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Protest Against Blasphemous Video is Useless Till State Level Protests...

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This is beyond the understand-ability that why freedom of speech in Europe and USA means that everyone has the right to insult Islam, important personalities of Islam, desecration of Islamic Book, ‘The Holy Quran’ or insulting Muslim Ummah through blasphemous cartoons (while same civilized West does not give any right under same freedom of speech to deny or doubt baseless Holocaust fabricated by Western media). Why and for what? And now the insult has been given a new form, ‘a movie’. As a reaction whole Muslim Ummah is protesting against it and destroying their own properties during violent protests. In order to suppress or stop these protests Police uses tear gas and baton charging and other violent means to keep protestors under control while during the protests due to firing by Police people get killed, the future of their families is doomed, but all this destruction and death has no impact on USA (United Satanic Alliance) and West (perhaps this is what they have planned) because public reaction is not converted into STATE PROTEST. Whether these are Muslim rulers or monarchs, they think themselves obliged to US for their rule and reign so they could not even dare to represent the protest of public in true manners to the modern and civilized nations devoid of morality.

US ambassador to Libya before his death

            In Europe and USA many sections of society that are atheists or anti-religion keep insulting Respected Virgin Marry and Prophet Jesus through their speeches or writings through the support of influential Jews within USA. Although Muslims and all others who believe in any religion protest against such extremism and mental terrorism but this remains fruitless; moreover these are slogans like Human Rights and Freedom of Speech that have resulted in unnatural behaviors like homosexuality within developed countries destroying human relations and values. Well this is their internal affair but why and for what the insult of Muslims and mental terrorism against Muslims? Have Muslims ever tried to become a hurdle in their free sex or desecration of human values? Than why do some specially sponsored persons indulge in mental terrorism of burning Holy Quran or publishing blasphemous cartoons and movies. American people should pay attention that why whenever Presidential elections or midterm elections are approaching the disputes of blasphemous videos and cartoons are started afresh? As a reaction the one third inhabitants of planet earth start protesting against American terrorism disguised as Freedom of Speech. The suspicious silence of America also plays a vital role in making Muslims more violent.

            Look at the current situation the differences between Tel Aviv and Washington DC regarding sanctions or attack over nuclear installations of Iran has become clear to the world. Who is ignorant of vital role and control of Jews over American politics and govt. and just because of the support of USA a small country like Israel has become the symbol of terror for the whole neighborhood. Whether it is illegal capture of Palestinian territory or aerial, ground and naval siege of Gaza whole world seems to be powerless in front of Israeli terrorism. The reason is only US support for Israel as USA has not even allowed a single resolution to be passed against Israeli state terrorism. Like attacks over Iraqi nuclear installation Israel has been planning attack over Iranian nuclear installations. But Americans are not yet ready to this extreme or they are afraid that as a reaction Iran will attack their forces present in UAE, Kuwait, Afghanistan as well as their naval forces. The attack of Israel over Iran may be converted into US-Iran war disrupting the supply of oil from Persian Gulf which will destroy many economies of the world. American citizens and properties would be targeted. However two weeks later Israeli Prime Minister has openly warned USA to draw a red line over Iran. Meaning USA should make a clear decision regarding air-strike over Iran; as a reaction to this US Defense Minister was forced to say that Israeli demand is undue interference in internal affairs of USA.

Religious Terrorist Terry Jones

            Especially speech of Israeli PM on TV for expressing its demands from USA few weeks before the Presidential election in USA is the evidence that on the diplomatic level Israel has failed to secure more privileges from America. So using its traditional strategy not only did Israel send an open message to Obama but also got the movie released on the YOUTUBE along with distribution of hundreds of thousands DVDs in America and other European countries with the support of MOSSAD. In this way anti-Islamic extremists like Terry Jones also got the chance to spread religious terrorism. The result is clear, Muslims in the world are protesting against America. The hatred against USA in the hearts of Muslims have increased manifolds due to American state terrorism like attacks over Islam and Islamic countries Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan etc. Although Obama and Hilary Clinton are now condemning blasphemous movie, issuing statements against producers of the movie and in every Islamic country America is trying to clear her position through ads but people cannot be satisfied through such lollypops. No action against producer and director has been taken, now Obama may sing that in America all religions have protection and they are equal but who will believe his lies? The blasphemous movie, ‘Innocence of Muslims’ was recorded in a studio in the back yard of a church in Hamilton Street, Los Angeles and administration was allegedly told that movie is about the civilization before Christ in Egypt.

Producer of the Movie Nakoula Basseley Nakoula

            The producer of blasphemous film Nakoula Basseley Nakoula named as Sam Bacile is notorious for his anti-Islamic views and hatred against Muslims. But why did he make an extremely low budget blasphemous movie. For direction of the movie he hired Alan Roberts (he had left direction of movies) notorious for pornographic movies, the actors were paid nominal daily wages and in order to create the Arabic texture and scenery ‘GREEN SCREEN’ was utilized. The film producer known as Sam Bacile is actually Israeli but according to one of the actors of the movie he has introduced himself as an Egyptian in USA. He has not spent much on the movie but according to western media before uploading the movie over YOUTUBE he has distributed more than a million DVD copies of this blasphemous movie in Europe and USA.

            Here this question is of grave importance that if movie had been completed in 2011 than why the time of US Presidential elections was chosen for its release? American public should gather courage to ask their govt. that had not American ambassador to Libya and three other diplomats been killed due to criminal silence of White House over the blasphemous movie. Has not the world outside America become more dangerous for Americans due to this blasphemous movie as compared to war against Al-Qaeda? America claims the death of Osama as her victory and a step towards peace of the world but has not the blasphemous movie ‘innocence of Muslims’ shattered the world peace?

            Now the Secretary General of UNO Ban Ki Moon condemns the blasphemous movie as misuse of freedom of speech and says that no protection would be provided to such actions of blasphemy by UNO because the freedom of speech does not mean spreading hatred and insulting someone (was UNO intoxicated by Opium or US dollars before). Than UNO will have to understand that when Respected Virgin Marry is shown in scarf in all drawings than sanction over Muslim women to wear hijab, the blasphemous cartoons of Holy Prophet Muhammad ()  is nothing more than mental terrorism of civilized west against Muslims. If UNO had taken notice of all such blasphemous acts than situation would not have deteriorated so much but when USA will portray Islam is enemy no. 1 after end of cold war in front of her public, according to her need and agenda US would term freedom movement of Kashmiris as terrorism and name Israeli state terrorism as Israel's right than peace in world will never be possible.

            Coincidentally the annual meeting of UN General Assembly is being held, this is the need of the hour that clear guidelines and rules should be adopted regarding blasphemous content over media against any religion or school of thought. The member countries should be advised to pass proper laws to avoid blasphemy in future; moreover the producer of the movie shall be arrested and tried for the murder of US ambassador in Libya. Investigations should be held to track down the forces who want bloodshed and war in the world to fulfill their dirty plans. If America does not do so than American and western intellectuals who claim themselves as TORCH BEARERS OF PEACE should come forward and point out the anti-peace forces and inform the international community about them.

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Translated by Naveed Ahmad,
Date: 28 September, 2012.

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