Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Dedicated to Great Leaders of Pakistan..!

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A rich man was enjoying long drive when he saw two men eating grass by road side.
He stopped and asked them " WHY ARE YOU EATING GRASS ? " 
Poor man: We don't have money to get something to eat .
Rich: Oh .... come with me ...
Poor:But sir .... I have a wife and 2 children ....!
Rich: Bring them along with you ...
2nd Poor: Sir ... I have a wife with 6 children ....!
Rich: Bring them as well .....!
and they all sat in the car.
On their way, one of the poor men asked:Sir, you are too kind, thank you for taking all of us with you so we all get something to eat .......
Rich man replied ... NO ...YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND, GRASS IN MY LAWN IS 2 FEET TALL........
Dedicated to our Leaders and people of Pakistan !

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