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Why A Criminal Silence In Spite of Having the Knowledge of the Other Aspect of TERRORISM Part-II

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The picture of 15 abducted tourists in the custody of so-called Kashmiri terrorists

British Journalist Adrian Levy and Cathy Scott-Clark famous for producing documentaries for BBC-4 decided to write a book about the abduction and murder of tourists in 1995 in Indian Held Kashmir after meeting the only survival who succeeded in fleeing from the terrorists. The information he had and the pages of diaries of other tourists were telling a different story from what was being told by India and Indian propaganda channels i.e. terrorists who abducted tourists belonged to Pakistan, ISI or Maulana Azhar Massood.

Writers met with the families of the slain tourists and also they attempted to get information from local Police officials (majority of them was retired now), local journalists and Kashmiri people by visiting Srinagar. In this respect Indian govt. also provided them full support because they thought the book would support their propaganda against Pakistan that Pakistan is not only supporting and spreading terrorism in India but in the whole world. However when on 29 March 2012 book was published not only India but including Pakistan all the journalists dancing over the beck and call of India were drowned in grave silence. Because in the book this has been proved through evidence and arguments that Indian RAW (terrorist manufacturing factory), Indian Interior Ministry and Indian Army jointly made this plan of terrorism to defame Pakistan army and ISI. The main purpose behind this Indian state terrorism was to convince the world that Pakistan is supporting terrorism in India and Freedom movement of Kashmir is nothing more that Pakistan supported terrorist groups.

               It is common that many tourists decide to visit India after watching enchanting Indian movies depicting mysterious and fairy tales. However in Indian Held Kashmir tourists were avoiding visiting these areas due to increased reports of Indian state terrorism. This was the achievement of Indian RAW that they have succeeded in trapping four tourists to Srinagar, from where it was not difficult for Indians to push them in dense jungles. The plan was working successfully, when the tourists were abducted the attention of media got diverted towards Srinagar. As per the Indian plan the role of Pakistan in terrorism was under discussion, the freedom movement of Kashmir had become suspicious. But like the bad luck of every oppressor one of the abducted tourists succeeded in fleeing from custody of Indian secret agencies.

               According to the writers of the book the tourists were murdered cold blooded after being abducted just to defame Pakistan. This is such heinous example of state terrorism which should be condemned at every level. Not only this, book has the detail of massacre of dozens of Sikh youth in a Sikh village Chattisinghpora approximately 71 kilometer away from Srinagar on the night of 20 March 2000. This act of mass murder was presented as a salute to American President Bill Clinton on his visit New Delhi by Indian terrorist govt.
Mother of Deomcracy does not feel any shame murdering her own minorities for Propaganda

               According to the book in the night of 20 March 2000, at least 30 persons wearing Indian military uniform entered into the village and asked announced that women, children and elderly shall get aside and all youth shall line up. When questioned they told that they were here to identify few criminals. Sikh youth was still lining up that two of the Indian soldiers starting shooting unarmed Sikhs with their automatic Indian rifles and in no time 35 innocents died. Two seriously injured lost their lives on way to the hospital. Indian media acting upon state policy of India stopped their usual transmission and started propaganda against Pakistan and ISI, Lashkar-e-Taiba and freedom movement of Kashmir. They were attempting to befool the world that now Pakistani terrorists have started targeting unarmed Sikhs, and terrorist in the uniforms of Indian military murdered Sikhs at such a time when aero-plane of American President was landing in Bharat.

               All the freedom fighting elements of Kashmir expressed grave concerns and sorrow over the deaths of innocents Sikhs in state terrorism and clarified that they have no link with such terrorist activity. Not only this Sikhs themselves rejected Indian propaganda and demanded that higher courts shall investigate this terrorist activity of Indian soldiers. Even media team along with the US President rejected claims of India about the tragic incident and allegations of Indian terrorist media against Kashmir freedom fighters. Perhaps this was the reason that Clinton expressed sorrow over murder of Sikhs but did no utter a word in the support of Indian claims. Clearly USA was aware that the murder of the Sikhs is the result of terrorism by Indian state terrorist army but due to economic interests with India USA ignored Indian state terrorism and adopted criminal silence.
Children of Chattisinghpora crying over the deaths of Sikhs murdered by Hindu terrorist force

               Here we should also appreciate shamelessness of Indian media and Bharati minds that in spite of failures and unveiling of her terrorist propaganda India has not accepted defeat and is still beating the old trumpet of propaganda that Pakistan is responsible for all the terrorist activities by Indian state terrorism. On this propaganda our anti-religion and pro-Indian elements keep on dancing at the Indian beats. In the meanwhile world witnessed another drama of terrorism i.e. 9/11. When US decided to attack Afghanistan, India left no stone unturned that US should attack Pakistan in spite of attacking Afghanistan, propaganda campaigns, international media channels were bought to convince USA. India offered USA to hand over the whole Indian if USA attacks Pakistan, all type of support was guaranteed. These Indian offers were used by USA to black mail President Musharaf by USA.

               When India felt that in spite of attacking Pakistan USA has declared Pakistan as Non-NATO ally, than Indian army along with the support of RAW staged drama attack over New-Delhi Parliament (India could not bear to lag behind USA). In the book THE MEADOW about it has been clearly stated that attack over Indian Parliament in 2001 was also planned by Indian state terrorist army. Under the cover of this staged drama India moved all of her forces along with the borders of Pakistan.
               This aggressive step expressed extremes of mindset of India against Pakistan. However before this that Indian army had waged war against Pakistan India was clearly told that this will be her last war in which nuclear weapons will be freely used. After this Indian army did not dare to cross the border however in order to save the face for eleven months Indian army remained over the borders.
Sonia Gandhi laying flowers in the memory of those murdered in the Attack over Indian Parliament

               You may remember that in august 2006 the plan to destroy ten aero-planes of British airways through LIQUID EXPLOSIVE was unveiled by ISI by informing the British govt. According to the book this plan was also part of a heinous conspiracy by Indian terrorist govt. against Pakistan and if this plan had been conducted successfully than as a reaction international powers would have run over Pakistan. However in spite of informing British govt. about this terrorist plan, India attempted to use this against Pakistan and freedom movement of Kashmir and propaganda campaign was launched that the terrorists who murdered tourists in 1995 were involved in this plan as well. In this way the name of Maulana Azhar Massood was again circulating in link with plan to destroy ten aircrafts of British airways. This is the same Azhar Massood, under cover of hatred against him a so-called intellectual Ayesha Siddiqua wrote a shameful article challenging the honor of inhabitants of South Punjab, this is another aspect that Ayesha was hire and presented over the stage just like as a cheap character through Western finances for writing a conspiracy and treacherous book MILITARY INCORPORATE and vanished from the scene afterwards.

               Was this also a coincident that six months later same LIQUID EXPLOSIVE which was to be used in British airways destruction was used to burn Samjhota Express by convicted on duty Indian army officers? Shall discuss this next time…

Written By Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 17 May 2012.

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