Thursday, May 3, 2012

Unabated Vengeance of Uncle Sam Even after Elimination of Osama..!

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Osama Bin Laden; a weak person who according to US's  shook the whole world

Last year on the 3 of May America President Barack Obama issued a statement, “Osama bin Laden has been murdered and justice has been done”. This should be source of peace for families of those thousands of Americans who were murdered in 9/11 attacks. He also said that by death of Osama world has now become a safe place (as Americans are now free to drink blood of humans). But Obama had no moral courage to answer that millions murdered in so-called war on terror while searching for American CIA operative Osama, who will provide justice to their families? Who will come forward to punish murderers of more than 2 million Muslims and become a source of peace for their families? After murder of Osama more according to controlled media of USA more than 1700 innocent Afghans have been murdered by crusaders of Obama in air raids and American army terrorist operations, termed as collateral damage by USA (United Satanic Alliance). Over these murders of innocent people by American terrorists the way American leaders apologize, this becomes clear that all human rights,  moral values are for those who live in West (in the way these dictator countries disguised as democratic countries crushed the protest campaigns in their countries it makes sense to say that perhaps all human rights are just for those western elites who sell their souls to Zionism). All other human beings of the rest of the world are not more valuable than insects.

               The statement of American Foreign Minister was a bit more realistic. On 3 May Hillary said that actual target of USA was not Osama, the war on terror shall continue. In the other words she wanted to say that Muslims are extremists (as defined by Zionists) and till last Muslim is existent over the face of world American war shall continue. Because if the target of USA was Osama than after drinking the blood of Afghan Muslims USA had no need to advance her crusade over Iraq under cover of fabricated stories. Although the lame excuses were different however in the name of war on terror Libyan blood was drank by American Draculas’ as well. Here most shameful aspect is that in order to defeat Gaddafi USA used Islamic extremists and provided them with weapons. This not only shows control of Americans over extremist groups but also American contacts and support towards them. All these groups are termed as extremists, terrorists and Al-Qaeda (of course who knows them better than USA who established them). Now America is working against (in fact working along with) these groups in Yemen. While American plans against Iran are not hidden from anyone. Moreover Pakistan is target of terrorism practice of USA since  a long ago.
Hilary and Obama watching live action of Osama Operation Drama

               Although a year has passed since death of Osama but in USA still this discussion is going on that whether at the time of Abbottabad operation US’s really killed Osama or one of his DUMMY? If CIA or American govt. was so much dead sure about the presence of Osama in Abbottabad than why did not they arrest him alive in spite of murdering him? Fort this purpose Americans have specific weapons for anesthesia, Americans also have resources to annihilate public of a special locality for making them unconscious. If it was inevitable to kill Osama dramatically than why were Americans in a hurry to burry his dead body? Even after death of Osama, Americans were so much terrified from his dead body that he may unveil American lies so they hurriedly buried his dead body in sea? Perhaps the actual facts are hundred percent different.

               After all there is some skeleton in the cupboard that when those American Navy Seals who were involved in the Abbottabad operation were murdered in a Chinook Helicopter which became target of Taliban in Eastern province of Afghanistan, along with CIA officers/operatives who also took part in the Abbottabad operation. As a reaction over their death only one voice was heard from different parts of USA that at least Obama has destroyed last evidence or eyewitnesses of Osama drama. Julius Sequera an American journalist proved through historical references in his article NAVY SEAL TEAM ‘KILLED’ (DIDN’T KILL) Osama NOW ALL DEAD, that USA has a long history of murdering even her own citizens in order to hide her war crimes and mutilate facts.

A picture of Osama issued by Obama Establishment in Abbottabad holding TV remote in right hand while sources claim that he was left handed

            Those who believe in murder of Navy Seals by Obama establishment got further strength for their point of view when Obama blamed Taliban for hitting US helicopter, but no serious activity was observed within US forces against Taliban (US agents) who destroyed the helicopter with a single round of RPG. While on the other hand much severe reaction is given by US over murder of her soldiers but in case of CIA terrorists this silence is suspicious. No explanation was provided that why a helicopter carrying such important American terrorist heroes in such a big number was sent to such a dangerous place without any protection or air cover. Not only this, CNN anchor person had no answer when a Jordian journalist raised the question that why govt. of Pakistan, ISI and Pakistan was informed about this (coward terrorist) operation while Pakistan is the only non-NATO ally who has become the worst target of US war on (actually “of”) terror. At that time famous American intellectual NOAM CHOMSKY was present in this show. He condemned Obama establishment and said that Obama is more criminal as compared to Osama, as Obama is the one who sent his trained commando terrorists in a sovereign country violating all international laws to kill an unarmed person. This coward terrorist operation was presented by Zionist media as a great achievement solely for American.

               This is bitter reality that in order to balance all of her failures and defeats in Afghanistan in the last decade, USA not only by-passed Pakistan army and ISI but fabricated and staged drama of operation against Osama. In this Obama establishment tried to get dual benefits and through his toddy media all the credit of Pakistan army for successful clearance of Swat from American supported Indian terrorists was degraded. Not only this, through effective propaganda campaign of terrorist media USA not only succeeded in diverting the attention of international community away from flaws in command and moral values in US terrorist army but ISI and Pakistan army was presented as a culprit for failures of American terrorists in massacre of Afghans. As soon as this self-fabricated operation was reported by media, the discussion over Osama was less evident as compared to propaganda against Pakistan army and ISI. However along with this propaganda campaign USA kept on saying that Pakistan army was not aware of presence of Osama in Abbottabad (of course Pakistan army and ISI was not aware when and how US’s terrorists succeeded in moving dummy Osama to Pakistan). A specific group of Pakistani media was given target to defame Pakistan army in their talk-shows, writings and discussions.
Osama compound being demolished

               All this is result of over confidence of America over capabilities of her terrorist agency CIA and an attempt to please India. Otherwise Americans know that without support from Pakistan the victory in Afghanistan aside they cannot even return safely from there (perhaps Obama establishment and CIA officials were drunk). In spite of bringing their corrupt and incapable commanders in Pentagon White House decided to target Pakistan to hide their cheap tactics and war crimes. While intoxicated with the power of American trained terrorists Obama establishment started threating, black mailing and pressurizing Pakistan to support US state terrorism in Afghanistan. The greatest example is the arrest and imprisonment of Dr. Fai by USA for working for freedom of Kashmir. This is the strange incident of American history in which USA has harmed freedom of Kashmir going against her own claims of supporting freedom in the world (seems USA herself is in the clutches of dictatorship). When this did not solve American problem they attempted to terrorize Pakistan by attacking Salala check-post martyring a Major, a Captain a 28 soldiers in the worst example of US state terrorism.

               This terrorist activity of USA made Pakistan impatient and Pakistan closed down NATO supply. This has helped in bringing down American arrogance. Now US’s are trying to solve this situation through diplomatic means, non-official apologies have been also reported. There are also reports that America is also ready to apologize over Salala terrorism. But in the light of anger present in the Pakistani public our pro-American democratic leaders are unable to decide to support USA once again. The statements issued over the completion of one year after Osama drama show that USA has started confessing role of ISI for tracking down terrorists, but this is insufficient now.

               In the way USA has created  distrust by attacking Pakistan by propaganda through her Zionist media the Pakistani people have the right to hate USA. This is history of USA that she leaves her non-Zionist allies after her goals are achieved. Now Pakistanis are not ready to be cheated anymore. America should try to restore her credibility…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 03 May, 2012.

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