?

Chief of US Forces in Afghanistan Gen. Allen also alleged for illicit relations/sex scandal 

      This might be mine misunderstanding or over expectation but have not the Drone attacks in Pakistan decreased to some extent after removal of Gen. Patraeus from the CIA? This could be perceived after the first Presidential speech of Obama after reelection that whether he succeeds in bringing HAWK US Generals under control or they continue in their thirst for blood as per American traditions and history of war and attacks over weak nations. Here just for information of Mr. Hamid Mir I would like to quote the incident in which Taliban not only captured the most secure building of US Embassy in Afghanistan but continued fierce fight for twenty hours and vanished away afterwards (God knows how many causalities US forces had to bear because media has been given no information); no one posted in Afghanistan from US General to Soldier resigned over their failure to defend the most secure building. If Gen. Patraeus is so much man of principles as claimed by Mr. Hamid Mir; he should have resigned when he was forced to with draw from his policy and strategy against Taliban.

      Right from taking over the command he made unrealistic claims for crushing Taliban (Afghan resistance) that proved castles in the air. As long as the situation of Pakistan is concerned every rational person knows that Pakistan is facing war and including Hamid Mir all of his colleagues/fellow intellectuals are well aware that in order to win war along with weapons a soldier needs morale and encouragement from nation to win war which is diminished by continuous defamation and insult of their commanders (so why they are snatching or demolishing this morale will they dare to answer)…

Written By Khalid Baig,
Date: 21 November, 2012.

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