Monday, July 23, 2012


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We Pakistanis as a Muslim member of Global Community of this world are duty-bound in this Holly month of Ramadan to protest over mass killings of Muslims in Burma and channelize our protest towards UN Security Council and the other countries to ensure security and shelter to the bleeding Muslims in Burma.
For us it is not excusable that we have our own domestic security issues.
Please feel their pain and raise your voice for the sake of humanity.No doubt because of our inner weakness, we are at the mercy of world powers and have little or no voice for our own, even than we have to stand with mankind.
All this ethnic killing is part of a Great Economic War Game with in big countries to fulfill their energy needs, US & India were not happy after discovering rich gas fields by China ( with long term agreement ) near Indian border in Burma, so they succeeded to create unrest there with the help of CIA & RAW. Therefor NGOs, HR activists and World media, also EU are silent .....!

Khalid Baig!

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