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Where is the Provincial Govt. of Baluchistan?

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Miners protesting over the murder of 7 miners by terrorists 

On 12 July 7 dead bodies were recovered from the Dor Digari  area suburbs of Quetta. All the seven were kidnapped on 7 July from Marwari area on gunpoint and were working as laborers in Coal Mine. These laborers belonged to District Sawat and were working as miners in local United Miner Company for a long time. This might be coincidence that when the families of murdered persons arrived outside Baluchistan High Court for protest; Chief Justice Ch. Iftikhar was hearing the case about poor situation of law and order in Baluchistan. Chief Justice took the suo motto action over the murder of laborers and asked the identity of murdered persons from Home Secretary, he was told that all were Pashtoon and belonged to KPK. Over this Chief Justice said that this will cultivate more hatred.

              Chief Justice issued the arrest for arrest of murderers but his remarks over the linguistic and provincial identity of the murdered persons shows that the plan and forces behind the massacre in Baluchistan is not what our sold-out media is telling in its propaganda programs and talk shows. From the last few years Punjabi settlers, persons from Hazara tribe or the brethren Muslims from Shia sect going to Iran via Baluchistan were being targeted and murdered but this is the first time that Pashtoon has also become target of these terrorists. This is a clear indication that after failure in struggle to start sectarian riots in Pakistan and failure in cultivating the hatred in Punjab against Baloch, now the plan has been changed to target Pashtoons, which will create further dispersion and break down in Baluchistan.
              This is why during the hearing over the case for poor situation in Baluchistan Chief Justice had to give comments that Police has totally failed in securing the law and order in the province, in front of them such heinous crimes are being done, Police has only 5% area of Baluchistan but they are unable to stop these crimes, while Levies has 95% area under their control and the ratio of crimes is much lower there. Chief Justice further said that person who are kidnapped their families get the freed after paying ransom but what Police wants to do they do it without any hurdles.

              If we take a bird’s eye view of the situation in Baluchistan than this is the province with lowest population in the country but filled with natural resources and minerals, burning in the fire of lawlessness. The only differences is that sometimes it keeps smolder in the ashes and sometimes it turns into flames and effect the whole country. Alas! No govt. has ever tried to diagnose this cancer and cure it but suppressed it just to prolong their reign. They left the public of Baluchistan at the mercy of selfish feudal lords who wish to limit the public of Baluchistan to shepherds taking care of sheep in the modern era of development. The enlightenment and development of public about their public rights is foreseen as death to their cruel feudal system by these feudal lords or so-called tribal lords. This is another thing that in order to betray the public and rest of the world they also talk about the rights of poor just like as feudal lords of Punjab, Sindh or Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. While the terrorists have been blaming army for unrest in the province in order to please their foreign lords and this is still going on. One can easily imagine it from the remarks of Chief Justice that if Police has failed to restore law and order than what would be the result? Inevitably provincial govt. would have to call army which will be afterwards blamed and accused for violation of rights of Baloch people.

The picture of Copper Mine in Baluchistan taken from Space

              On the other hand like past pro-Indian and pro-Soviet Union elements in journalists, writers and intellectuals termed their atheist and treachery to religion as progressive thinking and spared no chance to cultivate hatred against Pakistan army. This is still going on. This why in spite of having clear evidence of foreign armed interference in Baluchistan these sold out writers and analysts does not allow any discussion over the problem of Baluchistan so that real culprits could be brought to the knowledge of world. These sold out agents or in proper words traitors keep blaming Pakistan army through their columns and programs to cover up terrorists. Under cover of these traitors, terrorists succeed to pose themselves as freedom fighters in the eyes of the world.

              Two months ago when seminars were being held in European countries about the continuous discovery mass graves in Indian Held Kashmir; in order to protect Indian interests one of our famous (notorious would be a better word) Mehr Bukhari did a full talk-show on 29 May over the discovery mass graves in Baluchistan. In order to hide her lie as she did not had any evidence she said that the area where mass graves exist in Baluchistan has been cordoned off by FC and media is not being allowed to visit this area (If this was so than why media did not try to go there and telecast any clashes between FC and media personnel as they often do when they are declined access to certain areas).  The result of her lies and propaganda was that she succeeded in protecting her payers and the discussion shifted from discovery of mass graves in Indian Held Kashmir to Baluchistan. Before this Asma Jahangir accused Pak-army for such mass graves when the UNO took notice of mass graves in Indian Held Kashmir. In this way these traitors succeed to cover up the role of foreign agencies in Baluchistan and earn money for their debauchee.

7 decades ago poor Baloch used to graze sheep and goats and even now he is destined to do so for earning livelihood.

              The most painful aspect is that no one is ready to tell and explain to our youth that why did Bhutto order army operation in Baluchistan with the complete support from Nawab Akbar Bugti. This operation continued till the end of reign of Bhutto. However after Zia-ul-Haq took over the govt. he announced the end to this operation. As a result patriot Baloch returned back from Afghanistan however agents of KGB remained there. They did their best to pay back to Soviet Union for all of the Rubles during Soviet Union’s attack over Afghanistan.

              The situation is same even now; in the past the guest house for Baloch militants was Kabul and even now these terrorists are getting their support, finance, weapons and training from Kabul. However now the hosts and financers have been changed. In the past KGB was supervising them and terrorists were paid in Rubles; for marry making and planning these terrorists were invited to Moscow, now Ruble has been replaced by dollar for conspiracies against Pakistan. Now the supervisors are CIA, RAW and MOSSAD. These terrorists are now invited in New York or New Delhi for rewarding them with wealth and women; remote control or time bombs have been replaced by suicide bombers and target killing. But the target of these terrorists were Pakistani in the past, and in the present terrorist activities the target are not Punjabi, Baloch, Sindhi, Pashtun, Shia or Sunni but PAKISTANI just like past. If according to Chief Justice Police has really failed to restore peace in the province than who would restore the writ of govt. in Baluchistan? The only solution is that a collective voice shall be raised against terrorists and their foreign funders shall be brought to light on the international level. These foreign terrorists and their supporters should be brought to the courts and punished according to the law.

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 27 July 2012.

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