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Why A Criminal Silence In Spite of Having the Knowledge of the Other Aspect of TERRORISM

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The Title Page of the book unveiling Indian Terrorism for defaming Pakistan

In 1995 two English tourists/back packers arrived at Srinagar in order to enjoy the magical beauty and environment of Kashmir. They wanted to visit dense jungles of Kashmir for Nirvana, exhilaration and sense of self. Along with these two Britain tourists, 2 Americans, one Norwegian, 2 Swedish and 3 other tourists also got ready to visit these jungles who were already present in Srinagar. In the small hotel of Srinagar where they were staying, the administration and owners of the hotel tried their best to guide these crazy men that the stories of presence of armed Kashmiri Mujahideen were famous. The hotel administration told these tourists that in these jungles even Indian army does not dare to go beyond a specific point in spite of all the man power and latest weaponry. So they tried to convince tourists that they should forego their decision of going to these jungles.

          When tourists told these reports to higher officials of Indian Police and Commanders of Indian army, they rejected all claims of presence of any Mujahideen/freedom fighters. These Indian officials encouraged tourists that they do not need to worry as Indian soldiers are present everywhere. They can go to the fascinating jungles to enjoy the environment and get Nirvana and Sense of self like Hindu Yogis used to do. Western tourists were much happy, their  longing for which they have travelled to Srinagar was going to be fulfilled at least. After meetings with important Indian military commanders they got encouraged and went into these jungles.
          After one week of departure of tourists this news was spread in the whole world that ten western tourists has been kidnapped by Mujahideen. Representatives of foreign media arrived in Srinagar within no time. The interest of foreign ambassadors also got intense because first time in the history of freedom war of Kashmir, Kashmiri freedom fighters have attacked unarmed tourists. On the other hand Kashmiri freedom fighters made it clear that they have nothing to do in the abduction of foreign tourists, they also made it clear that they do not even attack those unarmed Indian soldiers who are involved in worst state terrorism in Indian held Kashmir. Than why would they abduct foreign tourists?

Maulana Azhar Massood; Alleged by India for abducting and later on killing tourists

          On the explanation of Kashmiri Mujahideen Indian Foreign Ministry fabricated a story in front of international media that the abductors of tourists belonged to Al-Faran group of working  as a subsidiary of Maulana Masood and Lashkara-e-Taiba. In the press conference it was also told that Al-Faran wants release of their twenty terrorists in the jails of India facing suits for terrorism in Indian courts. However Indian govt. decided not bow in front of these abductors and declared that abducted tourists would be freed from them at any cost. This was also declared that Indian govt. has got information about whereabouts of these terrorists. However the action is not being taken yet in this mountainous area in order to safeguard lives of tourists. However the governments of these tourists should also pressurize Pakistan who has established camps for training these terrorists.
          This situation went on like that. The posts about the families of these abducted tourists were published in Western media. In these articles/posts Pakistan was demanded to play role in the release of tourists. Due to their tourists being in the hands of Jihadis not only British govt. but public was worried as well. The pressure of international media (being paid for Indian propaganda) over Pakistan was more than diplomatic pressure. Govt. of Pakistan was also much worried due to Indian propaganda and biased stance of West against Islamic countries. Paid pro-Indian analysts in western media were busy in successfully utilizing this chance against Pakistan freedom movement of Kashmir. India has no concern about release of tourists, she just wanted to defame Pakistan as a terrorist state in order to hide her state terrorism within India including Indian Held Kashmir.

          Meanwhile an abducted tourist succeeded in eloping from the abductors and arriving in Srinagar. Indian govt. was not ready for such a drop scene of abduction drama. So the decision against the terrorists stronghold was taken at once. When Indian commandoes arrived at the place there was nothing else except a beheaded corpse of a tourist. The terrorists had fled away along with tourists however had beheaded a tourist for pressurizing Indian govt. for accepting their demands.

Adrian Levy; Writer of the book

          During military operations usually representatives of media are not allowed to accompany commandoes, so that journalists who know nothing about military training could be kept safe. But in this operation media teams were accompanying Indian commandoes however they were not allowed to take their cameras along with them. After this operation a flood of anti-Pakistan, ISI and Pakistan army propaganda was observed in Indian media. But here a strange reaction was observed in international media when few of the journalists in spite of having soft corner for India expressed concerns over abduction to commando action of Indian army over the strong hold of terrorists. They claimed that whole situation was suspicious and far away from reality. The reason behind this was the information gathered from the tourist who succeeded in running away from the terrorists, the pages of the diaries of other tourists which he has been successful to bring along with him. Within in India he does not let anyone get aware of these documents as he was afraid that he might be murdered. After this slowly the matter of tourists lost its importance, and after six months when the news about the recovery of the dead bodies of tourists broke Western media kept silent over this in order to protect interests of their stake holders in India. How ever India did not give up and kept on blaming Pakistan to hide her war crimes.

Cathy-Scott Clark; Co-Writer of the Book

          However after passage of seventeen years famous Harper Collins Publishers of Britain have published a book on 29 March 2012, with the title of
          The Meadow: Kashmir 1995,

This book has unveiled the dreadful face of world’s greatest DEMOCRACY India. But alas! The Pakistani media singing the songs of AMAN KI ASHA has no time for this book, WHY? Will discuss this in next episode of the post…

(A recent example of Indian Propaganda and False Flag Operation providing evidence and further strengthening the fact that Indian army and govt. is herself involved in terrorism within her own jurisdiction practicing STATE TERRORISM just in order to defame Pakistan is that Indian media claimed that Indian secret agencies has signaled a Mumbai like attack. In this propaganda the technique that was used in Mumbai drama was utilized once again and photographs of three Pakistani terrorists were published in Indian media that they are within India for conducting terrorism. However the drop scene of this Indian drama arrived before Indian terrorist govt. had planned it when all these three alleged Pakistanis reported in Lahore Police Station. Is there still any doubt about Indian lies? You can read more detail over here…)

Written By Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 10 May, 2012.

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