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Ridicilous Act of USA for Pleasing India..!

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Hafiz Saeed

The history of USA is filled with the surprising and strange acts done by US govt. on which afterwards they have to forward explanations and face shame (if they have any). Such like declaration was made by American officials during their visit to India for fixing/declaring reward money over the heads of Hafiz Saeed and Abdul Rehman Makki. Over this USA has not only to face shame on the international level, but blind follower of USA in every blunder, every crime against humanity, in every step towards terrorism and destruction has to reject it as well. Yes! British govt. on 6 April secluded from any American declaration against Hafiz Saeed and Abdul Rahman Makki by saying that this is problem of USA, Britain has nothing to do with it.

               The reason behind British separation from this drama is that America has announced reward of 10 million dollars for providing information about such a person who openly wanders in Pakistan. Everyone knows about his residence, he is not hiding on some secret place, he had not been proved of any crime in any court. British media has expressed astonishment over American reward for Hafiz Saeed that at least American’s have bowed in front of India over the matter of Hafiz Saeed. By declaring such a big reward for Hafiz Saeed and declaring second after Aiman-al-Zawahiri, USA has shown that she cannot stand against Indian pressure, this might be termed as great diplomatic achievement for India but it will not possible for America to prove his allegations against Hafiz Saeed.

Maulana Zaki-ur-Rahman

               On the other hand India takes this as great achievement that is why Indians have welcomed this statement and demanded that Pakistan should take steps against Hafiz Saeed. Indian Foreign Ministerclaims that India has provided all the evidence against Hafiz Saeed for his involvement in Mumbai attacks/drama and that USA also views Hafiz Saeed as Master Mind of these attacks. However yet paksitan has rejected Indian demand that evidence provided is nothing more than hypothesis, false reports and excerpts from newspapers which are not sufficient for taking any steps against Hafiz Saeed and termed American act as inappropriate.

               On the other hand international analysts look at this American act in the light of campaign of Difa-e-Pakistan Council’s activities against supply to NATO. A Russian intellectual Brageneve Khonsouf now residing in Britain writes in his post titled as “Hype on NATO Supply Through Pakistan” that India has beautifully spoiled frustration of Americans and increasing pressure over US and allied forces due to halt in NATO supply for her interests, because just like other leaders of religious groups the leader of Jamat-e-Dawa is also much active over the platform of Difa-e-Pakistan council against resumption of NATO supply through Pakistan. In this way India succeeded in befooling Americans that Hafiz Saeed is the only person creating hurdles in resumption of NATO supply, while on the other hand USA is dreaming that by removing Hafiz Saeed Pakistani will forget all American conspiracies against their sovereignty and will accept resumption of NATO supply. After fixing reward for head of Hafiz Saeed USA has embarked the anti-American sentiments in Pakistani nation and increased troubles for Pakistani govt. to resume NATO supplies. After such American acts it seems USA does not want resumption of NATO supply. At the time when Pakistani parliament was discussing the matter of restoration of NATO supply, the statement of India against Hafiz Saeed is beyond imagination.

Swami Diya Nand Panday; his arrest was not acceptable by Hindu extremists

               Is Hafiz Saeed really involved in 26 November 2008 attacks on Mumbai? India has not provided any acceptable and solid evidence yet. But the on duty Indian army officer Colonel Purohit  involved in the terrorism over Samjhota Express (Pak-India friendship train) was arrested by India officer of ATS and he succeeded in getting the confession from the culprit. In this Col. Purohit confessed that he and his colleagues were not only involved in terrorist burning of Samjhota Express but in the bomb blasts of Jaipur, Malegaon, and Ali Garh, moreover terrorist activities in New Delhi were also planned and conducted by these regular Indian army terrorists. The purpose of all these terrorist activities within India by Indian state terrorist army was just to defame Pakistan, Pakistan army and ISI under the cover of these terrorist activities. Here this is also a painful aspect that sold media and rulers kept silent over the confession and state terrorism of Indian army officers. One part of our media was busy in singing the songs of AMAN KI ASHA while the other part was fulfilling their duty of promoting Hindu (Pornographic) culture. In this way Waqt TV and Newspaper was left alone in the struggle for unveiling the real face of the mother of democracy i.e. India. If at that time all of our media and rulers had taken a collective stand over the arrest of Col. Purohit and his confession in Indian court to bring forward the heinous face of India, if at that time a strong protest has been launched over the state terrorism of Hindu extremist army within their own country just to defame Pakistan, freedom movement  of Kashmiris, Pakistan army and ISI and had demanded from India to apologize for all her propaganda than neither India would have dared to stage Mumbai drama nor the situation would have become so much serious.
Mumbai under attack

 Before the Mumbai drama by Hindu extremists in Indian army all the notable Indian newspapers were filled with the confessions, disclosures during investigations of Col. Purohit, Sadhvi, Sumer Kalkrni, Major Ramesh and Lt. Col. S.S. Ryker. The columns of Indian defense analysts were also seen discussing and revealing that how Hindu extremists have not only penetrated into Hindu army but also had developed a wide and strong influence as well. These Hindu terrorists of Indian army in order to defame Freedom movements in Kashmir, Pakistani army and ISI conducted bomb blasts and terrorism within their own cities playing holi with the blood of their own enlightened and moderate Hindus as well as minorities. In these columns the element of apologizing from Pakistan was apparent and Indian rulers especially Hindu army was severely criticized who has reached to the lowest limits of morality and civilization. There were also the reports that how Hindu army has established training camps for training terrorists to be infiltrated into Pakistan for terrorist activities. In this lieu including General Primnath Hoon many other names were brought forward who had been given responsibilities for training terrorists by Hindu army. For our concerned authorities this was internal problem of India, perhaps due to the benefits they had received from Hindus they forgot that all those bomb blasts in India for which Pakistan was blamed was done by Indian Hindu army officers.

Col. S.S. Ryker: involved in terrorism along with
Col. Purohit
Col. Purohit; involved in Samjhota Express and many
other terrorist activities

               We became so much kind to India that we did not even demand the compensation for those Pakistanis who were murdered by Hindu army terrorists so that Indian draconic face does not get unveiled in front of the world. Sometimes we hand over lists of Sikh to India sometimes we keep silent over the downing of passenger aero-plane which mistakenly went into the Indian Held Kashmir and declare the plane as missing. But this “OUR MOST FAVORITE NATION” spares no chance to defame, and cause harm to us. From social to fields of games India has always tried to show us down and remove the name of Pakistan from the face of world in every field. In order to make our game fields deserted these terrorists of Hindu army attacked Sri Lankan team in Lahore, the theft of our water of rivers, hurdles have been created in our exports, every head of state who visits New Delhi is forced to issue statements against Pakistan. Now over the beck and call of India, USA has fixed amount over the head of Hafiz Saeed active for defense of Pakistan. The allegation over Hafiz Saeed and Makki is that they are Master Minds of Mumbai attacks actually staged by Hindu army. But neither Hindu nor Americans ever dared to mention the senior team member of ATS which were murdered in this Mumbai drama. This team of ATS not only investigated the terrorism acts but also identified and arrested on duty Hindu army officers for their terrorist activities and succeeded in making them confess their crimes in the Indian court. The journalist’s circles of Mumbai still believe that Mumbai drama was staged by Hindu army just to remove Hemant Karkare and his team because they were so much near to arrest and unveil the Hindu terrorist network in Indian army. This network is responsible for terrorist training camps and bomb blast, and terrorists activities within the whole India. The Chief of ATS and his team had been successful in getting all the names involved in this network from Col. Purohit and his colleagues during investigations. ATS had collected such clear evidence and audio recordings about two Indian Generals, they were forwarding  this evidence to Indian Internal Minister for getting orders for arresting these Generals. After this in order to save the democratic image of India and credibility of Indian army, Indian govt. and army had only one way left i.e. to remove Hemant Karkare at any cost. Hemant Karkare was aware of the attempts by these terrorists over his life, he has expressed his concerns to American Ambassador in New Delhi as well. He had made this clear to US ambassador that infiltration of Hindu terrorist elements within Indian army could be dangerous for the peace of the whole region. But alas! Than this happened what Karkare has expressed in his letter to Indian interior ministry. As soon as the Mumbai drama started, Karkare and his team members were murdered in the first hour, this operation was prolonged just in order to silent the critics and prove that Pakistani terrorists were involved in it.

Swami Paragiya Singh Thakur
Major Ramesh Upadhya

               There is no doubt that collective memory of public is much weak, Mumbai drama was such an incident which helped Hindu army to stop any investigation against its Hindu terrorist network including on duty officers of army, while on the other hand India got a chance to pressurize Pakistan. Under Indian propaganda India successfully completed plans of water theft of Pakistani rivers, Indian state terrorism in Kashmir was also ignored and Hindu terrorist army was given free hand for gang rape and genocide of innocent Kashmiri people. In this propaganda pro-Indian sold Pakistani media also got a chance to advance Indian conspiracy of mutilating history and culture. However on the night of 29 June 2009 at 10:30pm BBC criticized the tactics of Indian army to tackle the terrorists in the Mumbai drama in their program News Night “An Investigative Story on the Mumbai Terrorist Attack 26-11-2008”. In this program the changing stance and masterminds by Indian govt. was also highlighted. In the first 8 months of investigation India claimed that Maulana Zaki-ur-Rahman Lakhnavi is the Master Mind of these attacks, it was also claimed that he trained ten terrorists in Azad Kashmir and afterwards sent them to Mumbai via Karachi. In 2009 India suddenly changed her stand and claimed that Hafiz Saeed replaced Lakhnvi as mastermind Mumbai drama. Now India demands that culprits of Mumbai drama shall be brought to justice, but how justice could be delivered without investigating Col. Purohit and his colleagues and including them in the trial?

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 18 April 2012. 

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