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A letter by Mr. Shaukat Qureshi to Pakistani Nation

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It is with deep pain in my heart that I write to all my dear Pakistani brothers and sisters.

The reason for this pain is that I am fully aware our beloved nation with its huge population of over 180 million humans is hurting terribly; well over 50% (around 100 million) of who are already suffering enormously from abject poverty.

The very sad situation is that, no matter how many WMD of huge price hikes on electricity, gas, petrol, diesel, food and just about everything else, ever-increasing electric power cuts, CNG (gas) load-shedding, a large variety of ridiculous taxes etc etc are thrown at us, we just accept them as if it’s all just normal parts of life.

No matter how many humongous IMF/WB debts the country, and thereby we the public is crushed under, we just seem to pass it by as normality.

No matter how many innocent Pakistanis, including women and children, are murdered by Obama's drones and Blackwater killers and mysterious explosions, we just seem to accept it as unavoidable.

Well, come on guys, I hope that even the poor, uneducated man pushing a trolley to make a living understands that the chaos and mayhem our country is being put through is far from normal.
However, what everyone does need to understand, is that our beloved country is being deliberately and systematically torn apart at the seams; first and foremost by the deplorable traitors we call our leaders.

I so wish we would understand that these hideous people do not give a damn if they suck the last drop of blood from anyone or everyone of us. Indeed, it seems obvious that they ARE sucking vital life-blood from our dear country along with its massive population and I hope you have no doubt, they will stop at nothing.

As long as their insatiable greed keeps on delivering billions of immorally earned blood-soaked Rupees & Dollars into their overseas secret bank accounts, they will continue to deliver as many ‘feel good’ speeches that you need to feel good and thus remain totally apathetic. Most importantly, they will continue to allow the North Atlantic Terror Organisation (NATO) to breach Pakistani sovereignty and keep on murdering our brothers, sisters and children. Indeed, as many of you are aware, CIA, Blackwater and other foreign murderers roam Pakistani towns and cities at will, courtesy of those that are in power to protect the population.

Just in case there are still some rather straight laced citizens around and feel surprised at my statements, let me remind you of the nature of our politicians. Please NEVER FORGET that even they would probably tell you that it’s nothing personal, rather it’s business. Meaning, the great suffering they are putting us all through, is to them, purely business!!!

They most likely see themselves as ‘good businessmen/women’. Hence they ‘invest’ many millions of Rupees on every election campaign, I assure you, NOT for any other reason but for their personal and gross immoral 'profits', obviously at our expense. Oh come on good people, you didn’t honestly think, even for a moment, that they were spending all that immorally earned wealth for your benefit or mine…….. did you?

From what I understand, the minimum ‘return’ they seek for their ‘investments’ is at least 5 times more than they ‘invest’.

However, in reality the returns they gain are FAR greater, especially for the higher ranking politicians at district level, MPA, MNA or ministerial seats.

Just to be totally clear, I hope you are fully aware that these massive immoral ‘returns’ are gained from looting vital public funds that should be spent on feeding the hungry, treating the sick, educating the poor children, sheltering the homeless, supporting the elderly, caring for the disabled, creating employment opportunities for poverty stricken unemployed, supporting countless orphans and widows, generating and supplying fair priced energy, building/repairing roads and dilapidated infrastructure etc. and generally helping the needy.

In short, their ‘profits’ are gained by sucking the life-blood from the entire population, especially the 100 million poor people.

Where else is anyone going to get such huge ‘returns’, you may well ask???


Before any of you start considering a career in politics as an investment, let me highlight a few critically important points:

  1. The ‘profits’ you earn will, like them, also turn you into a heartless traitor.
  2. The earnings will also be nothing short of blood-soaked money gained by treachery and blood-sucking of the entire nation, over 100 million of whom are already suffering terribly from adverse poverty and you will help to make them even poorer and put them through even greater misery.
  3. Not only will you have to sell your soul to the devil of greed, but also sell the nation to western imperial powers, ‘playing’ on the grand chessboard for global hegemony, since Pakistan has become critically important in terms of global geo-strategy to control the resource rich region of Eurasia.
  4. Like them, you will also have to enrich and feed your children on bloody immoral earnings, which MUST by default, have a direct bearing on the type of humans they will become. Rest assured, you will be held directly responsible in this world and the hereafter by The Almighty Creator and there WILL be a high price to pay in both worlds by yourselves and your children.
  5. Have no doubt at all that our current hideous leaders and immoral politicians are TOTALLY involved in all of the above and much more.

Therefore, once we fully realise the nature of the beasts that are our politicians, we will never be surprised at any of the ruthless things they do to the entire population. Thus we will not need to keep asking naive questions like 'why don't they do this, that and the other to improve our country'? ….... because we will know they did NOT spend many millions to get into their high offices for us; rather ONLY for lust of more fame, more fortune and more power for themselves.

We MUST further realise the following:

The energy crisis will continue and even keep getting worse.
As the country is deliberately driven further and further back into the dark-ages, millions more will suffer sleepless nights and restless days, owing to the extreme heat, mosquitoes plus various other related reasons.
Inflation will continue to be rampant and uncontrolled; meaning prices of all goods and services that are purchased will keep going up rapidly.
Of course, energy prices (of electricity, gas, petrol, diesel) will keep going up and therefore, so will fares on passenger transport as well as for freight carriage.
Transportation prices will, naturally, have a knock-on effect on prices of all goods being bought and sold, as they always do.
The value of the Pak Rupee will continue to nose dive.
Industry will continue to suffer heavily.
Many millions are already finding it impossible to earn a living without electricity most of the time and these numbers will continue to rise rapidly.
Obviously, unemployment will also continue to increase rapidly.
Poverty will continue to grow apace.
Crime will continue to rise proportionally.
Health-care for the masses will continue to decline.
Education for the masses will continue to suffer.
Foreign investment, even by overseas Pakistanis, will continue to decline.
Trade deficits will continue to increase.
The economy as a whole will continue to suffer heavily.
International trade will continue to decline.
IMF and WB debts will continue to increase, as debt repayments default repeatedly and more is borrowed to service the crushing haram debt.
All investments will continue to perform badly.
The entire population of over 180 million will suffer and the suffering will continually increase, especially for the 100 million who are already poor and getting poorer by the day.
Internal sectarian and regional strife will continue to be fuelled by imperialists and their local cronies.
The resultant induced cries for the independence of provinces will be music to imperialist ears, who have long since planned for the 'balkanisation' of our beloved country – read 'slicing and dicing' of Pakistan.

However, all of this is NOT a prediction; far from it. It's a foregone conclusion. It's exactly what happens to nations that deliberately become slaves to imperialists by handing the nation over to traitors who have been tried and tested repeatedly.
It's exactly the chaos that's planned for Pakistan by western imperialism and being implemented with the help of the mega-traitors in power. It’s all part of the well tried and tested technique of imperial divide and conquer/divide and rule.

PLEASE NOTE: Our present situation will be viewed as being at a very critical juncture in history and if we do nothing, we will rightly, be judged very harshly.

As such, we have a very clear and crucial choice to make.......
To either let all this happen unabated or to do all we possibly can to reclaim our country from imperial powers and the traitors in power locally.

It's as simple as that !!!

My advice; I would rather give my vote to donkey than the fully tried and tested robber-barons in power at present or any of the one's before them. I'm serious; a donkey is very hard-working and honest and couldn't begin to do the sort of damage to our country that has been done and is being done each day by those in 'democratic' high office.

They deserve to be chased out of their luxury offices & mansions and preferably out of the country, once and for all.

For goodness sake, wake up and bring someone new to power; someone who has not been given the chance before and at least appears to talk the talk for Pakistan.

CLUE: He has never and would never fix our matches.


Mr. Shaukat Qureshi.

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  1. Peace be upon you and May Allah's blessings be upon you all!

    My Brothers and Sisters in Pakistan especially Pakistani state officials, please don't allow yourself to be fooled again and again by the US that has imperialist and Zionist agenda against the Muslim World especially the Muslim countries that have Oil and the other most needed natural resources as well as the countries that have strategic values.

    Pakistan is one of the countries that have become victims of the US Double Cross and Double Games in the War on Terror. The War on Terror is the war for Oil and Hegemony.


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