Friday, October 26, 2012

Malala’s Assassins are Under US Shelter???

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Dana Priest with a Mujahid now known as Taliban

What an amazing art prestidigitation is, apparently practiced tricks or incidents are based upon falsehood but viewer is convinced in such a manner that one having the knowledge of true and false is forced to accept the lie; such a powerful art is propaganda as well. The juggler or propagandist represents lies in front of the world with such a trick that open truth is believed as lie while lies are accepted to be true.

            Such an incident has to be recently faced by a brave daughter of nation from Sawat; she was targeted or assassinated in spite of having the knowledge that she is an innocent girl incapable of understanding the international moves or political needs or goals. She was not even aware of the meanings of the big statements nor she had any hatred against a specific group or people of ideology; she was just worried or confronted by a so called or self proclaimed Taliban like Group indulged in anti-Islamic and anti-Pakistan activities who have not only imposed sanctions over the education of females in Sawat but have also blazed many buildings as well. Not only this she had become aware in such a tender age that the group spreading the reign of terror in the name of Islam in Sawat used to enter whatever house they wished raping the inhabitant girls and women.

Malala Yousafzai

            All these factors influenced her brain and she started noting the incidents of blazing or destroying of female schools in the Sawat in a diary. She was noting and keeping record of all the echoes regarding the female education in Sawat. Through study of this diary no where it is proved that she was challenging the group of trained foreign terrorists who have converted Sawat into hell defaming Islam. But suddenly news break; while returning from school she has become target of terrorists due to her diary.

            The news of attack over Malala was spread as a shockwave; every Pakistani was sad and praying for her health and recovery. In no time this news became of great importance over the international media and the statements of Western dictators (rulers) condemning this attack also became part of international news reports. Yes the statements of those international dictators whose not only hands but whole body and even soul is contaminated with the blood of millions of innocents from Japan to Vietnam to Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Palestine, Indian Held Kashmir and Pakistan in the form of drone terrorism. In no time this protest against attack over Malala was modified into anti-Islamic campaign; some talkshows of our sold out media posed as every person going to Masjid/Mosque for prayer and everyone who speaks of Islam is responsible for the attack over Malala. The use of media as an effective weapon in such situation divided the nation into two groups previously united against attack over Malala. Under the cover of this heinous act a special class consisting of anti-religious and liberals spoiled it against Islam, targeting Muslims, demanding military operation in North Wazirisitan (in a similar way a campaign has been started for military action in North Waziristan as they had done for Laal Masjid Operation; in which our self proclaimed Aristotle of media (anchors) were on top of  the list. When the operation had been conducted the same elements (traitors in proper words) demanding the operation in Laal Masjid were on the top of the list blaming Pakistan army for murder of inhabitants of Laal Masjid presenting fake figures). Now they are forcing army to conduct operation in North Waziristan without considering that there is democratic govt. in the country and army cannot take any step without the will of govt. American govt. that has been demanding since long ago an operation in North Waziristan also reinforced their supported liberals.

Molvi Fazlullah also known as Mullah Radio

            However the situation became suspicious when on 18 October a famous US journalist Dana Priest wrote an article
about the Molvi Fazlullah (whom she reminds as Mullah Radio) ordering the assassination of Malala. Dana told that
‘Fazlullah who was thought as symbol of terror; had fled from Sawat after successful military operation of Pak-Army and is now hiding in Afghanistan
 under the protection and shelter of USA (United Satanic Alliance). Now he is controlling terrorist activities from there, according to Dana ‘Molvi Fazlullah and thousands of his terrorists are “Enjoying” in the Kunar’ with the full support of the governor of the province. It is simply unbelievable that Afghan govt. is unaware of Molvi Fazlullah and his training camps there. In the Dana’s post Senior Research Analyst of the ‘Institute for the study of war’ “Jeff Dressler” and Editor of ‘Long War Journal’ “Bill Rogio” are also mentioned; according to them she writes ‘Fazlullah is wanted by American security agencies including ISAF’. So the question of grave importance is why not American and ISAF commanders arrest him? The American and British rulers mourning for Malala should have arrested Fazlullah on priority basis as he is the actual culprit of Malala’s assassination. Western civil society should also demand his arrest under US shelter but everyone is silent over this.

Malala under treatment in Birmingham Hospital

            On one hand; over the American will or order Malala is under treatment in British hospital; including Angelina Jolly and others from US civil society are demanding noble award of Peace for Malala; the Secretary General of UNO is also sad for attack over Malala, ex-British Prime Minister Gordon Brown wants to commemorate 10 October forever as a tribute to Malala; while on the other hand the culprit who ordered and arranged the assassination of Malala is safe in Afghanistan either with the will or criminal negligence. He is getting financial support and protection from agencies like Afghan Intelligence’s National Directorate of Security (NDS) and RAW. They are using Fazlullah for unrest and terrorism in FATA and other Pakistani areas. But our anti-religious LIBERALS and media will never dare to demand a drone attack over the hideout of Fazlullah from Obama. Than what is all this? Is not that just jugglery and prestidigitation of media and West? What would you say about this?

Written by Khalid Baig,
Translated by Naveed Ahmad,
Date: 26 October, 2012.

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