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The brutal killings of Muslims in Myanmar and Secret goals behind this massacre… Part-II

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Turkish Prime Minister's Wife in Myanmar

Apparently it seems that Burma/Myanmar sudden got engulfed by the riots claiming thousands of Muslim’s lives; displacing more than one hundred thousand Muslims. More than ten thousand houses,  shops, buildings including mosques were demolished or set on fire. Although Myanmar govt. has imposed restrictions on human rights activists and journalists to visit effected areas but when wife of Turk President arrived in Myanmar  along with a small number of media persons to express solidarity with Muslims of Myanmar, Myanmar has no option but to let her visit effected areas. In this team from British TV first of all succeeded in recording the scenes in the effected towns of Muslims. After watching these scenes UNO has no other way but to wake up and demand investigations from Myanmar in this regard. OIC meeting in Makah helped to stop genocide of Muslims but vital role was played by Turkey who threatened Myanmar citizens from Turkey and as a symbol few Burmese were ordered to leave Turkey. But would this heal or compensate loss and sufferings of Burmese Muslims from last half century?

A camp Of Muslims where 500 houses were burnt by Buddhists

              There are two aspects of Muslim genocide in Myanmar; one is of the moral nature but is much painful while other is much complicated created by international players. First of all lets discuss moral aspect; the news of Muslims genocide in Myanmar were first of all reported over the internet and social media. Leaving aside the rest of the world majority of Pakistani writers, poets, intellectuals who claim themselves as enlightened, friendly and always keep busy in preaching the love and equality for the mankind totally rejected these news declaring them as fabricated and fake. The same situation was of the our media free from all moral values because it cannot see anything beyond its love for India. Many of my personal friends rejected these news claiming that they are fake and pictures are fabricated; those people were rejecting these news who does not know that Burmese Muslims are not allowed to have Muslim names. Their status in their own country is of refugees or perhaps worse. They are called as “Kaala” (black) due to hatred; their citizens’ rights aside they do not have even human rights in Myanmar. To move from city to another city they have to take visiting pass from magistrate or police officer, their children are devoid of education, because they do not Burmese national identity cards. They cannot purchase any property in their name just because of being Muslims. They are not allowed to slaughter even a hen leaving aside the goat or cows on the occasion of Eid ul Adha. These violations of basic human rights are going on from last 4 decades or more. But international media and human rights organization all practiced criminal silence and ignorance and situation has not changed even today.

Turkish Delegation in Myanmar

              If we look in the book TRIALS IN BURMA by Maurice Collis who served as Judge during British rule over sub-continent it seems Muslims from Arakan province are suffering in the hands of Buddhists since 1550. Sometimes they are forced to convert to Buddhism, sometimes they are killed for not eating pork. According to the British judge he is eye witness of genocide of Muslims in 1930; he says that Buddhists started killing Muslims because they thought that Muslims were secretly supporting British rule. British empire succeeded in controlling these killings after much struggle but in 1938 once again these riots broke out claiming thousands of Muslim’s lives. According to British judge this genocide was given the name of struggle against British empire by Buddhist terrorists. But while leaving sub-continent along with other blunders of British govt. one was that Muslims were left over the mercy of Buddhists in Myanmar or perhaps English wanted to punish Muslims for their support to freedom movement in Burma.

              Now lets come towards other aspect;  it is clear to everyone that what is the importance of Burmese sea-port in the bay of Bengal. Moreover this is also evident that America is supporting India as a local power against china. But astonishingly USA ignored Burma while laying the trap for china and India also failed to establish friendly relations with Burmese govt. In contrast to this china foresightedly established good relations with Burma and supported Burmese dictator even UNO openly. Any resolution against Burma in UNO was rejected by china through veto. The relations between china grew stronger when General Newin over threw the govt. America and Europe rejected the dictator but China supported him keeping in view the future needs. At that time Europe and America could not imagine that Burma is full of natural resources like gas and oil nor India felt that she will have to bow in front of Burmese govt. to fulfill her energy needs. In 1970 when in a survey it was revealed that eastern part of Burma has reserves of oil and gas, neither USA nor India had any shortage of these natural resources, so USA did not feel any need to establish friendly relations with Burmese dictatorship. The importance of Burma became evident when USA decided to transfer few of its big industries to Indian province Madras to avoid economical crises. India herself needed Burmese natural resources to fulfill the energy requirements and geologists reported that Arakan province of Burma and its sea have oil reserves. As soon this report became public china, India, South-Korea and Japan jumped into the race to buy Burmese oil. China was aware that behind the three local countries was USA. At that time USA imposed sanctions over Myanmar to force it to accept democracy; various bills were presented into the UNA that were rejected by China through Veto. America established a local organization including Japan, India, South Korea, Philippine etc. to pressurize Myanmar to sign contracts with India for sale of gas and oil. After this Myanmar govt. showed positive gestures towards selling oil to India.

Burmese Muslims running for their lives alongwith whatever they could save from Buddhists

              If you remember in 2006 during his visit to India, George W. Bush specially visited Ahmedabad where his activities were given full coverage over international level. This visit was actually targeted for establishing an industrial zone within India for USA, but this was not possible without abundant supply of oil and gas as energy to the industry. India and China both were having their talks with Myanmar for oil but the whole world was unaware that Myanmar govt. has already signed contract with china that Burma was bound to sell gas from Arakan only to china for 30 years. When these news broke out USA and India both were shocked. Now USA had only one way that they create a humanitarian crises in Myanmar and defame Myanmar regarding human rights violations. After over throwing the dictatorship a democratic govt. should be imposed in Myanmar that should cancel contracts with china.

              In March 2007 the director of Human Watch Arond Johnson issued  a report regarding Myanmar blaming military regime of Burma for gross human rights violations against Muslims. The most grave allegation was that after signing contracts with china Muslims are being forced to leave those areas from where pipe line would pass; there are significant that Muslims would not be compensated their lands that would be effected by pipeline moreover Muslims would be forced to work as slaves for laying these pipe lines or killed. So Myanmar govt. shall ensure safety and compensation for Muslims of these areas.

Gas Pipeline between Myanmar and China

              After the report of Human Watch human rights delegation in UNO said that Muslims’ would increase in Myanmar due to this pipe line who are already living a miserable life; which will not possible for UNO to monitor them for any human rights violations. The special delegate advised UNO to take this case to international court before work for laying pipe line started. Myanmar did not consider any international pressure and in 2009 the contract for sale of gas was signed few months later the contract for sale of oil was also signed as well. It was also decided that both pipe lines would laid parallel to each other, work on this pipe line started in October 2009 and it is now complete. Now how is it possible that USA separates east Timor rich with oil from Indonesia, divides Sudan in two separate states for oil, demolishes and attacks sovereign states like Libya and Iraq for oil but remains silent over Burma? While nearby its ally India is suffering just like a hurt snake, so the only solution to this problem was the use of already tested plan of started massacre and genocide in Burma just like they did in Indonesia and Sudan. So that UNO gets the reason to interfere into Myanmar and USA fulfills its plans. But bitter reality is that Muslims are being slaughtered mercilessly in this international and it is our duty to stop human rights violations through protest but it should be against USA and its ally in South Asia, i.e. India for playing with the blood of Muslims to fulfill their damn expansionist goals…

Written By Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 31 August 2012.

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