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The brutal killings of Muslims in Myanmar and Secret goals behind this massacre…

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Mulsim Refugees trying to flee for their life

According to a report issued by international watchdog for human rights AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL, Myanmar govt. failed badly to stop the violence against Muslims. Security agencies of Myanmar including Police are guilty of murdering Muslims. They have been not only in massacre of Muslims but they are also involved in molestation and gang rapes of Muslim women in Myanmar. In the beginning when ethnic riots between Rohingya Muslims and Akhni Buddhists broke out Myanmar govt. kept criminally silent and when the situation worsened Police and Army of Myanmar also got involved in killings of Muslims in spite of protecting them.

Mosque destroyed by the Buddhist extremists

            On the other hand the order of Bangladeshi govt. has been also disclosed in which including human rights organizations,  local welfare institutions were ordered to adhere themselves from helping Burmese Muslims who fled to Bangladesh after crossing rivers to save themselves from Buddhist extremists. There are number of videos available over the internet in which Bangladeshi army is firing at migrants to stop them from entering into Bangladesh to save themselves. This has been also told over a website of Bangladesh that Bangladeshi govt. is not allowing Bangladeshi people to help migrants seeking shelter in Bangladesh at the beck and call of Indian govt. Other wise in past such migrants were not only provided help but separate camps were also setup for them. Indian govt. has already closed her borders for migrants fleeing from Myanmar to save their lives with the support from USA (will discuss reasons later).
Muslim children being roasted by Myanmar extremists

            The racial discrimination against Muslims in Myanmar is going on since long ago; however the recent riots broke out when Burmese Police arrested 3 Rohingya Muslims for allegedly looting and murdering a an Akhni Buddhist women MATHEDA and sent them to prison. Police neither had any evidence nor any eyewitness for allegation. Moreover this rumor was also spread that these three men raped her before murdering her. On the 4th June Akhni Buddhists stopped bus and murdered 10 Rohingya Muslims riding it. When the bus arrived in Arakan the news of murder of innocent Muslims had already arrived there, Muslims gathered there for a peace protest. Their peaceful was sabotaged by Buddhist extremists killing and injuring many Muslims. In the no time whole city was engulfed by the riots; Myanmar Police present their was just to protect Buddhist extremists.  When the Muslims took to the roads for protest against unprovoked attack from Buddhist extremists they were attacked by Police. The youtube has a footage in which arrested Muslims are being murdered by Buddhist extremists. Moreover the footage also shows a building that was set on fire by Buddhists burning all the Muslims alive present into it. For two days the protest of Muslims and attacks of Buddhists continued. On the 3rd day govt. imposed curfew in the Muslim majority areas but this was only for Muslims not for the state sponsored Buddhist extremists. These Buddhist extremist were free to loot, and burn Muslims under the protection of Myanmar security agencies and Police. The only mosque in the city was blazed by the Buddhists killing all the Muslims present into it. Afterwards this genocide of Muslims spread to the every village where Muslims were present. The news and reports about the worst violations of human rights and murders of Muslims by the state sponsored extremists of Myanmar was first of all reported over the fastest media i.e. internet through emails, twitter, facebook etc. The horrible clips of massacre and pictures that were being posted; were out of reach of majority and unbelievable, because the international electronic media controlled by the Jews had criminally ignored this human tragedy. On the other hand the media in Islamic countries either could not understand the seriousness of the crises or they had no respect for Muslims of Myanmar. The protest over social media failed to break the silence of international media however it became difficult to remain silent for USA. Young American generation was raising questions on the internet that where are their representatives singing the chorus of NOW or raising storm in the tea cup over violations of human rights in the Islamic countries, who separated East Timor from Indonesia in 2002 through referendum while the riots that started there in 1999 were not of such magnitude to demand a separate state. The same drama was repeated in 2011 in Sudan where a country was divided into two by American maid UNO in the name of Act of Self Determination through referendum. But the disgraceful role of UNO is that all these acts and rules does not apply in Palestine, Kashmir, Myanmar or northern Indian states having adjacent borders with Bangladesh where Muslims are fighting for their basic rights, identity and freedom. These states were captured by British imperialism and upon withdrawal they handed them over to Burmese Buddhists to suffer.

The family fleeing to save their lives

            American govt. had also memories of 19 April 1995 bomb blast in Oklahoma state in which half building of FBI was demolished. Approximately 128 person were killed in this blast by a white youngster Timothi when he parked a truck full of fertilizer and blew it up with bomb as a protest. After arrest Timothi told that he was upset over the massacre of Muslims in Bosnia, Kosovo and Serbia by Serbs and army of Yugoslavia and the criminal silence of US govt. over this genocide. Whole world was protesting over the genocide of Muslims in Serb states but Americans were silent, this hurt Timothi. After three years of blast Timothi was killed through poisonous injection however his claims to be true when on 22 April 1999 the President of Yugoslavia disclosed in his telecasted speech that USA is behind the horrible massacre of Muslims in Herzegovina and Kosovo who wanted that after fall of Soviet Union and separation of 9 states from Russia USA wanted that Yugoslavia says good bye to socialist system and joins capitalism but he refused to do so. After his refusal riots broke out against Muslims in Serb states. Only half of the speech has been telecasted that NATO conducted an air strike destroying the building of RTH Radio Television of Serbia in Belgrade

The boats of Rohingya Muslims sunk by Buddhist extremist to prevent  Muslims from fleeing for life

Probably the crtics may think that incidents in Kosovo are irrelevant to Myanmar massacre but time will prove that just like the violence in 90’s in Balkan states and massacre of Muslims; the massacre of Muslims in Myanmar is also part of American strategy to start riots in the countries to control and blackmail their governments. This we will discuss later on in detail. However the protest over social media has forced USA to break silence and include massacre of Muslims in Myanmar in annual report about religious freedom. Perhaps after this report KSA has invited representative of Myanmar Muslims in OIC meeting in Jeddah and announced to send a fact finding mission to Myanmar. The American goals towards Syria in meeting of OIC has also pressurized America to much extent about killings in Myanmar and perhaps this is why Myanmar govt. has also established a commission to investigate the genocide of Muslims. This commission will consist of 27 representatives from political and religious parties and will submit its report till 17 September. But most grave and serious problem is the question of identity and nationality of Rohingya Muslims along with the their genocide…

To Be continued…

A video showing the role of Bangladeshi govt. closing its borders for migrants

Written  by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 24 August, 2012.

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