Saturday, August 4, 2012

Inherited Dictatorship in the Name of Democracy!

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Now a days whole nation is enjoying the democracy and democratic system in Pakistan. Apparently this is democracy and selected representatives are ruling the nation but in fact it is nothing more than deception and propaganda because in the name of public rule few families are the owners of the fate of the nation. One may call it democracy but this dictatorship of few elites is worse than dicators of the world where neither the lives nor the property of the public is safe. All the resources of the country are beyond the reach of the public, traders are selling the necessities of life at their own prices, the black marketing and hoarding is at such peak that one may hardly find an example from the Dark Age. Abduction for ransom has been given the form of a business under the supervision of selected representatives or politicians. Industry has been completed halted due to the shortage of energy (which was not observed in the reign of a dictator) but the business of property and real state is flourishing. The role of Parliament has been limited to passing of bills for few selected corrupt representatives in spite of introducing legal reforms for the welfare of the public. The most painful aspect is that in spite of all this we are struggling to strengthen this corrupt system of democracy in which there is nothing except rule or dictatorship of few corrupt families or groups.

              Although the present system of democracy was founded by Jews, for controlling the economy of the world in a well-arranged manners. They introduced this system few centuries ago. The reason behind this system was that in the big states divided over the basis of the religious identity Jews felt themselves unsafe, and inferior to others. When the control of corrupt and roister Muslim rulers weakened over their states, Muslim public was pushed towards slavery. Jews have already penetrated into the Christian states and had not only weakened control of religion there but succeeded in controlling their economy to some extent as well. In such a situation when the revolutions got strength in the name of one person one vote, and rule of the public it was not hard for Jews to achieve their goals.

              First of all Europe's economy was destroyed by pushing it towards great wars, during this from the media to govt. forming departments were taken into control by Jews; the American and European economy became slave to Jewish investors/bankers. The wars weakened the grip of British, Portugal, France and Italy over the captured areas of Arab and eastern areas. These states got freedom from western imperialism but they were practically enslaved to the so-called public governments controlled by those elites who were considered as loyal to their foreign masters during the period of western imperialism or slavery. In the American and western states this democratic system has already gained strength, leaving aside Arab all other newly born states were converted into democratic or republic states. Perhaps the continuity of the monarchy in Arab was the need of international imperialist forces.

              When the democracy got strength in newly born Muslim states, in a very secret manners the struggle to weaken the grip of religion and replace it by atheism in the name of human conscience was started, for this the media and anti-religious writers and intellectuals were selected. No matter what the system is the true development and welfare of the public is only possible when the system has complete belief over some God, the basis of development is over human equality and qualifications in spite of tribes or casts and the individual character is given much importance. But the founders of the present democratic system purposely utilized the power of public for their own interests gradually i.e. for gambling, free sex moreover for their control of international markets and the public was trained for unfair profit and interest.

              Whether one accepts or not all the struggle by westerns for democracy for a better life and ensuring basic rights led them to mindless, cruel, and anti-religion. Material wellbeing was attached with shamelessness and free sex or porn. Religious values were replaced with show-off of wealth and property. The representative of nation is one who can buy minds of masses, the parties who came into existence for the protection of rights of the public they ignored moral values, character and qualifications and crossed all the limits of fraud, deception, corruption, and demoralizing for achievement of power and self-interests, all this was given the name of Policy for defeating competitors. In this way in very secret way families having links with Western bosses were given full control over the politics. Their reign was conditioned with the fulfilling of foreign agenda and aims of foreign bosses.
Favorite Slogan of Democracy to be-fool the people

              Through mass media the emotions of the lower classes were spoiled in such a way that hatred, and mutual enmity was strengthened to lend support for the parties, individuals were forced to believe that only the parties they support have the power to solve their problems; all this chaos and division is necessary for the existence and continuity of democratic system. All these factors has forced the American and European public to wake up and struggle against the democratic economic system, against 1% elite class 99% public started a campaing in USA named as OCUPPY WALL STREET. In the no time it spread to the whole Europe and in spite of media blackout by imperialists media this protest is going on. The public views of these countries are that whether the person or the party in govt. changes but no party has ever tried to solve the problems of the public but the period of ruling by these parties has been used to fulfill the finance plans of their international financers (mostly Jews). They are not concerned with the problems of the public but from the food industry to war industry they are concerned with their profit. That is why from attack over Afghanistan to destruction of Libya the leaders of Western states has given no importance to the voice of the public that was against these inhuman attacks. If one wants to understand the benefits that Jews have derived from this democratic system than he should read the posts by Professor SERGYEI  NILUS written in Russian language. For translating these into English the representative of MORNING POST, Victor E. Marsden was imprisoned in 1917. Because in his translation he has termed Democracy as Judaism, due to which the concept of legal children and values of joint family were getting weaker. However this was 1917, today in 2012 there is no place for old parents in the home, gays and lesbians are common, homosexuality has been given legal protection, the love of parents is not for their children but for pets. The concept of survival is conditioned with the destruction and death of any opposing person, tribe or nation (Drone attacks are the civilized example of this concept). Free sex is the basic right of every person.

Few Dictators of Pakistan's Democratic Parties

              The benefits of this so-called democratic are being enjoyed by all of us, but this does not mean that army should over throw the govt. But would the representatives of public should be given right through vote to use this power of vote for their personal interests, and filing of their coffers? Is this right that the mentality of politicians is limited to their dictatorship and inheritance in their political party in spite of welfare of public? If this democracy than thousand curses over such hypocrite and deceptive system…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 03 August, 2012.

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