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New Wave of Propaganda against Pakistan Army and Pakistani Nuclear Assets..!

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Is not this true?

 The propaganda against Pakistani nuclear program started in 1982 when Indian govt. gave the task of propaganda against Pakistan through posts, columns, analysis etc. in magazines and newspapers to a team of Indian Foreign and Information Ministry. The term “Islamic Bomb” was invented by India for our nuclear program and India left no stone unturned to prove Islam as a terrorist religion (India even staged bomb blasts in its own cities targeting innocent Indians just to support her propaganda against Islam). Israel was special target of Indian propaganda and was forced to believe that Pakistani nukes are for Israel; if these nukes are not destroyed before their completion they will bring devastation for Israel. On the will of their Indian financers western intellectuals and journalists wrote in their columns, posts etc. that Pakistan will hand over these nukes to Arabs who have not accepted Israel as a separate country and are willing to remove Israel from the face of the world. Driven by the threat created by Indian propaganda Israel attempted twice to attack Pakistani nuclear assets but due to the tight air defenses Israel could not fulfill her plans.

Who can imagine to bypass these men of steel guarding Pakistani Nukes?
              Over the pressure of Israeli and Indian lobby USA imposed sanctions over Pakistan but due to the war in Afghanistan against Soviet Union USA avoided a direct attack or extreme steps. India has already justified her nuclear weapons in the eyes of the world through her propaganda as being the front-line state against Socialism while the pivot point of all the Indian war preparation is only and only Pakistan. Same situation is prevailing even now; in spite of serious border disputes with china, 80% of Indian army is deployed over cantonments with Pakistani border. Not only this all Indian war games designed for war with Pakistan.

Indian Missiles; don't think they are filled with fuel but with blood of Indian minorities and lower caste poor keeping denying their basic rights.

              After the American attack over Afghanistan 2001 the style of propaganda against Pakistani nukes has changed. Now world is being threatened that Pakistani nukes might fall in the hands of Taliban or other extremists and they will use it to wreak havoc against western developed nations. If one may remember, America justified her attack over Afghanistan through a fake interview of Osama bin Laden in which he had threatened America that he has two dirty bombs which he will use over USA and Americans will forget the destruction created by 9/11 if they (Americans) attacked Afghanistan. This should be also kept in mind that this interview was published in “The Dawn” through the pen of famous Pakistani anchor ‘Hamid Mir’.

A big chunk of Indians living below poor line...

              From the last ten years Indian and Western media is howling that religious extremism is at rise in Pakistan and terrorists might take over the nuclear weapons. But the American govt. was always repeating that nuclear assets are in the safe hands far away from the reach of terrorists.

          But now suddenly the situation has changed; this does not mean that propaganda has been stopped; it is going on. But retired Generals of Indian army have issued the statement that Pakistani nukes are in the hands of Pak-Army and Army knows how to protect them. This voice from India is extremely dangerous because snake can never adhere itself from biting (Perhaps they have been ordered to issue such statements to divert the attention of international community from some loop holes in security of Indian nuclear assets or probably an illegal sale from Indian Nuclear power stations. As the diagrams of sensitive Indian nuclear assets are already present over the internet and deals between Indian scientists and underworld have been reported but due to biased corrupt media such reports posing serious threat to international peace have been kept away from the World).

42% of the population ( more than 456 million ) live below the poverty line.

 From 2004 to 2006 American media pressurized American govt. to take over Pakistani nukes to such extremes that at one point American Foreign Minister Condoleezza Rice had to say that they are closely observing the situation and chalking out a plan to deal any inevitable situation. After protest from the Pakistan over the above mentioned statement of American Minister, White House had to issue the explanation that America is not planning to take over Pakistani nuclear assets but wants to help Pakistan to make them more secure. Public was not ready to accept this hypothesis that terrorists may get access to nuclear assets. In order to support Indian and western propaganda secret agencies of enemies planned and conducted attacks over military installations, head quarters of army and ISI, airbases etc. in order to send a message to the international community that terrorists have penetrated within the Pakistani army and through this support attacks over GHQ, Kamra and Naval airbases were made possible while Pakistani media was the front line soldier of enemy in this propaganda war against Pakistan. However after a period of silence regarding safety of Pakistani nuclear assets once again this propaganda has been launched but with a new face; Tom Hundley has written a long Essay, “RACE TO THE END”. Astonishingly in this single essay the author has tried to prove that Pakistan as a failed state and Pakistani nuclear assets as a threat to the world while India has been portrayed as world’s largest democracy (author is advised to have a look at local Indian channels telecasting the true face of mother of democracy or redefine democracy as right of rich to crush the poor and rape their women) and un-beatable nuclear power. In his essay he dreams of India as a state full with peace and prosperity; just like as a heaven which Pakistan wants to destroy.

Burning the Holy Quran; Where is the religious extremism on increase. India or Pakistan?

              Another important aspect is that this essay has been published just after few days of a report of threats to Indian nuclear power stations that was reported in local Indian newspapers. According to Indian newspapers Indian nuclear installation are at the target of extremist Muslims and have been put on red alert. According to the reports 11 Muslims have been arrested accused for planning attacks over Kaiga Atomic Power station; this should be kept in mind that few years ago an Indian nuclear scientist was murdered at this station which was afterwards portrayed by Indian govt. as suicide case.  This news were also widespread that including this scientist India was reported to be selling enriched uranium to other countries through Under-World. However Tom thinks China is the main cause behind the nuclear capabilities of Pakistan, in his essay he writes;

Perhaps these Hindu terrorists are civilized in the eyes of Western Journalists; probably they share  the ideology of Civilized as well

Pakistan, with an estimated 90 to 120 warheads, is now believed to be churning out more plutonium than any other country on the planet -- thanks to two Chinese-built reactors that are now online, a third that is undergoing trials, and a fourth that is scheduled to become operational by 2016. It has already passed India in total number of warheads and is on course to overtake Britain as the world's No. 5 nuclear power. Pakistan could end up in third place, behind Russia and the United States, within a decade.

In this essay the author expresses his views about Pakistan army;

The guiding ideology of Pakistan's Army -- from the generals on down to their drivers -- is that India represents a permanent existential threat. This is why Pakistan clings to its nukes and attempts to maintain at least the illusion of what its generals call "bilateral balance."

In spite of paying tribute for the Pakistan’s sacrifices in the terrorist attacks due to Pakistan’s support for American war on terror (actually war on Islam) Tom writes;

The problem with this delicate state of affairs is not simply the two countries' history of war, but Pakistan's tactic of hiding behind its nuclear shield while allowing terrorist groups to launch proxy attacks against India. The 2001 attack on India's Parliament building and the 2008 Mumbai attack are the most egregious examples. 

Life on footpaths; Great Democratic India

According to Tom India has become the world’s largest democracy (if we consider the Rights of Americans sabotaged in democratic American than he might be right) while Pakistan is racing towards destruction; all big Indian cities are just like developed cities of the world while Pakistan’s capital seems like just like a prison because of security measures (of course Pakistan has to face attacks from Indian and US supported terrorists while Indian cities have only to face terrorist attacks planned by Indian Generals or riots of  unarmed poor). In India break-down of two days became problem to Indian politicians while in Pakistan public gets electricity for few hours only a day.

Will this picture bypass filters or Pro-Indian Media and Journalists

              Seems Tom knows India through Bollywood movies or few stat hotels that in few big Indian cities that were reserved for him by Indian RAW, he never had a chance to visit Indian cities otherwise he would had the information that New Delhi has to face 6 hour load-shedding regularly and  more than half of the population does not know what is electricity or there are other means of getting light besides lamps burning oil.

The World's Greatest Democracy India of Tom Hundley and Indians enjoying the picnic over footpath; Hope Tom had enjoyed it too during his visit to India!

              This is irony of the fate that since after the partition Pakistan is the target of Indian conspiracies and terrorism. The Indian plan of Greater India is moving forward very slowly with the external support from America and other western imperialist forces probably because of the Indian markets. Within Pakistan India has support for GREATER INDIA including traitors in the form of politicians, intellectuals, journalists etc. and they does not feel any shame while selling their motherland for their voluptuous needs and lust.

Hindu Extremists attacking Christian College in Bangalore

              During 1971 India had support of traitors within Pakistan and support from America as well because Pakistan had rejected American request to provide airbases and military bases to India during China-India war in 1962; so America wanted to provide support from eastern Pakistan to India in case of another expected war between China-India and it was inevitable to separate the Eastern Pakistan for this imperialistic plan. These were the reasons behind the fall of Dhaka while in the way Tom has presented Indian trial in the media this is not something new. Due to the money and facilities he secured from India or Indian agencies how was it possible that he mentions Indian violations of human rights in Indian Held Kashmir in the hands of 0.7 million Indian state terrorists, how could he has mentioned the real problems and issues causing tension between India and Pakistan? Could he write about the free-hand given to India by USA in Afghanistan after Western attack over Afghanistan and how India is utilizing her presence in Afghanistan against Pakistan?

Hindu Terrorism; The Hidden Face of Hindu Extremism or perhaps Democracy as defined by WEST

              He is well aware that India and USA are behind the Baloch Militants providing them financial support, training, weapons and safe heavens in Afghanistan. He should be aware of extremists present within Indian army and blasts in Samjhota Express and many more terrorist acts within India by these terrorist officers of Indian army in order defame ISI, Pak-Army and LeT with the support of pro-Indian journalists just like Tom. Tom should have sympathies for families of ATS officers including Hemant Karkare in Mumbai attacks in 2008 while the families of these murdered persons claim that these attacks in which Ajmal Qasab is accused were staged by Indian terrorists within Indian army to remove Hemant Karkare and his team because by arresting these soldiers of ATS had proved that India is staging bomb blasts in India just to make Pakistan secluded in the international community but at the cost of the lives of innocent Indians.

The reality of Developed INDIA?

              This is a humble request to Tom Hundley that just like Pakistani intellectual prostitutes getting paid in the name of AMAN KI ASHA from India; he should write in favor of India to secure his payments from India (this is his right) but he should not mutilate the history. If he thinks that Pakistani nuclear program is a threat to the world and Pakistani Generals are working against India under the shield of nuclear assets than what about USA? USA destroyed Japan, Iraq, Libya, Vietnam, and Afghanistan just because she had nuclear weapons of mass destruction which were used by Americans as well claiming lives of millions. US naval ships are in the gulf to attack Iran, drone attacks are going on in Pakistan as a new form of aerial terrorism, in order to keep American war factories running Americans cultivate the disputes and wars in different areas of the world between neighbors leading to bloody wars. Same like situation is prevailing in the Palestine where over the threat of nuclear weapons Israel has converted the whole area into hell from last half century; but Tom will never write on such bitter realities perhaps these are against the journalistic values of West guided by money or in other words INTELLECTUAL PROSTITUTION.

Written by Khalid Baig,
Date: 09 September, 2012,
Translated by Naveed Ahmad.

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  1. Dear Khalid
    I am sharing my comment on Forign Policy web concerning TOM HUNDLEY's article. I hope that you would like it. By the way, thanks for your great analysis.
    Kind regards
    Bashy Quraishy
    Secretary General - EMISCO -European Muslim Initiative for Social Cohesion Strasbourg/Copenhagen
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    Although, the long article; Race to the end by TOM HUNDLEY ( FP SEPTEMBER 5, 2012) is much more nuanced than the usual anti-Pakistan garbage, FP dishes out time and again, Mr. Hundley could not refrain himself from repeating clichés and wishful thinking of USA decision makers, while talking about Pakistani nukes. For example, he states:
    1. “For the United States, the nightmare scenario is that some of Pakistan's warheads or its fissile material falls into the hands of the Taliban or al Qaeda or, worse, that the whole country falls into the hands of the Taliban”
    2. “This business of the Taliban taking over -- it can't be ruled out.”
    3. “The greater danger is the theft of fissile material, which could be used to make a crude bomb”.
    My simple answer is that if Pakistani nukes were so vulnerable to attack or be snatched, do not you think, USA, Israel and India would have made an effort to do so. The truth lies somewhere else. USA knows that few thousands Taliban, unprofessional, with no heavy weapons and have no combat training, have no wish to take on world’s 7th largest army, which is top professional, heavily armed, including atomic weapons and with 180 million proud Pakistanis behind them. Besides, USA does not want a Muslim country to be a nuclear power. Straight and simple cultural and religious motive. Someone should ask CIA and US military bosses; Are Pakistani nuclear weapons sitting in a basket like ripe bananas for anyone to come and take these home, much less primitive Talibans, who have no nuclear training, scientific knowledge and facilities to assemble the nukes and no means to use it. To me it is like assuming that USA nuclear bombs can fall in the hands of Ku Klux Klan or Right Extremist Militias in the country.

    Then TOM HUNDLEY continues;
    “The fact that large swaths of the country are literally beyond the control of the central government is not reassuring”.
    If Mr. HUNDLEY had time to venture out of his Islamabad hotel, he would have realized that Tribal areas constitute less than 5% of Pakistani territory of nearly 1 million square kilometers. Those areas have always been outside the government control since the British rule. I remember when Hillary Clinton stupidly remarked that Taliban are just 60 kilometer from Islamabad. It was such a foolish statement that he regretted it later. I wonder, why USA politicians and military commanders never think before they open their mouths and make fools of themselves.

    Then TOM HUNDLEY repeats another nonsense dished out by FP, such as “Pakistan, with its on-and-off military dictatorships (off at the moment), ranks 13th on Foreign Policy's most recent Failed States Index”.
    NO country is a failed country much less Pakistan. Yes, a government may be corrupt and have failed in providing necessary facilities to its public but that does not mean Pakistan is not a functioning country. India has been always 8 times bigger than Pakistan but India did not suffer from the foolish policies of USA, when it attacked Afghanistan, drove millions of Afghans into Pakistan and forces it to spend 70 billion dollars against the so-called war on terror, which was also the net result of Afghan war. Before that Pakistan was developing fast with 7-8% development rate, with no violence and suicide attacks.
    So Mr. TOM HUNDLEY, next time please be more neutral in your assessment even if US State Department pays for your trip to Pakistan .


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