Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Doctor's Crisis in Punjab, Pakistan..!

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A Gazetted Govt. Officer in BS 17 gets 30000 lump sum salary per month whereas a trainee Doctor is being paid 42000 and on completion he gets 62000 in BS 17. 3 millions are spent from public money to make a Doctor whereas no such money is spent to make a Govt. Officer. People should know the facts and develop an opinion for Doctors to end strike to save lives. After all they are LIFE SAVERS ( MASEHA) on Earth . Yes they are!!!
Now is a time. Medical Colleges. Should also take some legal bounding from female Students for their admission, so they continue their medical practices after getting professional degree .... All the Drs are children of Pakistan, they must realize the geopolitical situation, Pakistan can not afford more CHAOS & UNCERTAINTY.


Truth by Kbaig

On this message we got following reactions from two very senior doctors and these are being quoted as well to clear the position of doctors as well...

They are my dear not asking for money ! They are asking for service structure. You hold a responsible position in society and people pay attention to what you say, so have the right facts before you circulate your opinion, and the few facts are:

these doctors we are talking about are young, not the very few blessed ones with massive practices, they are at great risk to get blood borne diseases, they are not facilitated for their own treatment and so on..... Please come out of your delusions Baig sb!

Best Regards! Ever Yours!

Dr Shahab Ahmad Syed!

On Doctor crises Dr Sohrab Aslam Khan says ....... 

Pakistan is passing through a critical stage & to meet the challenges, a leadership of true vision & valor is needed.
From the Govt side, able negotiators are required to engage the doctors in order to achieve the results through persuasion.
I myself led such a movement successfully against Yahya regime.

Here is the transcript that appeared in  Daily Dawn on Monday December 1968 about Doctor's struggle...

Central medical body’s  demands

LAHORE, Dec8: The Central ‘Medical Body consisting of representatives of all Medical Colleges and the House. Staff Associations of affiliated hospitals in West Pakistan has demanded provision or Class-I posts for all medical graduates and creation of an autonomous health service equivalent to the Civil Services or Pakistan.

Addressing  a Press .conference here this evening the chief spokesman of the body Dr Aslam  Sohrab told newsman that if the appropriate authorities did not accept these long standing demands by Dec- 27 the Central Medical Body will be constrained to take such. steps as might be deemed expedient tor the attainment of our genuine demands.

Explaining, he said that these demands were mainly to keep this profession clear of those who did not know basic requirements of medical profession and were appointed at the helm of the of the affairs only to aggravate the situation.

About the possible steps, the chief spokesman said that the body wanted to remain peaceful in its struggle to the maximum.
The future line of action will be decided at a meeting to be convened after the expiry of Dec 27. He however hinted at holding talks with the Health Ministry and expressing resentment by wearing black badges as the possible means to achieve the objective.
The demands were contained in a  resolution passed by the Central Medical Body after a three day session at Lahore which concluded today.
The body has sent the copies of the resolution to President of Pakistan, Speakers of the National Assembly, Governors of East and West Pakistan, Speakers of  the Provincial Assemblies, Health Ministers of both Central and Provincial Governments, Pakistan Medical Council, Pakistan Medical Association, the West Pakistan Health services Association, Administrators and Principles of Medical Colleges and Medical Superintendents of all affiliated teaching  hospitals.

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