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USA should Pay Attention to Reasons for Defeat in Afghanistan

In Spite of Blaming Pakistan...

US Soldiers urinating over the dead bodies of Afghans
US Soldiers Peeing over the dead bodies of Afghans collectively
After every few weeks a new tragic incident becomes witness over international level that USA and her allies is culprit of attacking and converting the lives of the inhabitants of a sovereign country into hell through their international state terrorism. Sometimes these paid killers mentally torture the Afghan public by burning Holy Quran; sometimes they are involved in murdering innocent women and children through spray of bullets and burning their dead bodies afterwards. After such acts of terrorism these bastards apologize in such a manner as they are giving some great sacrifice. Most of such inhuman war crimes of European state terrorists and crusaders never succeed to reach the international media or US govt. succeeds in suppressing them. Moreover Western media working under the control of White House and Pentagon for specific interests mutilates these incidents of state terrorism in such a way in the areas under the control of Crusade/Western forces that unarmed people seem to be more responsible for the incidents as compared to these rented soldiers of these international terrorist states. In spite of all this when few incidents are leaked to the international media and it becomes difficult for USA to save her soft image; American Foreign Department and Higher Officials of CIA start blaming Pakistan for their failures of anti-Islamic plans.
Because these pictures depicting torture and human rights violations not only show that in order to loot and steal resources of Islamic world these crusaders do not hesitate to massacre millions of unarmed Muslims but these pictures also shows the enmity of west towards Islam. This further strengthens these concerns that in the name of fabricated terrorist acts (planned by CIA) USA has in fact started a war against Islam and in this crusade Western countries are side by side for achieving damn goals of USA (United Satanic Alliance).

Moral values of US army
Civilized American posing with the dead body of Afghan destroyed by RPG

For example on 18 April 2011, British journalist Jason Ditz published a news report over the internet (because British and American news agencies has refused to publish it; however after this report was published over internet few agencies published a summary of it). The title of report is
Oil Companies Pushed Britain Over War in Iraq 2002
The sub-heading reads, “Trade Minister Lobbied for BP Oil Deals as Reward for UK Backing War”
This report unveils that the aggression over Iraq in 2003 was at the behest of British oil companies which was planned in October-November 2002. These Oil companies were not concerned at all with the international politics and that what weapons should be employed for paving way for aggression over Iraq. They just wanted lion’s share from Iraqi oil. In order to befool public they used their resources so that Tony Blair could stand side by side with USA in this crusade. In all this propaganda Minister of Trade in Tony Blair’s cabinet Baroness Symons played a vital role. Just only to capture Iraqi oil Saddam Hussein was alleged for having weapons of mass destruction which were never proved. Afterwards how much Iraqis were murdered in massacre of crusaders repeating the history of Tatars, how many Iraqi women were gang raped, Iraqi property was looted and destroyed is the great part of modern era. Most painful and shameful aspect of today’s shameless super powers is that neither rulers of USA and Western countries felt any shame for genocide of Iraqis in the hands of their paid murderers nor the writers of these crusade countries dared to accept genocide of Iraqis like genocide of Jews in the hands of Hitler.

Picture published in los Angeles Times
The picture published in Los Angeles Times

Few days ago pictures published in the Los Angeles Times showing the mutilation of dead bodies of Afghans in the hands of Western terrorists unveiled the mentality of most social and animal friendly nation and their enmity against Muslims. These pictures show that American soldiers (in fact state terrorists) proudly take snaps with the dead bodies of unarmed Afghan people (abducted from different cities) while making the sign of victory or pee on these dead bodies collectively to satisfy their anti-human minds. These pictures were shot by soldiers/terrorists of 22nd Airborne Division of American forces in 2010 when these terrorists expressed their hatred against humanity in these pictures. Few of these pictures were sent to me by an American woman because it was not possible to post them in USA (torch bearer of freedom of speech for Zionists). When these pictures were posted over facebook not only facebook administration removed these pictures but also warned that such pictures showing such violence or perhaps unveiling mentality of most developed and social nation is not allowed.
However when such pictures were published and reports arrived to Taliban they declared to take revenge; reacting over this like ever USA verbally condemned the terrorist acts of her soldiers and said that these acts of soldiers does not represent the American rules and ethics of military. Now one shall question that what are the rules and ethics of AMERICA? The ethics of America are: under the cover false allegations in the name of LIBERATION, destruction and looting of sovereign states like Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan? Loot their resources to feed Zionist Satans? Is this the ethic of USA and moral going to the extremes of hypocrisy the journalists of own country are banned from writing the truth, while in the target countries in the name of freedom of press and speech prejudices, civil war, and anarchy is injected? The reality of American ethics and moral values of journalism was unveiled by John Swinton in ceremony of his retirement when he said that in the lieu of freedom of speech the status of journalists is of INTELLECTUAL PROSTITUTES. He said that journalists are like puppets whose control is in someone else’s hands, they make us dance as they like. He said, “Our lives, our professional capabilities are owned by someone else”. He made this clear that there is nothing known as FREEDOM OF SPEECH in USA. Here are the few selections from the speech of John Swinton in his own words;
“There is no such thing at this stage of the world’s history in America as an independent press. You know it and I know it. There is not one of you who dare to write your honest opinions, and if you did you know beforehand that it would never appear in print. I am paid weekly for keeping my honest opinions out of the paper I am connected with. Others of you are paid similar salaries for similar things and of you who would be foolish as to write honest opinions would be out on streets looking for another job. If I allowed my honest opinions in one issue of my papers before twenty four hours my occupation would be gone. We are intellectual prostitutes. I do understand that you have to eat like all of us and therefore must keep your mouth shut. You are Jewish and so am I.”

Burning the dead bodies of Afghans
US Soldiers burning Afghans

Although the above speech of US journalist was in the light of Libya where a sovereign country was not only attacked and destroyed but her wealth lying in the international banks, reserves of gold and oil were distributed among USA, Britain and Australia. After the destruction the reconstruction of communications and other infrastructure was bestowed to American companies. Apparently America and other crusaders have left Libya and Iraq but they are not ready to withdraw from Afghanistan yet. On the one hand they blame Pakistan for their defeat and failure of anti-Muslim policies while on the other hand they ask Pakistan to provide them route for NATO supply, so that USA and her allied state terrorists not only keep working on their plan of genocide of Afghans but also provide weapons to terrorists in Pakistan as well. This should be kept in mind that according to international analysts’ significant decrease in terrorism has been observed in Pakistan since Pakistan has blocked NATO supply.
Written By Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 26 April, 2012.

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