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Stop Foreign Interference in Baluchistan for Ensuring Peace..! Part-II

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“In the beginning of year like Akhtar Mengal, our sold out TV channels have portrayed traitors Harbahar Murree and Brahmdagh Bugti as heroes (yes they are heroes of enemies of Islam & Pakistan and our media is proud of being anti-Islamic) as these two are the only representatives of Baluchistan…”

A Poster Published in China presenting the importance of Gwadar for China

And if their desires or demands are not fulfilled something dangerous might occur for freedom and integrity of Pakistan. Long interviews were telecasted in which both above mentioned foreign agents targeted security agencies which are a symbol of threat for enemies of Pakistan. More shameless aspect is that everyone claiming to be savior of Baluchistan portrays the under development and deprival of Baluchistan in such a way as army has deprived Baluchistan of its rights (this is a new development before hand along with army Punjab was portrayed oppressor by these foreign pawns). It is beyond imagination that why our analysts ignore this fact that if the presence of army is the cause behind the problems of Baluchistan than in the whole country it is the same army and why in the other provinces military cantonments are not cause of lawlessness; no one has ever dared to point out that Baluchistan having the largest area of Pakistan has no cantonments or very little number of cantonments as compared to other provinces than why these so called Baloch fighters demand removal of army?

            Most painful aspect is that patriot leaders in order to satisfy few Baloch that have become foreign agents for the greed of dollars, demand removal of army and FC from the province. But they have no reply for this question that if army and FC is pulled out of province than is there any Police officer capable of taking the charge of security while they have control of only 5% area of Baluchistan. Than who will fulfill the responsibility for peace, army of neighbors or UN Peace Keeping Missions?

            Here I would like to lend your attention for the above important Question!

After meeting with Nawaz Sharif, while talking with media Sardar Akhtar Mengal said that his six-points should not be considered different than six-points presented by Mujeeb; in spite of blood shed it is better that we separate in friendly manners. What the hell! The Sardar that has been in power as Chief Minister having all the resources of province in his control is talking of separation; who has given him right to speak such nonsense as during his reign he has converted the whole province into heaven which was destroyed by army especially by Musharaf? Know them! These are those Feudal Lords of modern era who even control thinking of poor Baloch; just for that if they get freedom of thought (yes of thought not of EXPRESSION) they will leave their slavery challenging their lordship. For the sake of continuity of their cruel rule they do not allow construction of schools or roads. These Sardars are opposing the construction of Cantonments that this would close the door of foreign interference as well as their torture, violation of human rights and private torture cells along with prisons would be revealed. The construction of cantonments would provide means of earning livelihood and education to most backward citizens of the area ending their cruel rule.

Ex-Chief Minister of Baluchistan Sardar Akhtar Mengal

            The other heinous and filthy role is being played by our media in the name of Freedom of Expression posing foreign agents as HEROES. Otherwise give me a single example where the media of the concerned country itself is giving full coverage to movements of separation? At this time in this modern era the freedom movements of Kashmir and Palestine are such movements which has now engulfed the 4th generation of the oppressed public facing tanks, bullets and chemical weapons with stones in their young hands but neither Indian nor Israeli media has ever telecasted any program or talk show discussing matters with any of the leaders of these freedom movements or given any coverage to the leaders of these movements so that they can inform world about the tortures and human rights violations that they have to face on daily basis in the hands of state terrorist armies. While in both areas on the support of USA India and Israel are busy in slaughtering Muslims to please their boss i.e. USA thirsty of Muslim blood. However on the will of USA (United Satanic Alliance) or the plan of USA if it is too divide or break apart some country like Indonesia or Sudan than on the order of CIA whole Jewish media and others earning their livelihood from American terrorist agencies come into the action telecasting every step of separatists.

            But in our country everything is strange. Where would be more lawlessness in other parts of country as compared to Karachi where daily more than a dozen innocent people are murdered and sometimes on the call of political parties the tycoon of lawlessness flows away thousands of human beings along with it, the loss of property has no record. On a suo motto notice of such a tycoon Supreme Court of Pakistan just got satisfied on this comment during the hearing that “all political parties have their own armed militant groups”, no order, no punishment was awarded nor their have been any action on daily killings after SC notice. However on the Baluchistan case the Chief Justice of Pakistan gives comments of presence of DEATH SQUADS in security agencies of Pakistan creating a difficult situation for Pakistan army as well as ISI. In this way CJ has joined the group of leftists busy in preaching that Pakistan army is responsible for the terrorism in South Asia, while American paid up media is busy in propaganda that some influential officers of ISI and Army are supporting terrorists.

            In such situation if few Baloch traitors under the supervision of CIA and CIA supported think tanks arrange seminars in Europe accusing Pakistan army as foreign occupant and talk of separation, Talal Bugti in Lahore says that by God country would fall if interference of army is not ended (as his national army is Indian army while Pakistani army is a foreigner army), the six points of Akhtar Mengal revolve around the removal of army from Baluchistan in spite of poverty and under development of the province than this should be clear to everyone that what would be the heinous goals behind the propaganda against army ignoring the corrupt rule of Pakistan’s favorite ruling PPPP.

Protest against Target Killing in Baluchistan in front of London Parliament 

            Why Akhtar Mengal has presented only 6-Points neither more nor less; this is the question of grave importance. Just for that to realize and threaten Pakistani public that like fall of Dhaka Baluchistan may separate as well? Does not these 6-Points are the evidence that just like Mujeeb CIA and RAW are behind Akhtar Mengal as well? Or in the unintentionally by adjoining his point of view with Mujeeb, Mengal wants to tell the youth that our enemy India has no role in the fall of Dhaka while India is still working on its expansionist plan of Greater India under the cover of TRADE.

            Now have a look at the six points of Akhtar Mengal and compare them with the actions of army after 2008; this would help one to define goals behind six-points presented few months before elections.

1.      All type of army operations against Baloch should be stopped at once.
2.      Missing Persons should be produced before court.
3.      The Death Squads working under the supervision of MI, ISI should be dismantled.
4.      Baloch Political parties should be allowed to take part in the political process and army interference should be removed.
5.      Those who are responsible for mutilated corpses, torture on Baloch leaders etc. should be brought to Justice.
6.      Thousands of Baloch that have been forced to leave their houses should be rehabilitated.
The Supervisors of Terrorism in Pakistan Brahamdagh Bugti and Harabyar Murree in the protection of Britain

There is the need to diagnose every point of Akhtar Mengal separately but will discuss this some other time. However if we look at the situation after 2008 in Baluchistan, than the operations that were started after terrorist attacks over Chinese engineers who arrived in Pakistan for construction of Gwadar port, more over terrorists attacks over Gas installations  and other defense installations were ended by the elected govt. in 2008. moreover the plans for construction of cantonments in Kohlu were abandoned as well while the buildings of cantonment in Sui were converted into Educational City Pakistan. This should be kept in mind that this is the army that is still busy for rehabilitation of flood victims. On the other hand after end of military operations in 2008 more than 95% area of Baluchistan is under the control of levies, while FC has been also given under the control of Provincial govt. If in spite of all such steps terrorism in Baluchistan is uncontrollable and propaganda is still going on against army (perhaps to cover up the action of foreign terrorists that have full support of few traitor lords of Baluchistan to prolong their feudal control) than this should be clear that all this is the part of the greater plan for which it is necessary to keep army away from Baluchistan. But this should be kept in mind that India and USA are trying to play the same bloody game as they played in Eastern Pakistan but this time China and Russia would not stay unconcerned and silent as their interests are more linked with Pakistani coasts as compared to India or USA. Than the Baloch Feudal lords will not have access to all those facilities which they are availing since British invasion. So Baloch lords should talk of democracy staying within the limits and borders of Pakistan and that demand should not be for their personal interests as in past but for the poor public of Baluchistan

Link to Part-I

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Translated by Naveed Ahmad,
Date: 19 October, 2012.

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