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America n NATO Targeting Terrorism or Busy in Crusade to Conquer Islam?

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Posing in the Masjid as he has Conquered Islam

After 9/11 when under a specific emotional environment American invaded Afghanistan along with the NATO forces, at that time not only Pakistan but other Islamic countries believed that with in the narrow mountain ranges of Afghanistan there are such extremist Muslims, capable of attacking USA thousands of miles away from their strong hold equipped with such latest weapons that they can target American interests anywhere they want. In order to build this mentality based upon hypothesis, a vital role has been played by western terrorist media. After the attack in the way, Americans conducted their terrorist attacks over innocent Afghans through daisy-cutter bombs and bunker-buster bombs, over this state terrorism if not the whole world at least Muslims should have protested. Alas! Due to the internal disputes, weaknesses Muslims preferred to keep silent. Everyone was afraid that USA might attack them as well and bombard their cities just like Tora Bora under the propaganda that someone notable from Al-Qaeda is hiding there. Not only this due to the hype created by the supporter of western dictatorship i.e. western media Muslims were so much confused and afraid that they used to condemn Islamic values as old and impracticable in the present era. The Muslims living in USA and Europe were busy in defending their positions as well.

               If you may remember, at that time the international media or western terrorists media had only one topic i.e. international peace and especially west are endangered from Islamic extremists living in Afghanistan and Tribal areas of Pakistan. But no one ever dared to remind them that those persons who were now being termed as terrorists, members of Al-Qaeda, during Soviet war in Afghanistat they were called as FOUNDING FATHERS in the White House and when they arrived in USA Red carpets were being especially spread to welcome them. But as soon as American interests changed (Fathers of America changed as well) these Mujahideen were declared as terrorists and Slave of USA; UNO allowed their execution in state terrorism.

               If we accept the claims of western media and journalist-prostitutes controlled by state terrorists that Afghanistan was stronghold of terrorists including those Arab men who were imported by CIA in the name of Afghan Jihad from Arab states. Osama also used to spend most of his time with American elites and American officials before participating in Afghan Jihad in 1983. But why was Iraq destroyed after Afghanistan? Was not this moral duty of Western intellecutals and media to inform the international community about American and British lies that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction while they failed to give any evidence even after fall of Saddam regime? Was not this moral duty of international media to tell the world that America and Britain are in the clutches of such dictators who in order to steal the resources of Iraq especially oil, attacked a sovereign country under the cover of fake allegations and are culprits of worst state terrorism and war crimes under the cover of UNO. American and Britain public should have been  asked that they chose their representatives for telling fabricated stories, for fabricating self-made terrorist plans and killing their own public so that these chosen representatives of these so called democratic and developed nations can convert living countries into graveyards and hell of war crimes and state terrorism? These bastard democratic representatives and heads of western states have no mercy neither for women, elderly nor for innocent infants, they just want to drink human blood? But no one, neither sold-out terrorist media in the hands of Zionists nor Muslims ever tried to through light over the lies of the allies in terrorism, that is why Libya became the next target of this state terrorism after Iraq. Now just like Libya the war is about to be declared over Syria as well in the name of democracy. In order to capture Yemen the old beaten out technique of presence of Al-Qaeda is being used. In  Libya NATO and American state terrorists use Al-Qaeda to over throw Gaddafi and in Yemen these terrorist states are about to attack to crush the same Al-Qaeda? Than who is Al-Qaeda? CIA, NATO, American state terrorists, or all of these under cover terrorists united? Are all of these wars to end terrorism or to stop extremists present within Muslims?

Target of American Crusade

               No, not at all; either we Muslims are fools to the least extent or the traitor elements present within us infected with the virus of AMAN KI ASHA has made us habitual of listening and submitting to LIES. We see the truth with our own eyes in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, division of Sudan, preparations for attack over Syria, Infiltration of so-called Al-Qaeda insurgents with the support of CIA in Yemen, Israeli threats for Iran, and drone attacks, threats from USA for Pakistan; it is evident that target of these state terrorists, crusaders, war criminals, western powers or whatever you name them is Islam.  Alas! If we bring forward such realities and facts; groups from within our nation infected with blind love for Western civilization (while we see that even public of western  countries is struggling against these dictators of Zion and these dictators are now denying their public basic rights guaranteed by constitutions of these countries in order to prolong their rule) reject all these facts in the name of CONSPIRACY THEORY. What an evil way to reject bitter realities when you cannot find any argument. The next claim of these pro-western so-called intellectuals is to mention the fabricated stories of that Muslims also did such like war crimes during their conquests, when, where? In this way these sold-out minds provide justification to state terrorist, imperialist and war criminal forces for massacre and genocide of Muslims. These evil or sold minds or traitors of Islam are encouraging Americans or in the right words some American extremists present in American army to plan  the destruction  of Holy cities of Islam.

               The planning for attacks over Makkah Muazma and Maddinah Munawara was disclosed by in its blog named as DANGER ROOM BLOG. In this report it was disclosed that in the Military Joint Staff College of America for officers, in a course the hatred against Islam and Islamic holy cities was being injected into American soldiers. These officers were being advised to destroy Holy Islamic Cities Makah and Maddinah like Hiroshima and Nagasaki in World War-II. This was not something usual. But the silence of our media receiving dollars from Obama is nothing more than a crime. Majority of Muslims were unable to clarify that how should they react? This confusion has developed now into the mental slavery.

               However if someone in Pakistan dared to raise voice for protest, then the sold out minds or in the clear words traitors receiving dollars started condemning protestors by saying, “due to these defenders of Islam we are now being insulted in the world”. Meaning that protest over state terrorist plans for destruction of Holy Cities, protests over blasphemous cartoons hurting the emotions of Muslims, protest over insult of Islamic values and protest over massacre of Muslims in the hands of western state terrorists for controlling Muslim resources, protest over conspiracies of civil war within Muslim countries is cause of INSULT and criminal silence over these state terrorism activities is source of respect for Islam and Muslims? Than our friends infected with Western hypocrisy or western dollars now also becoming inclined towards Hinduism as well should keep this respect with themselves carefully.

               Let’s come towards our topic; the injection of hatred against Islam in  American soldiers and the leaked reports. When The Associated Press contacted Pentagon for verification of these leaked reports and documents brain washing American soldiers against Islam, the representative of General Martin Dempsey verified the authenticity of documents of Presentation and further said that the instructor teaching hatred against Islam has been stopped from work but he is still in the Military College.

American morals to hurt others

               Here I would like to quote few paragraphs selected from the report of, which should be enough to open the eyes of Muslims.
Washington:- A course for US military officers has been teaching that America’s enemy is Islam in general not just terrorists, and suggesting that the country might ultimately have to obliterate the Islamic Holy Cities of Makah and Maddinah without regard for civilian deaths, following the World War-II precedents of the nuclear attack on Hiroshima or the allied firebombing of Dresden.
               “They hate everything you stand for and will never coexist with you, unless you submit,” the instructor Lt. Col. Mathew Dooley, said in a presentation last July for the course at Joint Forces Staff College at Norfolk, Virginia. The college for professional military members, teaches midlevel officers and govt. civilians on subjects related to planning and executing war. His was plans suggests possible outcomes such as “Saudi Arabia threatened to starvation… Islam reduced to cult status” and the Muslims Holy Cities Makah and Maddinah “destroyed”.
               In what he termed a model for campaign to force a transformation of Islam, Dooley called, “for a direct ideological and philosophical confrontation with Islam,” with the presumption that Islam is an ideology rather than a religion. He further asserted that Islam has already declared war on West, and the US specifically.

This should be kept in mind that this course has been being taught since last 2 years, while in a year five courses are arranged. Than has the USA been suffering from the derangement to conquer Islam? If we assume that this is propaganda or just conspiracy theory, than what is American NEW WORLD ORDER?
Shall discuss this next time…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in  Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 8 June, 2012.

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