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Stop Foreign Interference in Baluchistan for Ensuring Peace..!

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In order to stop Chinese access to Gwadar, peace of KPK is being sabotaged

On 6th October Ex-Governor of Baluchistan Sardar Gul Muhammad Jogezai said in a press conference in Islamabad that the reason behind the lawlessness and target killing in Baluchistan are 45 Farrarri camps funded by India, trained by USA. In the meanwhile some people are highlighting the issue of few missing persons for their political benefits. Jogezai further said that whether these are Punjabi settlers or members of Hazara tribe both are target of terrorists of Farrrari camps however media only highlights the murder of Hazara tribe (on the order of its foreign sponsors).

            On 6 October the Ex-Secretary of Jamhuri Watan Party and Baloch leader Rauf Khan Sasoli in his special interview to Nawa-i-Waqt, Multan said that Baluchistan is overfilled with corruption; Chief Minister seems to be powerless he has no control at all. In such a critical situation in spite of depending upon the Sardars (Feudal Lords) govt. should directly negotiate with Baloch people/public; Sasoli expressed regret that after White English, Black English (internal traitors or slaves of Imperialist forces) also bestowed Feudal lords. If only 1 to 1.5 million Baloch youth had been educated the situation in Baluchistan would have been much different. Sasoli also appealed to media to avoid staging such ‘Talk-Shows’ that create hatred and enmity; he also emphasized bringing Baloch public to the main stream of politics.

Why those who are responsible for corruption of hundreds of billions of funds for education are not arrested?

            These are the opinions of two important personalities from Baluchistan; one is a lord (Sardar) of Baluchistan while other belongs to the public of Baluchistan. In their talks they have no where expressed any signs of separation but every word shows their great love and patriotism setting a new example in highlighting the actual problems of Baluchistan to be followed by other politicians that in spite of making the enemies of Pakistan happy through their dirty statements they should pay attention to the actual problems of Baluchistan (seems this will not happen). Sasoli has truly pointed out that if youth of Baluchistan would have been educated the situation of Baluchistan would not have been so much critical; would Baloch feudal lords occupying the throne for last 64 would accept their crime that by keeping general public deprived of education they have committed a great national crime? Sasoli is right; Baluchistan is drowned in corruption. A recent example would be the facts and figures of last two years showing that 174 billion rupees have been paid by Federation only for education but nothing is visible on ground, other wise such a big amount could have been used to construct well equipped schools and colleges. Alas! In spite of all these open facts the problem of missing persons is the only grave crises in the eyes of Chief Justice of Pakistan. In spite of taking strict actions against the corruption and piracy of state assets of Baluchistan going on since a long time ago, Supreme Court issues comments like arresting the heads of national security agencies for retrieval or recovery of missing persons. Judicial orders are limited only to the missing persons case just like as foreign funded media of Pakistan and for further investigations the team of UNO also visited Pakistan. Now what type of report will be prepared on the will of Sponsors of UNO to initiate a new trial of Pakistan this prediction would be ahead of time but it would be unwise to expect any good. Because the cooperation between our dirty enemy India and USA for her dirty interests in South Asia could initiate any trouble which would be faced by the leaders and soldiers of same security institutions jointly to safeguard motherland who are being threatened to be handcuffed/arrested by the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

Baloch Leader: Rauf Sasoli

            In the way Ex-Chief Minister of Baluchistan Sardar Akhtar Menfgal presented his 6-Points in the Supreme Court and the coverage given to him by our sold out media would be discussed later on in this post. However in one of his statements he said Baluchistan is burning since 2002. This point is of grave importance; was their no lawlessness in Baluchistan before 2002? If situation of law and order was not good before 2002 as well than what were the reasons behind it, moreover what special has happened in 2002 that started the fire of terrorism in Baluchistan which has now grown out of control?

            In order to understand the whole conspiracy it is necessary to have a bird’s eye view of not only the lawlessness in Baluchistan but the terrorism or activities of self proclaimed TTP (Tehreek-e-Taliban-e-Pakistan) in KPK (Khyber Pakhtunkhuwa) and Northern tribal areas. The difference between Baluchistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhuwa is only that in Baluchistan terrorist activities were started in the name of deprived public of Baluchistan while in KPK, Taliban started their terrorism under the name of Islam. The purpose and goal behind the insurgency in both of the provinces was same having same planners and funders of the conspiracy. Lawlessness started from an attack over Chinese engineers in June 2002 in Turbat at the location of Gwadar. If one may have access to the newspapers of that time Baloch insurgents or terrorists have claimed that construction of Gwadar port was robbery of deprived Baloch’s rights and declared that this was their mission to stop the construction of Gwadar port. In 2005 the construction of Gwadar port completed but terrorism was on its peak. In this period of 2.5 years dozens of Chinese engineers sacrificed their lives and the situation was so much grave that Chinese President who had to participate in the opening ceremony of the Gwadar port had to return back from Islamabad because Chinese security agencies had not allowed President to visit Gwadar.

Gwadar Port; A unique that will change the fate of not only Pakistan but of the whole region as well

            No doubt the construction of Gwadar was an achievement for Pakistan not less than nuclear capability; the economic benefits of this port can change the fate of not only the Baluchistan but of the whole region. But alas! Our media and self proclaimed defense analysts were not ready to inform the nation about the real reason behind the instability and terrorism in Baluchistan i.e. the construction of Gwadar port. Many countries of the region especially India is not happy over construction of this port while USA also takes the benefits that China will derive from this port a shock for its dictatorial interests in the region. If insurgents had succeeded in stopping the construction of this port the terrorism might have been limited to Baluchistan only but when in 2004 China started the work over expansion of Motorway Phase-II the cities that had to be in the way of this great road for Chinese access to Gwadar were converted into war zones in the name of Islam with the support of CIA, RAW, MOSSAD and other European agencies funding terrorism internationally. If we go into the details of the incidents that how Pak-Army conducted operations against insurgents and how many Indians along with their western rented terrorists were allotted visas of hell, this would be beyond the scope of this post. Fact is that this conspiracy and foreign funded terrorism failed to stop the construction of Gwadar port but since 2002 this series of terrorism is still going on. Lets come back towards Sardar Akhtar Mengal and his 6-Points; the first thing that needs our attention is that there is some hidden force (or perhaps we have closed our eyes) that wants to keep the national security agencies under criticism in the cover of Baluchistan problem. In the beginning of year like Akhtar Mengal our sold out TV channels have portrayed traitors Harbahar Murree and Brahmdagh Bugti as heroes (yes they are heroes of enemies of Islam & Pakistan and our media is proud of being anti-Islamic) as these two are the only representatives of Baluchistan…

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To Be Continued…


Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Translated by Naveed Ahmad,
Date: 12 October, 2012.

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