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Muslims Should Contact International Court of Justice Against Blasphemous Movie!

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Anna Gurji weeping during a TV Interview

After violent protests in Islamic countries against blasphemous movie Muslims were hoping that during meeting of UN General Assembly Obama would sanction blasphemous movie and announce to take legal steps against the director Nakoula Basselle so that no terrorist could dare to insult Islam again. But in contrast to this Obama just orally condemned the movie and criticized Muslims suffering from mental torture in the hands of Western Terrorist for so called FREEDOM OF SPEECH that is not applicable to HOLOCAUST. Obama made it clear that no sanction over blasphemous movie or content is possible and threatened Muslims to take revenge if any American is harmed (just like one US ambassador killed by CIA terrorists Al-Qaeda). Meaning that blasphemy would continue until Muslims develop the power to stop them by force. Obama said in an interview to a TV channel that Muslims are angry over the movie but extremist Muslims (if there are no extremists, CIA would invent one and this movie is a great step towards spreading and supporting EXTREMISM) are attacking American installations and interests; as the result of stubbornness of USA Muslims have become hopeless and are forced to continue their protest while on the other hand statement of Obama is a clear message to insulters of Islam that they are free continue their blasphemy.

Judge rejects request to take down the Blasphemous film from youtube

            On the other hand the only organization of Muslims OIC, has orally condemned the blasphemous movie and the meeting has been called of after one week to draw a road map against Western mental terrorism, in spite of calling it at once. Hopefully before publication of this post the Foreign Ministers of Muslim countries would have reached at some decision but in the light of the past experiences it is expected that this meeting would not be a different one as well. While this is a golden chance for our rulers mentally enslaved to USA (United Satanic Alliance) to improve their END (life after death) as well as they will earn respect in their lives too by setting up a clear policy against blasphemy. They have only one way left i.e. they shall go to international court against director of the blasphemous movie and make an attempt to get a sanction against BLASPHEMY through the help of legal experts.

Hilarion Capucci: Archbishop of Palestine and weapons smuggler

            The suit filed against Nakoula Basselley for misrepresentation and fraud by Cindy Lee Garcia, the actress of the blasphemous movie would be helpful for bringing culprits to the justice in the international court. After hearing in the Los Angeles Period Court, actress Cindy told journalists that ‘before recording of the movie she was told that the movie is about old Egyptian culture. In this way there was no mention of Islam or Prophet of Islam () in the script, the name of the movie was different as well. After the completion of recording of the movie she was told that there is problem with ‘Sound Effect’ of the movie so many dialogues would be dubbed afresh, this was not something new as many movies are dubbed after completion of recording. But after the movie was released on the internet and when she saw the movie after protest of Muslims against it; the movie was totally different from what she have acted for, not only the name but location and names of roles were changed as well. She says that she is Catholic and believes in the respect of all religions. After release of the movie she tried to contact the director and producer of the movie and all those persons who introduced her to the director of the movie but they had closed down all contacts; still protests against the movie had not started. After failed attempts to contact the director of movie she contacted Home Department because the released movie had hurt her as well. She went to court for removal of movie from youtube but her plea was rejected.

MOSSAD Man; Joseph Nasrallah

            On the other hand the woman who played the role of under age bride, belongs to Georgia, 21 years old Anna Gurgi told “Inside Edition” in an interview with tears in the eyes that producer of the movie has defrauded her. She was hired only for 75 dollars per day. She was unaware that actors will be trapped in the name of a movie showing ancient Egyptian culture. In response to a questions she said,
“I was playing the youngest bride of a character named ‘George’ I had no idea name of character would be changed, I’m locked up in my house, I am catholic, people in the middle east think I have something against Muslims. I am taking pills to sleep, I have been crying for days, I was betrayed my face is stuck on the movie clip”.

From the interviews of the Cindy and Anna it seems that through a pre-plan actresses were kept unaware of the actual purpose, background and script of the movie except few close friends of Nakoula who played few roles themselves to show their hatred against Islam due to shortage actors; now they are in the hiding and US govt. is also propagating that they have disappeared. Their disappearance is dangerous for these cursed characters because the hidden behind the movie that hired them for the blasphemous movie would murder them to blame Muslims.

Nikoula Basselley: Director of the movie

            On the other hand American govt. is representing Nakoula as Extremist Christian while he is a notorious criminal and he has no link with film making or industry. Not only this all his close friends has nothing to do with direction or acting. Nakoula has been working along with a terrorist group EIAD SALAMEH for smuggling ammunition and weapons from Tunis to Syria, his brother Fareed was also involved in this business. If Nakoula has been so much hateful to Islam than why did he work in a Muslims extremist group under Muslims?

            Now this news have been issued in the media from Los Angeles that Nikoula has been arrested for a bank fraud but the detail of the fraud and his arrest and acquittal in the past of the same fraud case has not been disclosed. How he can be arrested and tried for the same fraud case twice? He has not been arrested for fraud with actress Cindy so that world could be given the message that USA is not going to arrest any extremist for Muslim protests. This is a clear message that Americans have no respect for Muslims or their sentiments and they are not going to arrest the culprit behind this blasphemous movie and the cause of death of four Americans (may be it was necessary to remove these diplomats to hide some dirty secrets played by US embassy in spreading lawlessness and sending Al-Qaeda terrorists to remove Gaddafi). These bastards of USA have no value for innocent Muslims who were murdered during protests or the American state terrorist soldiers who became the target of reaction of Muslims in Afghanistan.

            If we look at the past of Nikoula, he was arrested for stealing 0.8 million US dollars from social security account in June 2009. Before this Nikoula had visited jail for smuggling narcotics. However astonishingly he was sentenced only 21 months imprisonment while legally he should have been sentenced for life term for stealing code of social security and withdrawal of the amount. He did not complete his sentence but was released only after 12 months of imprisonment. American secret agencies were informed that Nikoula (Israeli by race) had been in close contacts with Eiad Salameh, a terrorist group working for MOSSAD as well for smuggling explosives to Syria via Tunis. During his imprisonment American agents met him several times. Through Nikoula Americans succeeded in getting important information about famous Palestinian Archbishop Hilarion Capucci who being a famous pastor of Middle East was involved in weapons smuggling as well. He was in close contacts with MOSSAD. For cooperating with American secret agencies and providing the details the court was pressurized to sentence Nikoula only for 21 months and was released just after 12 months.

Israel Jimmy supporter of Nikoula in the movie

            After release form prison MOSSAD arranged meetings of Nikoula with some extremists who were notorious for their enmity against Islam. The first character that Nikoula was arranged to meet was Israel Jimmy who has a big business of property and accounts in Los Angeles. The second was Steve Klein who had earned much fame after expressing his hatred against Muslims. Moreover Morris Sadak (arranged a campaign against Masjid (mosque) near point zero of World Trade Center) and terrorist Terry Jones was also supporters of Nikoula. Others include Joseph Nasrallah known as ‘MOSSAD’S Man’ and James Henderson.

Extremist Morris Sadak

            This would be cleared after investigations that who hired these few extremists for the production of the movie because none of them bears a secular or anti-religious identity. No one has any experience of movies but few of this satanic group themselves played roles in this movie. Their main person was Allen Rights who had been directing porn movies but he has left this long ago. Under pressure from some unknown force he worked for this movie to spoil his old age. If we pay attention the planning of the movie was done by Israel utilizing Americans having terrorist minds who did not spare any chance to hurt Muslims; so what is the solution to this satanic mental terrorism? While Obama has already said that this movie could not be sanctioned, what does this mean that terrorism will go on like this against Islam under the cover of USA? Will we continue like that protesting and destroying our own properties providing pleasure to few terrorists in USA? Will people continue to be murdered in the hands of our own Police?

Steve Klein: an insurance agent and supporter of Nikoula

            No! Not at all we will have to END it here; the only solution is to go to international court and bring the culprits to justice. This should be decided that if in spite of freedom of speech the denial of fabricated “Holocaust” is a crime than no one can be given the right to insult or defame Prophets and other religious personalities or texts. In spite of wasting energies on protest Muslim should fight a legal war and get a verdict from the court that culprits of blasphemy should be punished. In Islam every Prophet is sacred and respected that is why in spite of 500 year reign of Muslim on half of Europe and 1000 years ruling of Sub-Continent every religion had complete protection from Islamic govt. In the end I would like to quote news that Russian Court has banned the blasphemous movie.

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Translated by Naveed Ahmad,
Date: 05 October, 2012.

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  1. america is always geared up to create problematic news just to be n top stories around the world and this is one of examples.


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