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The Continuous Attacks over the Stability of Pakistan and Criminal Ignorance of Politicians..!

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Kamra Airbase under attack

Apparently there is democracy in our country and apparently state departments are also working properly but bitter reality is that democratic govt., democracy and democratic departments are totally ignorant of safety of the motherland. The safety and integrity of the country that is should be the top priority of any govt. has been totally left over the army. Just in second week of August nation has witnessed 3 attacks over the stability of motherland but our politicians are not concerned about the country; whether these are politicians from the ruling parties or from opposition they are busy in safeguarding their corruption and corrupt activities in the name of DEMOCRACY. When they get free from earning black money; maybe they address these sensitive issues of national security. These issues of grave concern are as follows;
  1. Immigration of Hindus towards India from Sindh on large scale.
  2. The murder of 25 innocent passengers on their way to Gilgit from Rawalpindi.
  3. The attack of terrorists on Kamra Air base on the night of 27th Ramadan.

First of all let us discuss immigration of Hindus from Sindh. This issue was highlighted by our sold-out media singing the chorus of AMAN KI ASHA in such a way as the whole Hindu community is going to migrate to India. The AMAN KI ASHA brand filthy media was busy in propaganda that channels running campaign for USAID also joined them in an attempt to create chaos through their propaganda. The allegation was that the life and property of Hindus is not safe in Pakistan; the acceptance of Islam by two Hindu girls and marriage with Muslim boys, and abduction of three rich Hindus for ransom was forwarded as evidence.

The status that Hindu community enjoys in Pakistan is not given to lower caste Hindus leaving aside the minorities in India

              If we accept these allegations as evidence than we will have to draw a chart of such cases, in one year how many people were kidnapped for ransom or how much girls eloped away from homes for love marriages; than this would make sense that how many of them were Hindus and how many were cases of Muslims. This would also clarify that are Hindus facing any security issues or the purpose of the whole propaganda is just to create chaos and defame Pakistan. This does not mean that kidnaping or eloping away of girls is something acceptable but think again that this is totally a problem of law and order which is equally affecting people of Pakistan whether they are Hindus, Christians, Sikh or Muslims. The most painful aspect is that the protest of Pakistani public over genocide of Muslims in India supported by Indian machinery is rejected by the Indian govt. that it is internal affair of India than who has given permission India to address the issue of Hindus in Sindh? Not only Indian govt. but pro-Indian elements earning their livelihood in dollars for selling their belief also oppose Pakistan’s protest over massacre of Muslims in India. Otherwise do minorities in India from Indian held Kashmir to Assam enjoy same status which minorities of Pakistan are enjoying? Is not this a conspiracy that a special group of media propagated the issue of security to Pakistani Hindus and Indian politicians issued statements that they are looking how to settle these immigrants. While on the other hand many Hindus leaving for India assured media on the railway station that they are going on Yatra to fulfill their rituals.

A couple leaving for ritual visit to India portrayed as migration to India by our sold-out Media in their propaganda campaign

              The gravest aspect of this issue is that President of Pakistan has also established a 3 member committee for talks with Hindus and himself has shown interest in meeting with Pakistani Hindu leaders in Karachi. He should have ordered to put an end to the crimes like kidnapping for ransom and himself should have supervised law and order situation himself, but providing security only Hindus on the one hand he has provided basis for the propaganda over Hindu issue (with due apologies he is following the policies of his party as Bhuttos did) on the other hand this is a signal to the persons involved in the kidnaping for ransom (majority is in assemblies now) that they should continue their business sparing Hindus.

Protest over martyring of Shiite Muslims in the hands of terrorists

              Now let’s come towards the tragic incident of murder of Shiite Muslims in Istor after pulling them out of Buses. The important issue is that on the same route 2 incidents have already occurred in this year in which passengers were cold bloodily killed after checking their National Identity Cards. Who are the murderers and what targets they want to achieve through killing on the sectarian basis? This is a long discussion but was not this duty of govt. to provide necessary security to thwart any such attack of terrorists? Special escorts and squads should have been formed for security and passengers should have been allowed to ride only buses with proper security, although this would have been temporary arrangements but the duty to eliminate these militants or terrorists also lies over the govt. not on army.

Bus from which persons were removed and murdered after being identified

              But here this is the convention that statements are issued after some tragic incident and temporarily some elements are arrested to cool down the public unrest and then govt. starts waiting for next tragedy. This also needs to be taken into account that all these incidents based just over the sectarian disputes or the agenda of enemy behind such terrorism is something else? Because if after presence of inter-sectarian peace committees and there regular meetings in every district, such incidents continue to occur than hidden hand behind this terrorism should be identified which is using locals to murder Shiite Muslims from Gilgit.

              Now let’s come towards the attack over Kamra airbase on the night of 27th Ramadan. Terrorists who were uniformed as commandoes attacked Kamra airbase, all the terrorists were killed, and base-commander along with four soldiers was injured while one soldier embraced martyrdom on the spot. On the second day another soldier succumbed to injuries and embraced martyrdom. This failed attempt of terrorism shows that in spite of Holy night of Qadar the security agencies were on alert and the undefeatable defense system of important installation was fully functional. But is this enough? This question is of grave importance that whether it was attacks over Mehran naval base or Kamra airbase why the target of terrorists were only those aircrafts that act as the eye, nose and ears for the defense of Pakistan?

AWACS aircraft 

              Were the AWACS aircrafts working for Iran, Afghanistan or China that Taliban attacked them? The answer is much simple that only India has pain over such national assets of Pakistan. The training for attack over such important installation, abundant supply of latest weapons, planning of the mission, timing of the attack all needs to be done by some well-trained commandoes ready for suicidal attack having experience of Guerilla warfare not by Taliban. By staging the drama of AMAN KI ASHA over the eastern borders of Pakistan India is busy in war against Pakistan over the western border. All this is in the knowledge of our selected leaders as well as our intellectuals, journalists and writers singing the chorus of AMAN KI ASHA for the dollars funded by Indian RAW. In spite of all such knowledge our filthy media has entrapped the nation into baseless internal affairs while govt. has no spare time from corruption and safeguarding corrupt regime. The attack over Kamra airbase has been thwarted but from what sources and routes such a big amount weapons arrived to Kamra no one has answer to this burning question. Who can answer this question  when whether it is Police or Special Branch all are busy in protection and protocol of selected public representatives. From the Police stations to District level Police officers all transfers based upon the will of public representatives for their personal security and influence in the area. This is the reason that whole country is filled up with unlicensed weapons, kidnaping for ransom has become a business, first of all no one is arrested if someone gets arrested due to his bad luck the case dissolves before being presented to courts due to pressure of selected representatives or politicians.

Kamra airbase

              Same problem is with the terrorists neither there is any proper procedure for punishing terrorists nor govt. has felt any need to pass new laws to curb this evil. In contrast under the cover of missing persons remarks of Supreme Court for registering cases against heads of security agencies are strengthening and encouraging anti-Pakistan elements. If govt. does not act over the consecutive three attacks on security of motherland in one week than Supreme Court shall take suo motto action and bind federal & provinces to protect not only Hindus but also curb murders of Shiite Muslims from Quetta to Gilgit. The only solution to these murders is to make effective laws to confiscate illegal arms and insure that these laws are imposed.

              In the end I would like to request to govt. that including identities of terrorists killed in Kamra attack their legal heirs should be presented on media. These legal heirs shall inform nation through the media that what are the factors that forced their relatives to join terrorists. Moreover along with these legal heirs the religious Scholars should be also invited to join them in talk-show to answer the question that terrorists attacking the national security agencies on the holy night of Qadar are worthy to be known as Muslims?

Written by Khalid Baig,
Date: 18 August, 2012.

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